Beach and Carpet

The link below makes the point that many beaches are often not very clean, as they are frequently soiled by animal excrement.

It is remarkable that people will happily walk barefoot on beaches that, despite looking clean, are contaminated by animal excrement, rubbish, pollution and other filth and yet will make a fuss if they are asked to remove their shoes and go barefoot on somebody's clean carpet or shiny hardwood floor.

Do people really think that beaches are more hygienic than floors that are cleaned regularly?

Thursday Thirteen # 3

Thirteen Very Odd Things
That Have Happened to Me!

1. When I was a child, my parents, brother and I had gone to a church service at night. The church itself was in the city and in a good part of town, however to get out of town we had to pass thru some not so great areas. We always traveled with our doors locked. We got to a traffic light and there were some men about 1 carlength behind us standing on the sidewalk talking amongst themselves. All of a sudden 4 of the men surrounded our car--a man at each door. They were going to attack us, kill us whatever. I yelled for my father to go and he jammed on the gas. 2 of the men had grabbed the back door handles. The were dragged a few feet and they let go.

About 7 years ago on a Saturday night, I had a feeling that I could not sleep. No..that is not right. I had a feeling that I should not sleep upstairs. So I stayed up late, downstairs watching movies until about 2am in the morning. The lights were on in the den but not in the kitchen. A movie had just ended and I heard a faint sound in the kitchen near the window. I got up from the sofa and turned on the kitchen light and I saw a shadow at the kitchen window. It was a person. As I moved toward the window the shadow moved away to the left away from the window. I called the police, hysterical...they came and looked around inside and outside and looked at that window. That man had been trying to break in. He had been trying to pry the screen back from the window to get in.

This happened when I was living in North Carolina in the late 1980's. It was christmas time and I had found a nursery that had a good price on christmas trees and they looked good. (At christmas time you see all sorts of weird people coming out of the woodwork) I pulled in and parked. I was looking around at all the plants and trees and all of a sudden that feeling came. Something was wrong. I looked around and I saw a mountain man looking at me. I mean a real mountain man, the kind of man who looked just like he stepped right out of the movie "Deliverence." He had just stepped out of an old truck that looked it could not possible run at all. He had on overalls, a plaid shirt and he had a beard like zztop..long down to his waist and long black stringy hair. His eyes looked at me and they were like shiny black marbles. Like charles manson eyes...glowing that horrible glow. And he was staring at me like he had never seen a woman before. I have heard horrible stories of those mountain men capturing women and keeping them like slaves in the woods. I immediately wanted to leave but I had to get my tree. I went to the clerk and told him I had found a tree and needed to have it put in my car right away. He had other customers but said he would get someone to get the tree and tie it to my car. I walked around and waited about 5-10 more minutes. The mountain man was wherever I was. Whenever I looked up he was there staring at me crazily. Then he was gone the next time I looked up. I began to get scared like I have never been scared before. People like that can make others disappear. All of a sudden the clerk I had asked to help me came rushing over. He said quietly that I had to leave right now. He said that he felt I was in danger by someone in the store. I told him it was that mountain man. He said yes. He said that he would help me get the tree right now. And he did. He grabbed that tree, hoisted on my car, tied it and told me to be careful.

4. One morning many years ago I had to go to the grocery store before work. I was in Piggly Wiggly about 7:30am. There was 1 cashier up front. I walked up several aisles and there was noone in the store but me. I began to get a very eerie feeling that I needed to get out there. The hair began to stand up on my arms. I was in the back of the store and a voice said "leave." I left my buggy and walked immediately to the store front to leave and as I approached the front register area, in walked 2 young black males who looked like complete thugs. They were looking around shiftily first together and then separating, one going to each end of the store and walking straight back. I heard the voice again say louder this time."LEAVE" I got in my car and flew out of the parking lot. I went on to work. Low and behold those men did rob that store. It was all over the news that night.

