the next record will be called 'to where the skyline is fortified with windows and doors'. just so you know. gonna see if i can start recording real soon. gotta talk to the right people. a fiver here, a fiver there. although i think 'the right people' are playing with limp bizkit tonight. need to plan. logistics may ruin the idea of making this album a 'full band' effort, although i hope not. listen out for robert fruit. i heard some recordings recently. oh my life. but you ran into my fist?!



Mibbs - It's Gona be Fun from Pac Div on Vimeo.

Found this on Pac Divs website,thanks for the support fellas.

Good News for bebe Fans!

So I can finally tell you the news, since it's officially public:

July 27 (Reuters) - Mall-based women's apparel retailer Bebe Stores Inc (BEBE.O) said it entered into a five-year licensing agreement with Titan Industries Inc to design, manufacture and distribute non-casual footwear for women.

The Brisbane, California-based retailer said the new bebe shoe collection will be sold in bebe stores in the United States and Canada as well as select specialty and department stores worldwide from early spring 2010.

The shoes will be priced in a range from $89 to $169 at retail stores, the company said in a statement.

Titan was created in 1998 for the sole purpose of licensing shoes under the bebe brand, Titan's Chief Executive Joe Ouaknine said.

Yaaaaaa buddies! Bebe is going to back in Department stores! We are very excited at Titan to be back "in bed" with the brand that WE started! Hooray! Something you wont hear anywhere else? The designer is the same designer as our LAMB shoes! Exciting, no??

Housewarming Parties


If you are moving into a new house or apartment and you want to make a clean start and have a no-shoes rule, you have an ideal opportunity to kick it off with an housewarming party.

The best thing to do is to indicate clearly on invitations that you will be requiring shoes-off. That way people will have no surpises. They can bring slippers, wear clean socks with no holes or a floaty skirt that looks great with barefeet (Trinny and Susanah actually recommend that hostesses of dinner parties should wear a long skirt with barefeet or slippers).

Having an housewarming party is such an excellent way to send the message that your new house will be a shoe-free zone. Even those of your friends who do not come will see on the invitation that you want shoes-off.

Requiring shoes-off at a housewarming party sends the message that you are really serious about the rule and that it is not just an exception for a wet winter evening. After all, some people with shoeless homes actually make an exception and allow shoes-on in parties. However, having shoes-off at an housewarming makes it clear that you want the house to stay as it was when you bought it.

You Are My Friend...

I am singing Pattie Labelle's song "You are my friend". (sing it with me!)

The alterations lady that You know how people make friends with hairstylists...not me. I must have my tailor on my team at all times. If you look at the dress above, I had the dress shortened to right above the knee. Can you see what a nip here and tuck there can do? Remember that I got this dress from GOODWILL...A Neiman Marcus dress at that.

What is the saying? Someone's trash is the next man's treasure? Yeah...SCORE! I absolutely adore every single thing about this dress. The full sleeves, the buttons, the pattern, the pockets! It has pockets!!! LOVE IT! I had the tailor use the scraps from the bottom of the dress to make a belt/sash/occassional headscarf!

The above dress is my Nurse Jackie look (Mocha Trina gave me that name:) Remember this came from Good Will too. Instead of making it super short, I had it taken in around the hips and knees into a pencil skirt. I love the fit of this uniform...I wish I could find a black one. I would rock the heck out of a black uniform. I threw on silver pumps and a scarf just to give you an idea of how I am trying to de-uniform the look:)

Lastly, I confess. I went back to Goodwill. How could I not? It's my new obsession. I feel like this is my week to thrift. I even literally discovered 3 additional thrift stores in my area completely by accident. It's as if God wants me to thrift! Is that going too far? Probably. Anywho, I picked up this dashiki at Goodwill for $4.99.

Yes, it can be a little too Power to the People or Ebay from Good Times (gotta be a true Good Times fan to know who that is), but I saw potentional in it.

I am really into prints these days and usually am drawn to ethnic prints. I immediately thought that I could turn this into an ecclectic professional look. I think I succeeded. I went through my closet and found a pencil skirt and some old pumps for my loyal readers!

I just wanted to show that you can pull off a look if you mix and match. Thrifting is my new obsession!

