GFS Feature: Roses and Thorns

I haven't done a Roses and Thorns post in a while. Remember, sharing roses means sharing something good that happened to you or that you are grateful for. Sharing thorns means sharing something that just SUCKS (so eloquent, right!?!)

(Zara Cardi, Seychelles Booties, Target Tank/Earrings/Skirt)

Me First!

My Thorns of the no particular order.

1. I completely missed the new episode of my favorite show The Good Wife! Forgot about it:(
2. I caught a virus Monday that had me on my face! It literally lasted less than 24 hours!
3. I had two students tell me they hate my class because I am strict...(not really that bad of a thorn though)
4. Money still won't grow on trees no matter how many times I check the trees in my neighborhood.
5. Learned that people will dismiss you if you don't agree with them all of the time.

Now the ROSES!

1. Thursday night tv is back! Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, DC Housewives!
2. Had a pretty good hair week.
3. Fall is officially here! The mornings start off in the 60's! YAY!!!
4. A reader of this blog contacted me about a wonderful opportunity.
5. I went to ZUMBA (salsa aerboics) this week!

...there are more but that would be me "showing off"...
Share some of your Roses and Thorns of the week!

Heat Wave

I don't own a lot of expensive clothes because, well... I just can't afford them. Expensive shoes are bad enough, I can't imagine if I bought designer clothes too! Then I'd have to find a designer cardboard box to live in.

When I was in New York I went to Century 21 for some seriously discounted designer goods. It's pretty amazing there if you're willing to take time to dig for hidden treasures. For us West Coasters, think Lohman's but WAY bigger and with some seriously high end designers.

While digging I found some great Vivienne Westwood Anglomania stuff, including this...

It's like a flowy vest type thing but can be buttoned and belted and worn like this..

I love the bold print. I guess I'd describe it as a sort of baroque tribal print. The original price was outrageous! I think it was like $350 but Century 21's price was $160 and with my 50% discount (we sell to them so we get hooked up)... $80 Not bad, right?? I got a few other pieces from her that I just love. I got some great Marc by Marc stuff too :)
Yay for not paying retail!

I love these clunky chunky shoes by Celine. They've taken quite a beating with me wearing them all Summer, but the leather wore in really nicely :)

The pop of color on the top inspired my to bust out my Heat Wave lipstick by NARS. Pretty appropriate since we are in the middle of a scorching heat wave!!

(shorts- Siwy, tank- Sparkle and Fade, top- Vivienne Westwood, lips- NARS's Heat Wave, shoes- Celine)

Wanted: Forks, Slips and Socks

(Vintage dress I got when I was in ATL, Anne Klein shoe, Target Belt, JCP necklace)

Does anyone else have an invisible monster thief in their house? It can't be just me! I lose socks and slips and forks all the time! I have no idea how it happens! It baffles me. I never have forks in my house...never...and  I practically live alone!

Socks? Forget about it. If you ever ran up on me while I work out (which is never) and yanked my pants up, you will expose one foot with a gray puma sock and the other foot with my nephew's little league footbal sock.  I never keep socks!! NEVER. It's crazy!

The same goes for this dress. I have a black slip that I wear under this because it's so sheer. I've seen it all week and this morning when I woke up...SLIP GONE! I don't get it. I will admit that I schlep a travel bag sometimes because I'm visiting the dude...but geesh... Who is stealing my stuff!?!

 If you see a random person walking around with socks and a slip while eating their dinner with my forks...tell them I said GIVE ME MY STUFF BACK!

Have a seat...

I have been to visit one of my oldest friends and I know I have said this before, but there is just nothing like seeing an old friend, is there? This seems to be the perennial truth of life. From University to date we have weaved through life, always staying close, despite distance and life changes. She and her husband have simply the coolest house; going to stay is like having a Hip Hotel moment. Her house has been a labour of love over recent months and is now triumphantly finished. What I liked the most was that it was peppered with Louis XIV chairs, even though it's a modern, minimal house. The contrast of old and new looked just wonderful. So I had a seat and we talked and talked and talked...until her most delightful and scrumptious 2 year old daughter said 'STOP TALKING MUMMY!' in exasperation...

So I feel like I have had a tonic of friendship to drink in...just 24 hours of slotting into someone else's life and setting the world to rights on all topics conceivable. Isn't that what friendship is all about? That, and a shared point of view or a fond memory of the same event or a wry smile at something only we know to be true. Just lovely...

Monica Belluci - my friend's lookalike...

Other Worldly Shoes

As mentioned by Luxirare and StyleBubble... These Anastasia Radevich creations blew my mind. The following shoes are from her latest collection called Kenetik. They are true sculptural and technical masterpieces.

As a shoe designer, I really appreciate the love and creation that goes into shoe design. The blood and sweat behind the end result. When I see designs of this caliber I love to guess at what inspired the designer...

The heel is like black ink gliding through water. It's so beautiful and unlike anything I've seen.

Maybe she was inspired by liquidity. Dancing moving pigment. 

Bjork's Vespertine album comes to mind as well. Something about the artwork reminds me of the fluidity of the heel. 