5. A few years ago I was leaving for work at about 7:45. I was leaving my development and it was a spring day. I had my window about 1/4 of the way down, doors locked. I turned out of the development and there is a short little access road there before you get to a light to get to the main highway. I stopped at the development entrance to be sure I could pull out onto the access road. Right there at the complex entrance is a low brick wall/planter with the complex name and plants.
Well, all of a sudden a voice said "look behind you." ( I have a voice that alerts me to danger sometimes.) I looked and there was a white man stretched out on the grass in front of the planter. Odd. Why was he there? He was not moving and I thought he may need help. I called to him. No response. I called again. I paused my car and was about to put it into park to get out and go over. I guess he saw the brake lights come on because all of a sudden he leaped up and ran toward my car. He was screaming and yelling with arms outstretched like a stark raving maniac. I jammed on the gas, ran the light and got the hell out of there. I called the police and I went back to meet them there. He of course was gone. I wonder if he got a victim that morning.

6. When we moved into the house I grew up in with my parents, we found out AFTER the deal was final that the prior occupant killed himself in the house. Gun, blood everywhere. Suicide. It was a troubled place. Lots of odd, scary, spooky thing happened all the years I was growing up there. I remember coming to the front door and standing on the stoop a few years ago and hearing footsteps from inside. Well I thought that my mom or dad had seen me drive up and was meeting me at the door to open it. The footsteps stopped at the door but the door did not open. I then heard a child humming a tune...not a tune I had ever heard before or could ever imitate. I peaked in the front window as the grandkids were there.. maybe it was one of them. I saw noone. I could feel someone at the door standing. About 20 seconds later, I saw my mother round the corner and move toward the door to open it.

7. I was at the beach one summer in water that was about knee high when I was standing up. I sat down. All of a sudden I was surrounded by fish! Fish that were biting me over and over. They were grey and about the size of my hand in width and length. I jumped up screaming and ran out of the surf to get away from them.

8. I once had an itch in my hair in the front right side (when I was in the 1st grade.) I scratched and scratched my head. It would not stop itching. Finally I felt something up there that was not hair. I squeezed my fingers together and there was a round body that was moving. It was a big spider all caught up in my hair. I screamed until my father got it out!

9. I was in Georgia in the late 1980's living and I bought a package of fish from the grocery store. I got it home, took off the plastic and was just about to shake on some salt and pepper when out of that fish flesh rose a long red worm about 2 inches long. Freedom! After reaching for the sky, it went back down into the fish. I could not get back to that store quick enough with that fish!

10. About a week ago, I found 6 library books that I had checked out from my local library 3 years ago in 1993. They had been packed away in a closet in a box??? I called the library about the books and fines. It was only $30 for 6 books for 3 years being overdue.

11. I have seen a UFO ship! Aliens are here and that is my story and I am sticking to it! They really are living among us, watching and studying.

12. Another time at my parents house I observed my nephew smiling and waving to absolutely nothing in the hallway as we all sat in the den.

13. The oddest food I have ever eaten was sea urchin. It is an expensive sushi. It was the most awful thing in the world. The taste was something I cannot EVEN begin to describe. It is just that awful. All yellow and green and soft and bitter. Trust me, do not ever try it. I love sushi, but for God's sake, stay the hell away from sea urchin! You will never forget the taste of it. I would not wish sea urchin on my worste enemy. It is just that horrible in flavor.

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What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

Marc Jacobs Boots

I just got my new Vogue magazine for October and the boots! The Marc Jacobs boots are just great. Something I was indeed surprised to see make a comeback was combat boots with dresses. I remember this from the 80's. I used to wear that look back in college. Can I get away with it now? Maybe on a saturday. I love that look. I remember when my brother and sister in law got sister in laws sister wore combat boots with her bridesmade dress. We were all mortified! There she was in an evening dress and green army combat boots.

Gisselle was wearing engineer combat boots by Marc Jacobs with cocktail dresses. It looked cute. The brown pair above can be found here. The closest thing I have now are hiking boots. Can I wear hiking boots with casual dresses for the same effect? We will see.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~



I hope nobody is getting irritated by all the re-posts.

It is not because I have run out of things to write about. I have some fresh posts planned.

The reason for all the re-posts is that some people may be new to the blog and deserve the chance to read earlier posts without having to search the archives.

This blog is not a diary or journal. Both Angie and I have our own journal-type blogs which you are welcome to visit.

