Then, and now...

If I reflect on what I was like and how I felt at different stages of my life I am starting to think I might just be at my best right now in my mid thirties.

In my teens; I was angst-ridden, wishing I wasn't tall, wishing I was plumper, not yet sure of anything. Gangly book-reading, diary-writing, Levis 501-wearing girl of girls.

...if only I had been even a smidgen of this cool...
In my twenties; gathering pace but still not sure, 'career'-hungry but also scared at the prospect. Dressing as I thought a 'woman' should dress, but somehow totally missing the point of being 20-something (with disposable income). Found my love but struggled with his view on life vs. mine. Married young. There did not seem to be much that was 'mine'. Well-travelled but not a traveller. Became a mother at 26...

20's = weddings and babies
Then my thirties; mother of two gorgeous Boos, gained baby weight then lost the baby weight. Happy in my own skin. Running, fitter than ever. Dressing for me; sure of my style. Out the other side; over the hump. My marriage makes complete sense. He makes sense to me. Everything is mine for the taking. I sense so much choice and possibility with life now. Children growing, life expanding.

...making choices in a great outfit via prettystuff...
Although whilst this contentment I feel now may appear somewhat...smug...I must admit in all my time I have never worked as hard at life as I work now. In previous times I took a much more passive approach to life, letting it mould itself. Now I am doing the moulding and I guess that's the difference. Should life be something to work hard at? Or should you just let it happen? And what will fourties and fifties bring?!


'Rasberries also come in purple, yellow, black and white. Red are still the most common. Fact.'

Am I Too Late?

It's still technically Cyber Monday and I've just finished posting some designer heels on my ebay store. Go check them out!!




...and more :)

Cyber Monday!

I can't say that I know where a ton of great deals are but I'm going to research it right now! I'll continue to update this post as I find goodies for us :)
This is a pretty good start though... The very popular Jessica Simpson Dany (I just ordered the grey snake and already have and love the black version) is only $69.99 today!! They have purple velvet too!!! And free shipping! So many exclamations!
If you want some boots I have a half off coupon for you too... 50BOOT
I got the Alfie in "Dust" is one of my favorite online shopping resources and they're having a buy more save more event. Spend $100 get $30 off, etc. Click HERE 

Another favorite, just started a huge end of season sale with some really great shoes and lots of sizes. No code needed. is offering 50% off sale items with code FP72HMPZF awesome!

And though I haven't officially announced it, I am the new designer for bebe footwear. So I'm sneaking this news in here so that YOU know if first. haha. They are doing a Cyber Monday deal... 20% off plus free shipping

Over at Vintage Shaun (super cute vintage goodies) you'll get 15% off with code: SHAUN

Enjoy! And leave me a comment with your favorite deals of the day :)

Bits and Pieces

I hope everyone has had the weekend they wanted, long, short or other! I'll be headed out on another work trip tomorrow and once again I haven't done a lick of packing! Ah well, here's a medley of some of my looks from the past few days:

Top: Lands' End Canvas pattern poplin
Jacket: J. Crew herringbone (worn here and here before - similar-ish online here or here)
Jeans: J. Crew bootcut
Shoes: Aerosoles (worn here before - similar online: cute here, sleek here and "I want these" here)

Top: J. Crew island paisley perfect (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Sweater: H&M (worn here before - only kinda similar online here - but I really like it ...)
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Belt: J. Crew embossed skinny (worn here before - similar-ish online here)
Boots: Type Z (worn here and here before - funky similar online here or cheapie here)

Sweater: Marks & Spencer (worn here and here before - similar-ish online here or "you look familiar" here)
Jeans: J. Crew bootcut
Shoes: Artisan by Clarks Herring (worn here and here before - similar online here)

Also meet Ashley, one of the new friends I made this weekend:

Did you gals brave the mall or Internet this weekend? What kinds of great steals have you gals indulged in for yourself? 

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Lastly, for this week's Respect the Outfits reader post, let's bring on some good ole J. Crew! I don't think there's a gal amongst us without some preppy chic Crew in their closet - from the most basic of tees and button-downs to their classic cardigans and winter coats to sequin sweatpants and an ostrich feather collar.