Shoes w/pink dress- Karen Scott pumps (got these atleast 5 years ago
Shoes w/Nurse Jackie dress-Silver pumps by Calvin Klein via Ross
Shoes w/dashiki- Nine West weaved shoes (They are torture to wear so they stay in the closet)

Belt w/Nurse Jackie dress-Scarf from Target (2 years ago)
Skirt w/Dashiki- Nine West via Ross (last year)
Belt w/Dashiki-Vintage aka can't remember

Jacket w/Dashiki- Banana Republic Wool Cropped Jacket (about 5 years old)

ps....Do not Right Click on my pictures! And please send a link back to this site if you choose to reference something you see here...thank you:)

Running Around

Lots of errands today! I just stole these shoes from our editorial closet at the office yesterday- New Harajuku Lovers mary janes! I don't think they're out yet but I'll let you know when they are. :)

Anyway- if you hadn't noticed a trend with my wardrobe lately, take a peek.

Am I becoming BORING and PREDICTABLE? Oh no! Look- I'm wearing like, the same outfit everyday? Weird. I'm obsessed with these skirts though. Thank you Brass Plum. Skirts and Summer. It just makes sense.

SIDE NOTE! These Harajuku Lovers flats are on sale at! I love them and might actually BUY them because I never got them :( booo. They were featured in Teen Vogue and a bunch of other mags this season. YAY!

and we all fall down.

been writing. the latest song is called 'you couldnt write this shit'. two more songs to finish writing for album number 3. still cant stop listening to the robot vs. 'gentlemen please take note of the involuntary convulsion of facial features the subject produces when confronted by FCUK t-shirts'.


I need your help so PLEASE vote over there --------------->

I LOVE these Louboutins but $995!?!? Should I?? Money is kinda tight and thats a lot to shell out for a pair of shoes... but they're just so beautiful!!!

Help please! Thank you.

Mosley Tribes Resort Collection

Mosley Tribes pulls the veil off their resort 2010 spring/summer collection as they introduce and highlight some new styles. At the forefront of the collection are: the modifed aviator, the Becker which features vintage elements and a Zyl sweat bar with matching temple tips; the unisex Patterson with 70’s retro sport inspired French styling and finally the Chambers. The Chambers features a wrap style with black marble and tortoise acetate colors. The collection will hit stores starting October, 2009.

Via Hypebeast

High Point is proud to be one of Mosley Tribes newest accounts. Our Coworker is shown modeling the new collection Stay tuned in on the blog for more info as to when these come in the store.

Strap Me Up!

I'm not even going to pretend like every single time I have a meeting with Gwen I just act like it's a normal whatever thing. Like I just roll out of bed and throw on whatever... but that's how it's gotta look, right? hahahaha

I mean, I can't look like I try too hard, right?

(skirt and tank- BP, necklace- Intermix, shoes- Louboutin, bag- Balenciaga)

So this morning I woke up early and after 8 or 9 things, I ended up with the 2nd thing I had on. This. Boring you say? Pish posh.
It's casual yet stylish, no? It says "hey, I just threw this little ditty together and it's no big deal."
6 inch Louboutins for a 9am meeting? Noooooo sweat.

Anyway, I just want you all to know that I am human and yes I realize how cool it is that I get to meet with Gwen and yes, I get excited every time and a little nervous too and maybe that's lame but I'm a nerd and you just have to deal with it. :)

Oh- and the meeting went really well too, in case you were wondering. YAY!


So I'm checking out my blog reads for the day and I came across this topic and I just have to give a big ol WTF to these people!!!!
I am just as nerdy as the next Twi-tard, and I admit that I too am obsessed. I have 2 copies of each of the 4 books (paperback and hard back of course) but Twilight tattoos??? REALLY??

If you want a good laugh check out these links...

Amazingly awful.



brain stu

thanks to stu, for starting me off with making this page into something a little better. i now know what a widget is. cheers buddy. this should be running properly soon, and will be at uh-huh.

Matching my Puppy

Stella inspired me today. Black and white with a touch of pink (eyeshadow). She's growing up so fast I can't believe she's already 4.5 lbs! I know that sounds like nothing but when we got her she was a teeny tiny 2 lbs. So cute!

