Supra Stubb's Skytop Releasing in store this Saturday the 4th don't sleep!!!!

New Gourmet in store now!!!!

Look What I Just Bought!!!!!

Thanks to that dear little enabler Ms. Diabolina. She kindly forwarded me an email she received from Bluefly the other day featuring the sites top 10 picks telling me to check out #7. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that #7 was this hot little pair of Pour La Victoire sandals the two of us had been coveting. I quickly clicked on the link and was mucho disappointed to discover that my size was not available. Fast forward to a few days later... I received an email from Bluefly, naturally clicked on the link touting Report Signature (Yes, I said Report Signature. I like this brand too!) shoes for less scrolled down the list and saw they still had my shoes. Clicked on the link and guess what???? They now magically had my size. Yay!!!!! They just shipped today. I promise to post pics once they arrive.

For a look at the post where I first blogged about these little beauties. Check it out here. And if you love them as much as I do, love scoring yourself an amazing deal as much as I do, and are a size 9.5. Just click on the link to get yourself a pair.

Princess Chic!

Somebody I know very well is about to have his 30th birthday on April 1st! He believes in all things Prince. Ironically enough, I have noticed numbers of Prince vintage T's popping up everywhere. I even bought the birthday boy a gray Purple Rain T-shirt for Christmas from Urban Outfitters and of course he worships it.

I even backdoored Urban Outfitters a month or so later and bought the exact same gray T-shirt in the men's department in a size Small because SOMEBODY would not let me wear his! (I got mine for 10 bucks too...sticking my tongue out:)

Then Beyonce' popped up with this fabulous Prince "Life is a Parade" T-shirt and I just about died! I pictured me rocking the heck out of it with jeans and red pumps! I found the shirt and of course it is on back order but I can't wait to wear it! B-day boy will get a kick out of it.

That's my Bday gift to the birthday boy...Me rocking a Prince T in his honor! That' a win, win situation!

...By the way...I tried to find a vintage Prince video on youtube or ANYWHERE on the web for this post....ummm...didn't happen...Prince does not play with his money or his image!

Can't say I blame him!

Pom Pom Wedges!

I've received a few emails asking where they could find this wedge that I have in blue... It's new @ in red! I love mine and get compliments on them whenever I wear them. :)

Just a heads up. And when you wear yours you can say you're friends with the designer. hehe

Elle Spring Survival Guide - Gold

Gleaming gold patent leather delights in this strappy sandal by Anne Klein. Delicate straps intertwine into an intricate woven pattern at the vamp. An adjustable buckled slingback and 1/2 inch platform combine with a 3.5 inch stiletto heel. A wonderfully feminine shape, this sandal will perk up even the dreariest of neutrals.

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole - Lounge Wear

Snake embossed gold straps? Yes, please. The Lounge Wear Sandal definitely amps up the attitude. This is a sexier shape which is sure to appeal to those of us who like to take a walk on the wild side. The cork heel and platform looks to have flecks of gold from the pictures, although I can't be too sure. The t-strap is always a shape that has appeal to me. These would look gorgeous paired with your faux summer tan. Wouldn't you say?

What do you think feet are supposed to look like?

Sometimes you hear people commenting that feet are a part of the human anatomy that are weird, odd or ugly.

Some people do have unsightly feet. This is because of age, illness, injury or just wearing daft high heels. However, most people do not have feet like this.

When people say that feet are an ugly part of the body, just what do they think feet ought to look like? Would they rather have cloven hooves or pig's trotters? Or how about wheels?

I find it especially strange when Christians make this comment. They are effectively scorning the Creator's handiwork.

Our Lord Jesus walked this earth on human feet and now His feet are as burning brass (Revelation 1:15). When the saints are resurrected to glory, they will perhaps have feet of the same quality.

I believe the angels of heaven are not purely spirits, but have bodies that are in some ways like ours. I am sure they have feet like ours.

Romans 10:15

"How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things!"

If anyone thinks that feet cannot be beautiful, I suggest that they be locked up for a week in an art gallery filled with paintings by William Adolphe Bouguereau.


A nurse at the hospital where I am based was talking about the new carpet she was fitting. I took the opportunity to sell the shoes-off rule to her. Seems she was probably going to do that anyway. Some people become born-again shoes-offers when they get a new carpet.

Nike Spring Shipment

Here Come the Heels...

Fashion week showed us that crazy heels are going to be everywhere for Fall '09. 
From the crazy beautiful to the just plain crazy, everyone had their take on it.





What do you guys think? 

With this shitty economy, if you're going to spend money on a designer shoe is it going to be something basic that can get you through the season, or is it going to be something like this where you're making a statement and rubbing your hotness all over everyones faces?

I know you all know MY decision... but I'm not a normal person. I'm a shoe crazed maniac.

Flirty and Fabulous Friday

Valentino Bow D'Orsay

"Hello my lovely, it's so nice to make your acquaintance."

Now this particular Valentino shoe style has been around for awhile and I've been quite taken by it. However it wasn't until today that I discovered this particular little gem. Paint it gold, encrust the bow in rhinestones (not just rhinestones, "crystals") and that's it. I'm officially smitten. If I could buy these, I would wear them everyday. And then stare at my feet all day. Seriously. LOL! My husband always tells me that he can't wait until he's making enough money so that I don't have to work and then I can just get drunk and stare at my ring(wedding) all day. If I had these I could stare at my feet too : )

My Feet Are Famous!

