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Set to release with the AM dunks at 10 a.m.

DJ AM Dunk High QK

Set to release tomorrow Saturday Jan. 9th at 10 a.m. We have very limited quantities, so dont wait.

if you want to piss off your parents, show interest in the arts

kids.. if you really want to piss off your parents, buy real estate in an imaginary place..

Happy New Year!

I love this jacket with all thine heart and all thy soul. Amen and Amen. 2009 is over. Onward and upward.

2009 can kiss my az

im so money and you didnt even know it
have a rad new year

Christmas Parties: Part Deux

So the second party was my work party! Since it's my dad's company it was held at my parents house, which is always nice. I felt right at home cause, well... I kind of was.
(My former home of course)

Any-hoo... I always like to use holiday parties as an excuse to dress up and sometimes go over the top.

I wore a Betsey Johnson dress and my favorite holiday time shoes- my pretty glittery Louboutins. I attempted my very first up-do and was pleasantly surprised if I do say so myself ;)

I got this necklace from that jewelry party I went to last month... Love it! It reminds me of a skull in Mickey Mouse ears.

I wore heavy eye makeup and big ol tranny lashes. I LOVE fake lashes and any excuse to use them!
My lovely family :)
My sister, dad, mom and baby sis... who depressingly isn't a baby at all anymore :(

My Tim and his Bentley... and my "brother" Tomas who is the amazingly talented L.A.M.B. footwear designer
It was a super fun night with friends family and tequila shots.

(sorry for the kinda crappy/inconsistently lit images)

Make a New Years Resolution

Are you going to make a New Year's resolution? You may have some ideas already, perhaps to lose weight or to quit smoking. Perhaps you want to be more cultured and plan on listening to Wagner's Ring cycle.

One resolution you could make is to stop wearing shoes in your house and to ask family and friends to do the same.

Adopting a shoes-off rule might not be a great moral transformation, but it is a simple thing that will have a definite practical benefit.

Perhaps tomorrow you will be hosting a New Year's Eve party and the guests will damage the floor in their spike heels. Personally, I would recommend you to ask for shoes-off, but perhaps seeing the damage on New Years' day will add force to your resolution to go shoes-free.

If you adopt this resolution, your carpet will last longer and you can spend less money on carpet cleaning.

Perhaps you are expecting to have a baby in the next year. If so, having a shoes-off policy will create a safer and healthier environment for your family.

Life is full of small and simple decisions and this is one decision that could improve the quality of your life. Make that resolution.

The Eve before the Eve...

Here is Complete Superficial Randomness before I have to get all deep and philosophical for the New year with resolutions and such.

Why didn't I know until this morning that a tribute album to my favorite band existed! Where have I been! I love Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. I feel like my "fan" card should be revoked!

I even named my dog after Frankie Beverly! I. Must. Own. This. CD!

A few weeks ago, I was in the mall (hate the mall by the way) and saw a dude wearing this cardigan. I saw him and did a double take. I never usually pay attention to men's clothing unless they are with me so trust me, the cardigan was that awesome. I SO wish I had my camera with me. I tracked him through the store to ask him where he got it. I immediately called my baby brother (all 6 ft 6000 inches of him) to tell him to buy this sweater for himself! HA HA (some sister I am!)
This is a super old pic but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know I blog so I'm safe. Please know that I have super high heels on. I really fit under his armpit (literally)I promise you, I would re-inact Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle video from top to bottom wearing my painful leopard heels for any man (not my brother...ewww) who would wear this bad cardigan! Last I checked, they only had size small online. I know a few people who would rock this polo but nobody wears a small:(

Polo Wool Letterman Shawl Sweater (I'm a sucker for elbow patches)

Steve Madden B Sweet Handbag
Also in the mall, I saw this purse at the Steve Madden store and again I did a doubletake. It's perfection. You must see it in person...the color is delicious. I remember inspecting it, petting it... I might have even sniffed it because it was so beautiful. This quite possibly is the antecdote to my eternal lust for the LV Speedy 35. Quite possibly. I think I need a baby or something. I'm becoming too shallow for my good:)
American Apparel: High Waisted Jean looking Leggings (These must be popular because they aren't available....not that I would have the money to buy them if they were available. It doesn't hurt to "want" though) Christmas over???

New Years's Resolution: To not want things, I can't have or don't need. (Please see above references:)

This year was supposed to be dramatically different by now but who am I to make plans and think that anyone, much less God will follow them? 2009 wasn't all bad but there was alot of unnecessary nothings going on this year... I can only pray that something gives in 2010. Here's to hoping....

(I remember when I was in elementary school, I thought by 2000, we would all be living Jetson's style. I remember thinking that we would be riding spaceships to work. In reality, I just listen to Kanye West's Spaceships on the way to work every morning:)

That is all. Happy New Year!

A Really Daft Comment

If you don't want shoe-wearing people in your house, then why invite them to a party at your house to begin with?

This person is evidently under the impression that shoes are an integral part of the wearer's body.


gedi knight

by thom hayes

Some Very Reasonable Thoughts

The Domestic Empress: Hospitality is not the same as Customer Service

A very nicely balanced post on the etiquette of the shoes-off rule. Good title too.