This blog has an agenda. That is, to demonstrate that shoes do not belong in the house past the door. Slippers, socks or barefeet are okay indoors; shoes are not. For this reason, I am posting older entries again. This blog is not about coming up with new things; it is about promoting an old custom that is shared by a significant part of the world's population (including the People's Republic of China).

Window Dressing


You may have noticed that retail staff often remove their shoes before setting up displays in shop windows.

The managers of their shops obviously fear the appearance of scuff marks on the shiny window ledges.

If you have a wood or vinyl floor, do you care about it as much as the managers of these shops care about the window ledges of their shops? Shoes can so easily cause scratches or leave marks on your floor. Especially if people get stones or other sharp stuff stuck on the sole.

Interesting Comment

I doubt that many people have spent as much time as I have reading chat-room discussion threads on the subject of the shoes-off rule.

I recall reading an interesting comment from a girl on a discussion thread. She said that while she wore shoes at home, she really liked it when her friends required her to remove her shoes when visiting their homes. She found it very comfortable.

It does seem odd that she did not adopt the habit of always removing her shoes in her own home, given that she liked doing so in other peoples' homes. Perhaps she was a little absent minded or not very good at getting into routines.

Given the Golden Rule of 'do unto others..' you might have thought she would have decided to have a 'no shoes' policy in her own home.

In Souls for your Shoes!

Need to stand on the word? Then get some "biblical In-Souls" for your shoes. I have never seen these before. Quite interesting.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

Spiegel Shoes for Fall 2006

I got an email today from Spiegel advertising a sale. I checked out the shoes and came across this one. Can we say...HELL to the NO! Velvet brocade is just not "it" for me!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

Some Serious Theology- Are you a Tramplian or an Offalist?


You may be sick of the Calvinist/ Arminian debate, so let me introduce you to some new theological terms; Tramplian and Offalist.

Tramplians like to trample the carpets or flooring of their homes with their shoes on. They find it rather objectionable to be asked to remove their shoes when visiting somebody else's home.

The central principle in Tramplian theology is the freedom of the will. They believe that they should be the ones to decide whether they take their shoes off at a dinner party. Their attitude is "I decided what outfit to wear. I decided what shoes to wear. I should be able to keep them on if I like". They do not believe that a hostess should impose shoelessness on them.

Tramplians have a strong belief in the goodness of hosts. They consider that a hostess should be above all concerned for her guests wishes and convenience above keeping her home clean. They believe that if a hostess likes them enougth to invite them into her home, she will accept them with their shoes on.

Tramplians believe in the power of their own ability to keep their shoes clean. They consider themselves to be grown-up and to be careful about what they tread on. They do acknowledge that their shoes can be tainted by the corruption of dirty streets, however they hold that this can easily be dealt with by wiping their feet on their hostess' doormat. Their shoes can be restored to cleanliness by the exercise of their will.

Offalists in contrast, always remove their shoes at the door. Offalists believe in the Total Depravity of the soles of their shoes. The corruption of city streets has completely ruined the condition of their shoes, they argue, and the only hope is a change of nature for their feet, namely into slippers or clean socks. The Offalist pays heed to warnings about the health risks of pesticide, lead paint and animal excrement.

The Offalist upholds the sovereignty of the host. The hostess has been very generous in inviting her guests, however, she is sovereign over her own home and has the authority to set the rules. She will not allow anything corrupt to defile her home. Those who would enter her home must not come in their own shoes, but must meet her condition of a change into slippers or stocking feet.

The Offalist holds that the root problem of the Tramplian's theology is human pride. The Tramplian is proud of her ability to make decisions about her outfit. She is proud of her Manolos, her Prada heels or her Jimmy Choo boots. She is too proud to combine her outfit with stocking feet. She resents the idea that her hostess would not accept her in her own shoes.

The Offalist argues that if the Tramplian would only forsake her pride, she would actually find that she was far more comfortable in slippers, socks or bare feet. Her determination to remain in her stilettos will in the end hurt her feet and drag her to destruction. She may well remain outside the dinner party in the outer darkness.

Skort Wars Revisited

Remember skort wars? Well you would have thought that the bosses would be more concerned about work and productivity and numbers and service. But nooooo! They have really lost their minds! They have taken fashion police to a new level. Be sure to read Skort Wars to find out how this all started.