I'm not a big logo fan but of course I'll make an exception for my Harajuku Lovers thongs. ;)

We are proud to announce we are carrying Frank 151

Just in is our first shipment of Frank 151!! Don't sleep they are going fast!!!

New BBC very limited in now!!!

New Digital Camo Phone Case
BBC Lander/Satallite Tee Front
BBC Lander/Satallite Tee Back
BBC Mission Patch Tee #1

Being Proactive

A major part of my job is making people aware of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. I have to be proactive in my day job. So I thought maybe I should be more proactive in promoting my pet cause.

To that end I asked a colleague whether she wore shoes in her house. She replied that she did, though she also wore those slippers socks some times. I asked her whether she was concerned about the wear and tear to her carpet. She replied that she had never even thought about that (probably the reaction of the average 18-year old when I warn them that drinking seven pints of lager is a bad idea). When I explained my policy, she said she thought people had ever right to insist on no-shoes in their homes.


Sneaker thief's stupid police station raid

This totally reminded me of A Woman's Right to Shoes, the infamous Sex and the City episode where Carrie's shoes are stolen at a shoes-off party.

we are a generation of yes-men

Just Plain Weird...

This is so utterly random but it must be shared.

I had the weirdest dream last night. Let me preface this by saying that I went to bed late after watching a bizarre Vampire movie called Let the Right One IN (I was forced into watching).

Then I watched a little news and stayed up late surfing the internet.

Now the dream. I am not making this up. I just woke from this dream a few hours ago.

I was on 2300 Jackson Street. (please keep reading)

In the dream, my fiance' was a cousin to the Jackson Family and we were all at Katherine's house awaiting some news. Janet Jackson was on trial for manslaughter for killing her brother Michael, by giving him too much sleeping medication. So we were all there awaiting the phone call. Janet gets the call or text (can't remember) that she got 2 years. She told everybody in the room and just stood there in shock. After a while, she went to her room and sat in the corner. Everyone was going in there to try to console her.

I wasn't a blood relative so I didn't want to overstep my boundaries or look like a groupie (which is possible). Everyone was mingling and trying to console her. Finally, I went in and offered to cheer her up by performing the Pleasure Principle video for her. (Which I can do in real life. lol)

That still didn't work and after a while I got tired of trying to cheer her up. I went to look for my fiance' but he wasn't ready to go. I sat and waited patiently but I was getting ticked off. Oh yeah, Katherine Jackson was in the room but she wouldn't or couldn't talk.

So my fiance' is enjoying himself and catching up on old times. Then this "over friendly" cousin started talking to him. I am saying to myself in the dream that she sure is touchy feely to be a cousin! (Remember the cousin from the Soul Food Movie...yeah that kind of cousin, lol).

So he continues talking to her and I couldn't take it any longer. I was ready to go home! I stormed outside and called a cab even though I didn't have any money. At this point in the dream, my nephews were with me. My fiance' came outside to convince me that he was leaving but I was not having it. Then my nephew started complaining that he had to use the restroom. (Random, I know!)

So, my fiance waits with me for the cab and gets in...even though he drove. We left and then I woke up!

WTH was that dream about! LOL!!! MJ is piercing my thoughts. No more surving the net after 10pm for me! Oh yeah, in the dream...Janet looked like the Janet from the Control video...not the 2009 Janet:)

Here are a few of the responses from my friends when I told them about the dream.


"Stop eating late at night!"

"A word of advice, turn the TV off before you fall asleep"

"Don't tell anybody else about this dream."

And I agree with it all!!! I had to share!

**P.S...Janet if you are reading this...I know you would never do anything like this. The media got to me**

Sneaky Sneak.

So I busted out my Pierre Hardy high heel sneeks from last year. I've actually never worn them before today! I've just sort of contemplated them for the past year and today was the day I finally said... yes. Yes, I think I will.

These are definitely the kind of shoes you either love or hate. I'm leaning towards love.

You like?

(tank and skirt- BP, shoes- Pierre Hardy)

Let Thy Will Be Good!

Let thy will be good...forget it...all Hail to Goodwill!
Occassionally I am a "thrifter" but usually I have to be in that specific mood or have a specific treasure I am trying to find.