These shoes have LED lighting in them... behind a screen of mesh, they remind me of electric Jellyfish. Or a far away galaxy.

There is something very alien like about jellyfish. Something about these shoes as well.

Whatever her inspiration was, she has inspired me. These are amazing and I'd love to get my hands on a pair.

By the way, Some other LED shoes...


 Jimmy Choo


Betsey Johnson sent light up stripper shoes like these down the runway

Ok, not shoes, but Katy Perry's light up dress at the Met Gala

Rugged AND Racey?

Rugged Racey - Naughty Monkey

These sweet, sexy little pumps remind me of a pair of Michael Kors shoes I have from years and years ago. I love the round toe, thick buckled detail, and glimmering silver hardware. These would look fabulous paired with pants or a skirt or dress. Okay fine, I think these will look great with anything. Obviously.

Save My Sole!

A few months ago a company called Kushyfoot contacted me about sending me samples of their products. Being the shoe whore shoe lover that I am, I told them that I would gladly check them out... well I sure am glad I did!
The product that I thought would be the most useful for me were their Flats to Go. They're super easy to stuff in even the smallest handbags and are a total life saver when you need them. They're a no-brainer and I wish I would have thought of them first!
I had them with me in my bag at all times during Fashion Week in New York in case of a shoe-mergency. 

They look Ok though I definitely wouldn't wear them as shoes on purpose. They're not ugly, just not "real" footwear and though they don't seem durable enough to last forever, at only $9 a pair... who cares! They get the job done. They lasted through Fashion Week and literally saved my feet numerous times. Think heels in the meatpacking district!! All those cobblestones? Forget it!

(image piedolatrie)

Princess Poochie and I both slipped ours on after the Betsey Johnson show on our way to the Stacy Lomman show. It was raining and we both felt like our feet were getting a bit soggy in them but they survived and they saved my precious Spine Heels from the wet streets. 
I think they should add these to women's restrooms at bars. Like, they should have a machine that has tampons, lip gloss, and disposable flats. Genius if I do say so my self. And I do. ;)

The product that sort of caught me off guard though were these Super Low Cut Foot Covers. Um... AMAZING. I am not exaggerating ladies. I will be wearing these with everything this Fall. They are a new ShoeGirl staple.
I almost overlooked them in my package of goodies they sent but when I was packing for New York I grabbed them just in case.
I usually use regular ped socks when I wear boots or any kind of lace up shoe but I have these pink oxfords that are low cut and a regular ped would show. So, I tried these out and I will never look back. They have padding on the ball of the foot and even more importantly, in the back... you know, where you usually get blisters from shoes rubbing if you walk too long? Not any more. And they're thin like tights so they don't make your shoe feel smaller. They're low cut enough that you can wear them with pumps if you want too!! They're total pedicure savers too which is a great bonus. I hate when I get pedis in the Fall and then wear a closed toe shoe that chips off my polish!

I love love love these and think you should check them out. You can find theme here at or on Amazon.

Cancer Slayer: No Shoes In The House

Cancer Slayer: No Shoes In The House

'Now, it grosses me out to think of what I may be bringing home, something many before me must’ve considered before banning footwear in their houses, too — people like my sometimes employer, domestic goddess Martha Stewart (not to mention the millions of folks who live in parts of East Asia). I’m a little late to the game, I know. But now I get it.

And I’m going to make Martha proud. Near my front door, I plan to set up a boot tray for shoes. And next to it will be a pretty swing-handle basket filled with fresh slippers for all my guests.'

Late September

I made it to the UK in one piece! And got near-zero sleep on the plane as I was fighting discomfort and watching The Back-up Plan, Letters to Juliet, and the A-Team. I'm staying at a hotel in the Docklands area which is a newer (?) part of the city that I've never been to before - which is great for exploring. I met with a friend for dinner at Gaucho and wore the following:

Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (previously worn here and here - similar online here and here)
Jacket: J. Crew herringbone blazer (worn here before - kind of similar online here)
Jeans: Lands' End modern flare (similar online here)
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedge (worn here before - similar online here)
Bag: J. Crew tote
Scarf: kind of overkill for the fall weather


I am still in partial sleep deprivation mode, but because I am in a fall state of mind and still kind of upset by the SE's lack of progress in joining the rest of the country in chilling weather, here is a fall OOTD I didn't really wear out (but want to and threw on for fun last week). I busted out these tights that I got on $5 super-sale earlier this year with this new cozy sweater dress also scored on sale (which is snuggle warm and not at all itchy).

Dress: Anthropologie Cordial Embrace by Sparrow
Top: Anthropologie Curated tee by Little Yellow Button (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Tights: Anthropologie Berry Bush in black (similar online here)
Shoes: Franco Sarto pumps (similar but pricey online here)


I know the October new arrivals are the buzz of the Anthro-loving community today, and I wanted to share some of my new wishlist toppers. Cozy sweaters are definitely some of my new favorites for this year, which also includes the sweater dress in bright wintery colors.

What's on your Anthro wishlist for fall/winter? Have you noticed your tastes changing as you put together your needs list for each season?