The Empress argues that while it is rude to demand that guests remove their shoes if they do not fee comfortable removing them, there is nothing inherently rude about asking guests politely to take off their shoes:

I was raised to know that when you are a guest in someone’s home you are to be on your very best behavior. People invite you into their home as a treat. It is a privilege to be asked into someone’s home and be treated as a guest – not a right. Of course you should make yourself comfortable, but that means relax and have fun being polite – not to walk all over them and expect to bend house rules just because you’re a guest. After all, this is someone’s home, it’s not a hotel. It is polite for them to make you feel comfortable, but it is not their job.

So if I am asked to someone else’s home and they politely request that I take my shoes off before I come inside then by all means I am going to take my shoes off. Most of the time I will leave my shoes at the door without being asked, just out of courtesy, especially if I walk in and see a pile of shoes by the door.

I don’t think it’s even a little bit rude to ask your guests to take their shoes off before they come in. After all, odds are high you’ve just cleaned the house and would like to keep it that way. Depending on the number of guests you’re having, there may be serious consequences for your floor if everyone keeps their shoes on – especially in this dismal winter weather.

Readers of this blog may disagree with the Empress when she rejects shoes-off signs and insists on allowing in refuseniks, but it is nice to see somebody recognising that a simpe request is perfectly reasonabe.

A Rather Extreme Reaction

Things I want to punch in the Face: Shoeless Households

Sidebar Comments Box

I am afraid I had to remove the sidebar comments box.

Somebody used some bad language and I could not see a way to delete the comment.

I hate to delete comments, but I do want this to be a family-friendly page.

Please feel free to leave comments on the posts; I do not mind if they are a little off-topic. However, please refrain from using bad language. This blog is all about showing respect.

Christmas Parties: Part 1

One of my favorite things about the holidays? Dressing up and going to parties of course!
The first Holiday party of the season was at our amazingly awesome friend Kelley's house, Xanadu. Yes, Kelley and her hubby Kyle have named their home Xanadu. Amazing.

Anyway- it was really fun and some of the evening include but are not limited to:
  • Delicious food
  • Gay cupcakes
  • Gay wardrobe change
  • Paper crowns
  • Booze
  • Good people
  • Good times
Lemmie just show you-

Our lovely hostess, prepping the chicken and waffle appetisers
Argh! Parker Jacobs!
Miss Tracy and her beautiful paper crown
Pedro made the gayest cupcakes ever! They were delish! (Unicorn cupcakes and rainbow cupcakes)
My husband in his hetero outfit...
Pedro and I
Ben and Pedro... after a little change.

Yikes babe. Big thank you Pedro for the lovely underwear modeling.
Ben... no.

I fell over in shock. Ok so I fell off the couch cause my pants were slippery and I had some drinks.

(sweater- BP, pants- American Apparel, boots- Rosegold)

Amazing kick off to some fun holiday parties! Thanks Kyle and Kelly!!


by thom hayes

Catching Up...

Hopefully, everyone celebrated the Birth of Jesus in style:)

Here is an outfit that I've remixed ALOT over the last week. I wore this top as a dress a few days before Christmas and the very next day I had to layer it with tights/boots/cardigan/scarf and a coat! That's Texas weather for ya'.I am really loving these basic Calvin Klein heels.
I tied an old scarf from H & M to the handle of my vintage bag to spice it up. I tried to get a close up of the graphics of the top/dress...basically images of people from Woodstock apparently enjoying themselves a little too much. I searched for one black face in the crowd but alas, me "wearing" the shirt will just have to count:) LOL!

Apparently, a deep conversation with a 9 year old about a Snuggie being a gimmick got me this Snuggie for Christmas. It's from one of my favorite 9 year olds in the world and I must admit...I LOVE IT! LOL. Granted, I still say it's just a robe worn backwards but I must admit that it keeps me warm. I'm wearing it as I type this post.

I am going to have to research these Snuggie people and figure out how they brainwashed the whole country! From the Snuggie to a little piece of happiness in a BLUE BOX (thank you Santa) to Scrabble Playing Cards...I had a blessed Christmas.

Happy New Year just in case I don't post for a few days:)

WAIT...One more thing! I met up with a GFS follower! Benita, a follower in pharmacy school in Austin, Texas contacted me about places to vintage shop in Houston. I offered to meet her because let's face it....I thought only my family gets bored enough to read my banter (and by read, I mean look at the pictures only...BUSTED!)

We decide to meet and of course I catch a cold from hell. I wasn't well enough to shop with her but I did show her the ropes! Even the people who worked AT the store looked at me like I was crazy! I was totally having a Rachel Zoe Moment:) Benita and her tres chic friends came to check out a few of my secret spots and I snapped a pic of Benita as proof (Isn't she adorable)! Bold

One of her friends, Melanie, is a blogger too, so this ultimately turned into my FIRST Blogger Meet up!

**Don't be fooled by my big I waited for the ladies to meet me, I was dozing off in the car as some remnants of NyQuil decided to take effect. Right after that picture was taken, I went back into my "coma". Ladies, the next time you come into town...I promise to be ALERT! From what I heard though...they got along fine without me and found some cool items!**


'in 1963 the population of Gibraltar held a referendum on whether they wished to become part of Spain. the vote was 12,138 against, and 44 in favour. fact.'

whitehorn is back in the game...