Show some of your Crew pride and share a few of your favorite pieces in an outfit pic. You can be clad in a single fabulous piece you adore to head-to-toe Crew! Show a fantabulous glamour ensemble or how you wear Crew daily.

The post will go up on Friday - please send your pic and Crew details to respecttheshoes(at) by Friday morning! Thanks so much for keeping this reader post fun going, ladies!

I knew it when...

I knew it had been a long time between visits when everyone had changed their hair style and length and I didn't even know.

I knew it was a great extended lunch when the restaurant staff politely asked us to leave so they could set up for evening service.

I knew it was special when it was minus degrees outside and we were cosy and replete inside, with great food, wine and company.

I knew it was a rather quirky venue as I sat watching people swim in the open air Lido as I devoured my delicious meal.

I knew we'd grown up together when all the references made absolute sense; nothing was too obscure.

I knew there was that profound feeling that one of the group were missing when we all talked of her and referenced her all afternoon, as if she were there with us. Next year - we will have all 6.

I knew there were best intentions of spending time Christmas shopping but instead the day got talked away so that when we emerged, all the shops were shutting for the night.

I know they are my best of friends, when I had to take a brave gulp as I started the drive home after saying goodbye.

Garance and co, courtesy of The Sartorialist
I had a super time returning to my University town of Bristol for a girl's reunion. I found it quite surreal stepping back in time to my student days; something about that city that despite changing dramatically in the last decade and a half, it remains frozen in time for me somewhere around 1993. We went to coolest restaurant for lunch called the Lido which had an old-style Victorian natural water pool outside nestled amongst the city houses. And we talked. And talked. And talked.

So here is the deal with the Best Blog of 2010; I got to the second round! Whoooooop whoooop!

Thank you! 

However it seems that with each new round, new votes are needed - you got to really love my blog to go back and keep voting! There is some pretty tough competition (much bigger blogs with many more followers), so well, here's the thing: vote if you can, but I feel kinda funny asking again and again.

Yet the competitive part of me says VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Meh - OK now I am done!

Go on, click here, do know it will only take a second!

And so, now to Monday...time to get back to the real world, as December starts in earnest this week, time to get the advent calendars (with glitter, of course) out and start the glorious count down...

via tinywhitedaisies

Birthday Girl

Today it's my birthday and although I become one year older (it's funny we celebrate that) I'm in the best mood. 
Thanks to my boyfriend and the beautiful evening we spent together. 
And the day is not over yet...


New Air Force 1


New Consigment Shoes

sz11 Grey/Orange Yeezy016
sz10.5 Black/Pink Yeezy

Nixon & G shock Watches


New Nixon Wallets


Footin' It

Right now I am footin' in. Really. And it is no fun at all. About 3 weeks ago my car began to make funny sounds and then one day when I was at work it would not start. I was stranded in the middle of a median on the highway. I thank god the median was there because it was a very busy road. I had to have 3 men stop and help push me off the highway. I called my mechanic and later found out that a part in the motor has worn out and basically the engine is gone. Without an engine you have no car.

Right now I am not in a position to buy a new car or take on a car payment so my first option now is to get a new or used engine. My mechanic is now in the process of finding a good used engine to put in the car. He is looking and while he is looking I am waiting and I have no car. Bad way to be these days.

I have actually begun to look now at cars because my car is old. I bought it used and it only has a few good years left before I would have to get a new car anyway. I have always bought sedans in the past and they have been both domestic and foreign models. There are all sorts of places to look for cars but there is an option on line called the Car Connection. Take a look at this Audi S6 . It is a beauty! I would not mind a car like this! Use the photo gallery to get a look at it from all angles. There is even a link to get a price on what it would cost in my area. Put in your zip code, phone and how you expect to pay and a quote will be delivered to you on the spot. There is even a way to compare prices as well. There is even a away to get a "true price quote" and find out what others really paid for the car.

I have never considered a truck before but maybe an SUV...a small one. The only time I drove a truck was years ago when a rental agency ran out of cars and they only had a truck to rent to me. I do not remember the type but this GMC Canyon looks similar. This is available in both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive. On the site it even gives a side by side comparison of city verses highway driving. That is a big thing given the price of gas these days. Another tool the site offers are reviews by users and experts so you can get a feel of what people think of the truck and how it handles. You can even get pricing broken down by trim.