Well, I stumbled into the almighty Good Will Thrift store this weekend and straight up lost my mind! I found so many fabulous treasures that I literally had to convince myself to walk out of the door and not look for another thing.

I actually went out of boredom and came out with great finds. First of all, there is something to be said about a Goodwill that is neatly organized and doesn't smell like old people's feet. If I walk into a store and it smells like refried vomit, chances are I will get right back in my car and go straight home to take a shower. But this Goodwill was better than any Marshall's or TJ Maxx anyday.
First of all, how long have I been wanting a Kimono Robe. Like forever! Remember this post? Guess what! I found one! For $6.99! And it is beautiful. I literally squealed and held it close to me as if it were going to run away! And it was reversible! What what what!!!!

Then since I was back in the "robe" section, I found a cute little floral nightie that I am so going to rock as a Kimono Top. I wish you can really see the sleeves...they narrow around the wrist rather than flare. $4.99!
Then it just snowballed from there. I found this cute little dress made by Neiman Marcus for 9.99! You know I am the queen of alterations so I am going to shorten this and all of the dresses I thrifted! I would so pick the dress out if I was in a high end boutique so imagine how I felt when I saw the price! I am going to just shorten the dress to above the knee because that's just what I do! Throw on a wide belt and BAM! Oh's 100% SILK!
Then I ran across this Mexican dress. When I was little, my mother used to buy me these dresses and I wore them with Jellie Sandals...I bought it for 6.99 and it might be my favorite summer dress. The idea was to throw a belt over it but it was just so comfortable, I decided to rock it as is. (sandals by Steve Madden...aren't they fabulous, they are very "Bollywood")I ran across a Nurse's Uniform. YES. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. On the tag, it literally says "Hospital Nurse Uniform by Vanderbilt Co." That would be Gloria Vanderbilt. It was so Vintage, I couldn't pass it up. Since it is stark white, I can only wear it a few times before the summer is up...but I am straight up jazzing that baby up with a short hem and a big purse and belt and dare anybody to ask me if I am rocking a Nurse's outfit. YES I AM! 6.99!

(I know the belt is crooked but my photographer was tripping so I had to keep the picture as is:)

Then the ultimate JACKPOT! JUST LOOK AT THIS BAD AZZ Purse! It's a KOOBA purse...not that I know what that means but it had to mean something for the purse to be 40 bucks. I just grabbed it because of the soft leather and the color.
Of course I had to do a little research on the purse because I suffer from a rare strain of OCD called "I gotta know everything". I googled KOOBA handbags and my my my, I must say this GOODWILL did me justice! Kooba brands can range anywhere from 100 bucks to $700...yeah...Mine was $40!
I can't write enough about it. THIS IS A GOODWILL PURSE!! I can't tell you how many times I have stroked it since I got it! The condition of the leather is impeccable and the gold details are perfect. Trust that I am going to wear this baby out!
Can you believe it? GOODWILL. I think when one shops there, one must have an eye for the potential in what could be considered strange choices. My alterations Lady will be happy to see me walk through the door with these babies. I plan on Nipping and Tucking all the dresses to make them more my style but I couldn't be happier. I will post the "AFTER" pictures once I make the alterations to each dress:)

This is what shopping within your means is all about. Find some vintage items and make them your own.

By the way, I am slipping! My blog made it's first Birthday on July 2nd and today is July 27th and I just realized it! I'm a bad mommy:(
So Happy Blirthday (get it? Blog + Birthday) to God's Favorite Shoes!

***please excuse all lame poses and wild hair photographers (fiance' and nephews) were being temperamental and impatient so I had to work in a fury before they staged a walk out***

Speaking of my darling Nephews. As I was taking pictures, one of them asked why was I doing this? Here is a taste of that conversation...

Nephew: Why are you doing this? Just taking pictures of yourself in somebody's old clothes?
Me: I have a blog about clothes...
Nephew: You take pictures of clothes of dead people's clothes?
Me: No, It's kind of like a fashion blog. I give people ideas and I tell people what I think is cute.
Me: ____________Flat line_____________________________

Photo session ended. LOL. He is such a brat!