I have not been able to check in with Busybee in a while. I stopped by her desk on yesterday and heard a tale of "big boss shoes" gone mad! Well, Busybee felt that she was being harrassed in a way that was not in any way related to her job so she called human resources which is supposed to be set up for anonymous help for an employee with a problem with local management. Somehow it all back fired. Big Boss found out and a rep from human resources came up to meet with Busybee. Busybee thought she was having a meeting with just the rep. All of sudden Big Boss and Busy's immediate boss were in the room. Not a pretty picture. Busybee said she felt attacked as they began to examine her from head to toe as far as her overall job performance. She ended that meeting.

Later in the week she wore what looked like the 2 panel skort that was supposed to be okay. But was it really the 2 panel skort? No. Not any more. Busybee had altered the skort and took out all the innards that made it a skort and it was not a skort anymore. It was now really a skirt!

Noone knew that but her. At first. The shoe thickens here! It was now a short skirt.
Ring a ding ding!
Ring a ding ding!

It was Busybee's phone. The Bigboss called her about the 2 panel skort that was not a 2 panel skort. "Someone called me and told me you have on shorts."

Busybee told her that she had on a skirt. No skort. Bigboss confront her again saying that was the same thing you wore a few weeks ago and it was a 2 panel skort. Busybee told her that she had on a skirt. In the end, Busybee had to go to Bigbosses office and prove that she had a skirt on and not that 2 panel skort. Busybee asked if she needed to lift her skirt to prove that she had on a skirt, not really thinking that she would have to do that. Bigboss said yes...she did!!!!! She had to lift the front of her skirt up so that her underwear could show, proving that she did not have on a skort with the short insert! She told Bigboss she had removed that so that it was now a skirt. She also told her that she felt like she was being sexually harrasssed by having to lift her skirt so that Bigboss could see her underwear to prove that it was not a skort.

What the hell is going on! I am in total disbelief! So as a result there have been more calls and meetings with HR and grievances now filed by Busybee. I do not blame her. Big Boss has lost her mind. She must be jealous or it must be some personal thing. I just do not know. Now everything that Busybee does is being looked at. She is now being micromanaged to the 9th degree and now feels that she is being forced out.

I told her to dig in with both heels as hard as she could. What is happening is wrong. If you have to go, go kicking and screaming and sticking them in the butt with your heels! Busybee has told what is happening to serveral people and everyone is just amazed at what is happening. I have looked at her production as she was told she was doing bad in regards to others who work in her area. Her production is actually equal or better to others working in her area, so those charges are trumped up. She says she may plan to just leave as she feels that she is being pushed out.

Ultimately it is her choice, but it would be a shame. She is a good person, personality wise and is a good person as a worker. She is very professional and all had seen her as a company assett and not a liability. Everything was fine until the skort wars.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

Relaxation of Airport Security will not extend to Footwear

This week the strict security restrictions on hand luggage at British airports will be relaxed somewhat. Passengers will be able to take larger bags and some essential liquid items. Musicians will also be allowed to carry their musical instruments. However, for now, passengers will still be required to remove their shoes at the X-Rays.

Big deal. I would rather take my shoes off at airport security than be blown up in mid-air.

Hopefully, with British passengers having to remove their shoes at airports, they will be more relaxed about removing their shoes when entering homes.

'Wearing Shoes in Your Home is a Health Hazard' by Paul Rebhan


Paul Rebhan wrote:

When you walk through almost any part of a city, and even in the suburbs, your shoes pick up a multitude of unwanted hangers-on. If you wear those shoes in your home, you run the risk of endangering your family's health by spreading viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, other pathogens, allergens and toxic substances.

Nocent items such as these may be commonly found on sidewalks and streets:

- Remnants of feces from dogs, cats, rodents, birds, other wildlife and sometimes, even humans.
- Urine from the same sources.
- Excretions such as saliva, mucus, sweat and sometimes, blood or vomit.
- Remains from insects and rodents
- Remnants of garbage including food waste and toxic cleaning products.
- Residue from insecticides, oils, gasoline and grease.