The Toyota Avalon is up next. This is the car my brother drives. In fact, Toyotas are the only cars he has ever driven. He loves them and it is a very nice ride! The car connection also offers comparisons of this car to others like it. Buying a new car is not a fast thing to do. It takes time to look and research all options and to find the best deals out there.

The car connection brings all the information together so that the consumer can make an informed decision. It has tips, reviews, pricing and news all in one place. The people behind the scenes are well informed. They are a team of car experts with over 50 years of automotive journalism experience. Those experts want to hear from us...the consumer... so they encourage our reviews and questions.

I am still waiting to hear the fate of my little car and whether it will make it. I am glad to know that there are sites like this one that make it easy to research cars all in one place on the web. I know I will have to get a new car in about 3 years, (if this one makes it with a used engine) and it is good to know there is a valuable resource on the web to aid me in my car search in the future. Be sure to check it out and even here for more info .

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe! ~~Aileen Mehle~~

Other People's Blogs

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, fellow Americans! And just plain ole happy weekend to everyone else! The weather here in the SE is starting to really feel like fall/winter and we had our first real temp dip yesterday (aka, boy was I caught without a coat - brrrr!) so I am finally admitting to myself that it is unofficially winter!

So for this week's (or heck, this month's) long overdue cool stuff from other people's blog post, I collected together some great miscellany that are also helping me get into the festive, cool, snuggly state of mind:

♠  Showing how true it is that trenches are timeless - via Stockholm Street Style:

♠  We're all about holiday decor now - here's one way to look understated for Christmas but still seem luxe and cozy - via emmas designblogg:

♠  This is all the good things about fall/winter cooking all rolled up into one gut-busting confection - but calories don't count over the holidays, right? via Peabody from Culinary Concoctions:

♠  How to add a little glamour to your daily wear - via Lucy Laucht:

♠  Get "baking" on your own super-easy culinary tree trimmings for the holidays - via Bake it Pretty:

♠  What could be cozier than knitting your entire room? via desire to inspire:

♠  A fashionista's holiday portrait - via Rhiannon from liebemarlene vintage:

♠  ♠  ♠  ♠

The holidays are right around the corner and our fellow bloggers are feeling the spirit of generosity - here are some of the very cool giveaways of the week:

♠  BonBon Rose Girls is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Friedashopie Jewelry Design. Contest ends November 28.

♠  Veronica from the fashion fruit is giving away a Latuamoda necklace from Dolce & Gabbana. Contest ends November 28.

♠  shopping with M is giving away a $25 gift card to J. Crew and a Kate Spade bracelet. Contest ends November 28.

♠  Nina from alltumbledown is giving away a Bergman wrap from Edelweiss by Sarah. Contest ends November 29.

♠  GalTimes is giving away a $100 gift certificate to Contest ends November 29.

♠  Cindi from Simply Cindi is giving away a pair of initial mugs from Anthropologie. Contest ends December 3.

♠  Nelah from 52 new days is giving away a gaggle of eye makeup from Dior and Urban Decay. Contest ends December 3.

♠  FashionAddict from Fashion for the Economically Challenged is giving away a La Coco silver pearl strand necklace from Stella & Dot. Contest ends December 3.

♠  Elle from Fast Food & Fast Fashion is giving away a shawl cardigan and purple jacket from Romeo & Juliet Couture. Contest ends December 6.

♠  Being Alison is giving away a $50 Visa gift card. Contest ends December 8.

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♠  Sydney from Navigating Throu the Quarterlife with a Smile and Open Arms is giving away a $50 gift card to Beth Bad and Beyond, plus a beaded clutch, Clinique makeup and jewelry! Contest ends December 13.

♠  Debby from Inspired Design is giving away a $50 gift card to Pottery Barn. Contest ends December 15.

♠  Angie from Pandaphilia is giving away a medley of goodies from ELF, Forever 21 and Hello Kitty. Contest ends December 15.
♠  herwaisechoice is giving away a pair of statement earrings from the Lanvin for H&M collection. Contest ends December 17.
♠  Tiffany from I Am Style-ish Reviews is giving away a $250 gift card to Best Buy. Contest ends December 22.