This is going to be a short post today. Things at work are crazy town right now. For more details on my famous feet check it out here.

And if you like the look head to your nearest DSW and pick yourself up a pair!

Air Yeezy 4/4/09

You better get here early!

Elle Spring Survival Guide - Wedge

It's certainly no secret that wedges are huge right now. I've talked about this Spring trend on several occasions but this time I'm bringing them to you on the cheap. If you're on a major budget Payless has some gorgeous options which I blogged about here. Today I bring you my favorite picks from

Love, love, love this wedge by Diba. There are some great haute little details that make these look far more expensive than they are. From the bronze medallions lining the t-strap to the partially snake embossed wedge. If bronze ain't your thing don't worry, these also come in gold.

Mia, Suri Wedge

Combine two hot trends in one with this wedge and it's tribal inspired look. A thick platform intermingles with delicate brown suede straps and neutral toned beading to create a shoe that's anything but ordinary.

Luichiny, Savy Sue

Sexy, sexy. From the shimmering python embossed upper, to the multi-buckled straps, to the sky-high 5 inch wedge. I absolutely adore this sultry shoe AND it's fabulous price.

Elle Spring Survival Guide - Fringe

Ah, fringe. It seems to me that this is a look that you all either love OR hate. I will tell you that the fringe is sticking around at least through next fall so love it or hate it it's here to stay... at least for a little while.

Kenneth Cole Reaction, Know-Veau

A dual layer of fringe tickling the top of your foot in a spot-on neutral. This sweet little sandal by Kenneth Cole is just the ticket to get me on board with fringe. Delicate leather straps and a delightful stiletto heel equal instant sex appeal. I simply adore these.

Mia - Donella

Oh how I love the mini wedge. I was first on a mission for a mini wedge a couple of years ago and I'm so happy to be seeing them around even now. Once again we have layers of fringe but this time they are making their way from ankle to toes. The added detail of the contrast stitching is such a nice added touch. This is a great little shoe at a great little price.

Elle Spring Survival Guide - Tribal

Next up for the Elle Spring Survival Guide - Tribal. Brought to you once again, recessionista style. Enjoy.

A gladiator styled sandal with wonderful top stitching evoking a Native American vibe. I love the contrast of colors between the tobacco hued leather and red and baby blue thread. The tie in the back gives these just a hint of femininity while the multi strapped cuff toughens them up in just the right way.

Dollhouse, Jacosa

Multi strapped upper embellished with intricate beading. Just imagine how you'll shimmer and sparkle your way across the dance floor. And you could do some dancing in these. Between the stacked wood heel and 3/4 inch platform your comfort is all but guaranteed.

This Can Mean Only One Thing....

Spring is officially here. That means only one thing to me...DRESSES! Everybody knows I love dresses but I tend to put them in the back of the closet for the winter.

Well, it's time to break out your yellow and oranges and pastels! I went to Anthropologie a few days a go, purely out of boredom and Jesus Lord, there were just too many cute dresses.

Everywhere I turned, there were cute little dresses! They even have the Plenty by Tracy Reese dress that Michele Obama rocked on the cover of People Magazine a few weeks ago.

I tried on a few dresses...PURELY FOR FUN (dear fiance') and truth be told, my body has been betraying me during these winter months. I couldn't even fathom buying a new dress right now because I have some extra thickness in the thighs. That one visit to Anthropologie was enough to inspire me to join Weight Watchers. ( I really did:)

I couldn't imagine trying to squeeze some extra jelly in those cute dresses so for now I'll just admire from afar and enjoy my own dresses from my own closet. Everytime I hit a goal, I might splurge an accessory or something...who knows:)

So, I'll just post a few pics of the delightful pieces of heaven that I ran across but did NOT Purchase. One of the sales associates was dressed so cute that I had to whip out my cell phone camera and snap her. You can't really tell the detail on the blouse but it was BEA.U.TIFUL! She was a fellow Thick Lady and rocked every ounce well. She agreed to let me blog about her without hesitation.

: (

I'm sorry guys. No post today. Between a death in family last night and a head cold that is knocking me for a loop I'm having a hard time focusing on shoes. I promise to back on with an extra special Saturday post.

More Shorts! And My Very First Pair...

Obama must have read my blog yesterday 'cause his crazy helicopters flew right over my bikini clad ass. 
Oh mister president... you little silver fox you! I'm on to you buddy.

Anyhow- today's another warm day. My favorite kind of day. Another F21 outfit. Yes I'm obsessed. So what?

These were my very first pair of Louboutins btw. They're about 4 years old and I still live them. I remember saving for them and thinking that they were so high! Pfffft. HELLO Celine of the past... stop being a dork! 

You guys... I have curly hair. Secret's out. I never wear it curly because, well, I'm a girl and us girls are really good at wanting the opposite of what we have, right? I mean, WHY would you get a perm if you are lucky enough to have straight hair? I will never understand. 

No- I'm not wearing makeup, I know I have bags under my eyes, you don't need to tell me. K thanks.