Even indoor spaces such as the floors of restrooms are frequently contaminated with urine and hospitals or doctors' offices are fertile hotspots for a variety of germs that may end up on your shoes. Soil around homes and parks may be contaminated with lead, pesticides, lawn chemicals and toxic wood preservatives.

Residue from humans and animals may contain common viruses and pathogens such as hepatitis, herpes, E. coli, tetanus, rabies, strep, hantavirus, or cold and flu causing germs. Garbage residue may carry traces of toxic products such as formaldehyde, industrial chemicals, dyes and lead. According to Dr. Leo Galland, author of "Power Healing", lead tracked into a home and accumulated in carpet dust often exceeds levels requiring clean-up at Superfund toxic sites.

These items may be on the ground in very small deposits that are unnoticeable to the naked eye. Shoe soles are generally made of leather, rubber or other porous materials that allow the absorption of microscopic substances. Wiping shoes on a doormat or rug may remove some of the larger materials, but will not eliminate microscopic germs.

Once inside your home, contaminated shoes become a conduit for disease, spreading germs to carpets and even hard-surfaced floors. If you walk on those floors later without shoes, the germs can spread to your feet and be carried to other places such as your bed. If children are allowed to play on the floor, germs can easily spread to their hands, clothing and mouths. Even pets are at risk of picking up and spreading these germs.

In his book "The Secret Life of Germs", Philip M. Tierno, Jr., Ph.D. suggests a simple way to avoid this hazard: "One should adopt the hygienic Japanese practice of having separate footwear for outdoors and indoors, and leaving the outdoor shoes at the threshold".

References: Philip M. Tierno. Jr, Ph.D.: The Secret Life of Germs, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control: An Ounce of Prevention, Dr. Leo Galland: Power Healing, Spectrum Magazine: Our Daily Dose of Poison, Logan County, CO.: The Online Courthouse, Gary Null, Ph.D.: Natural Living with Gary Null

Charles Jourdan Shoes

Charles Jourdan! Love these shoes!

Charles Jourdan Jolly Red Heels (closed-toe)

Charles Jourdan Jolly Red Heels (closed-toe)

Free Shipping On All Orders. Patent leather heels feature decorative fabric flower and pointed toe. Covered heel. Leather sole. *Jolly* style. Made in France.

I love this pair of red shoes. Check out these others!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

The National Trust

The National Trust is a great British organisation. It is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Britain. I always love visiting some of the beautiful stately homes and country gardens preserved by the National Trust.

One of the rules of the National Trust, is that if you visit one of their country houses and you are wearing heels smaller than a postage stamp, you will be given plastic slippers to wear inside. Alternative slippers can be purchased to wear instead if you want. This rule is meant to protect the floors of their properties.

Of couse, I doubt that many women would visit a country estate wearing stiletto heels.

Your home may not be as old or valuable as a National Trust-preserved Georgian house, but high heeled shoes may cause damage to marble floors, wood floors, laminate floors and carpets. Time to put those slippers on.

Pippa Muray Shoes

Pippa Murray is an artist who has been working in mosaic art for the past 10 years.
This is her rendition of mosaic shoes.
Pippa Murray Gallery

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

Life in Russia

Life in Russia

Advice for those staying in Russia. It recommends bringing a pair of slippers, as shoes are always removed in Russian homes (the streets there are filthy).

Thursday Thirteen # 2

Thirteen Songs and How They Got To Be My Favorites!

  • Rebel Yell by Billy Idol: Billy was the man! When I was in college punk rock was big. I had that three month period of insanity when I went punk rock. Purple streaks in my hair and lots of black leather and chains. My mom sure was glad when that three months was over! Rebel Yell was my theme song. It had the best beat and it was easy to sing!

  • Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer: Hammer was the man! Too! this was also my theme song. Hammer pants was in and I was all about those big baggy hammer pants. I had a pair and wore then to death. I wish I had a pair now! I got my big television break performing in the mall on stage to Can't Touch This!
  • Sunset People by Donna Summer: This was my most favorite disco song. Disco? Disco is STILL in! Whoever claimed that disco is dead is absolutely wrong! I remember going to my local disco club one summer in my college days every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. I seriously wore out some dancing shoes during the disco era!

  • Paganini: After a Dream by Regina Carter: Now I cannot just pick one song. This is the entire CD. Every song on this cd is absolutely magic! I love them all. Jazz is my first love and classical jazz played on Paganini's violin is priceless!

  • Can we say Whip It by Devo?! Now Devo was THE band when I was in college. I too had a red flower pot that I ordered from their fan site. I wore it proudly as I jumped up and down, cracking that whip and whipping it good! When I think about that now, what the hell was I thinking? I re-bought all my Devo cassettes on CD about 3 years ago!

Freedom of Choice
  • Work It by Missy Elliott. This song was my theme song last year. Whenever I needed to be energized while doing housework, I would put that on. It has a good beat.

Under Construction

  • Four Seasons by Vivaldi! This is my all time favorite piece of music. If things are going wrong in the world, this goes on and all is okay. We have "Vivaldi Sundayn," when I play it as loud as I want to. dirty Fila gets tired of Vivaldi Sundays. I never tire of Vivaldi! Don't get between me and Vivaldi or this could happen!

  • Warrior from the Lord of the Dance Sountrack. This is simply a beautiful piece of celtic music! I love all things celtic. I saw Lord of the Dance when it was being performed about 6 years ago. dirty Fila loved is so much she was irish dancing for about an hour later. It almost made me cry! This is a majestic song! Love it!

  • Good Morning Heartache by Etta James. I love her music. It tells it like it is. For those melancholy days when you need to hear someone ELSE singing the blues!

Heart of a Woman

  • Train by the Gumboots dancers. This entire cd is wonderful and I was lucky enough to see the performance! Spectactular! Inspirational, moving and quite a cultural experience.

  • Rainmaker by Yanni. I just love the didgeridoo. I love Yanni and am secretly in love with him. I saw him live and took dirty Fila a few years ago. Those tight black leather pants. Be still my heart!

Yanni Live

  • Roxanne by Sting! Oh my God! I have been in love with Sting way before Yanni. I saw Sting live back in the mid 1980's and knew that he would be the father of my children! I have every CD he has ever put out except for the last one. I just have not picked it up yet. I had all of his early work on cassette and had re-buy them all on CD.

The Best of Sting and the Police

  • Last but certainly not least! Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson. The King of Pop IS the King of Pop! He has had great music most of his career and I have loved all his music! Off the Wall came out when I was in college, right around the time of the big disco era! this was one of the songs my friends and I would dance the night away on!

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What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

How Should One Phrase the Request for Shoes-Off at the Door?


How do you ask visitors to remvoe their shoes in your home?

Shoes off, please.

This is not very polite. Only suitable for family members and close friends who do not really need telling.

Could you take your shoes off, please?

Very simple and direct.

Would you mind removing your shoes?

This is very polite, but it is rather negative. It implies that it would be an endurance for the guest to take his or her shoes off. They would probably be more comfortable for having removed their shoes.

We have a house rule here that we do not wear shoes in the house.

Avoid the word house rule. Your guests will feel that they are being treated like children.

We want to look after our carpet. Please take your shoes off.

Best not to say this. It implies that you care more about the carpet than your guests. This is probably true, but you must not show it.

We have small children and they play on the floor. Could you take your shoes off, please?

If you do have small children, use this one. It will not be refused.

Could you put these slippers on, please?

See below for my thoughts on guest slippers. Most English guests would find this a bit weird.

Feel free to take your shoes off.

Very positive. Women will probably take the hint, but it is too subtle for the average bloke. Or they might just call your bluff.

Feel free to take your shoes off, please.

Not very grammatical, but a bit less subtle.

We all take our shoes off here.

This may work, it is human nature to try and fit in with others. Again, they might call your bluff.

(in Summer only) I get Hayfever. Could you take your shoes off, so as not to bring any pollen in?

Medical reasons are the best.

VPL Spring 2007: Open Toed Boots

Well VPL has dressed her models in the open toed boot. They go with everything, no latter where. From the office to the beach, from dressy to casual, break out the open toed boot. Now I wonder how effect that is in the rain? Umbrellas and opened toed boots don't seem to go....hmmmm!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~