I Visited Hell This Weekend

This is what I wore to hell Chucky Cheese this weekend. OMG! Can we say the kids were on ACID! This was my first visit to Chuckey Cheese...and I never want to be invited again!  I knew there would be kids overload but did they all have to inhale paint before they got there! I felt like I walked into the little shop of horrors!
(Jeggings/Shirt/Cardi/Scarf from Target;Calvin Klein shoes;stolen borrowed hat)

Kids running and crying and jumping and pulling and screaming and getting lost. That dirty Chucky Cheese Rat dancing in the front of the stage. I couldn't even focus! It was sensory overload. My eye started twitching and my hands were getting all sweaty...even all the kids started to all look the same. And before you go all "hard" on me, the mother of the birthday girl looked just as frazzled, I am almost positive that was her first and last time throwing a kiddie party there! When I got back to my car, I started rocking back and forth saying the Lord's Prayer over and over! LOL
I pretty much rocked this scarf with everything this weekend, it makes me happy.
Thrifted Ralph Lauren Blazer; Steve Madden shoes...everything else TARGET!


'vitamin D was discovered in 1932. fact' eat it.

Here in Dubai - Hope I Get to See It!

So after a looong 13+ hour flight, I really am in the Middle East now. Dubai, aka the "City of Gold." Unfortunately my views of the city have been limited to the what I can see from my room and from a cab for now, as work has priority and we've had a couple of late nights out with our hosts here.

Thankfully, a couple of us have late flights back home on Tuesday, so hopefully we'll at least have a few hours to see the city in the daylight and be tourists.

Here's the view from my room. It's kind of cloudy outside because it was the start of a sand storm. I got sand in my teeth just by standing outside the hotel waiting for a taxi. 

Yes, that is a mall connected to my hotel. Pretty much the thing to do in Dubai is shop. Malls are everywhere and they are huge - helpful when it can get up to the 100s in temperature in the summer with high humidity. Even the bus stops in this town are air conditioned.

I'm typically a Courtyard by Marriott or Embassy Suites kind of gal when it comes to hotels, but we are staying at a five-star hotel in Dubai. I can't help blubbering - my room is kickass.

Here's a portion of my bathroom. Yes, that is a shower ROOM with a tub in it. It took me ten minutes to find the buttons that controlled the blindes to the window - I thought I'd never be able to take a show sans flash.

The funny street signs artwork installation that is in my hotel lobby.

One of the key landmarks of Dubai - the Burj Al Arab, which is the only seven-star hotel in the world. I guess when you are supposedly the most top-tier hotel ever, you can make up as many stars for yourself as you want.

My first "official" dinner in Dubai - ha ha. Shepherd's pie is very middle eastern, don't you think? We ended up hanging with the expat crowd at to the Dhow and Anchor at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which is an English pub. Pretty awesome meal though.

Sunday night insomnia, Mr and Mrs and piscean indecision...

This was what met me early this morning; the view from my kitchen window as I made my cup of earl grey...the most lovely frosty sunrise.

This is the view from upstairs in my house - that's ground water laying in the field - which contributed to the insomnia I had last night while I lay wondering - if my house flooded what would I save? I got as far as (in no particular order) the Mac, my Eric Ward paintings, wedding photos, jewellery, shoes and of course husband, kids and cat...

The other contributing factor to my Sunday night insomnia was the fact that my husband and I bickered most of the weekend like an old married couple, despite our recent enforced absence (absence makes the heart grow stronger surely?). I took this picture of ducks in the rain a week ago, I love the waddle, the 'Mr and Mrs' quality of it...she goes slightly ahead, he follows after with his fancy green head feathers gleaming. Its as if if she is saying 'come on, hurry up, stick to my pace, places to go, people to see...'

Did I mention that my husband and I renewed our wedding vows in Las Vegas a couple of years back? I always wanted to go to a Vegas wedding so we had our own. It was very entertaining, along with our little congregation we danced in the aisle as the Elvis impersonator sang 'Viva Las Vegas'. And this is me (my beloved took the picture) walking back to our stretch limo afterwards. I have this thing for photos of people (or ducks) walking away...

Just while we are on Vegas...I know I have posted alot about that place lately but let's just have a Monday appreciation for Brad and George in Ocean's Eleven. YUM. Raybans never looked so good...

Anyway, I digress...back to the insomnia. It wasn't even useful insomnia, wrestling with important issues, oh no. It was the mind-full-of nothing-important indecisive kind of insomnia. Shall I get up and have some milk? Shall I stay in bed and keep trying to sleep? Will I be over-tired in the morning? Is this because I was already hungover on Sunday from too many margaritas at a dinner party on Saturday? Are the kid's bags packed for school? Mental note: must make dentist appointments. And, and, and...

So after the lovely sunrise and a cup of tea, I logged onto Blogger for my daily fix and saw the inspiring post over at The Refocused Life which reminded me i) its 1st March today, ii) its my birthday month iii) lots of nice things ahead. Oh and iv) I am piscean; two fish swimming in different directions - I am in a constant state of indecision! No wonder I couldn't sleep...

Two Goldfish in Bowl

A Collection of Shoes

The apartment opposite mine had a collection of shoes in different shapes and sizes outside its door yesterday. I think they had visitors and with all the drizzle, had left their shoes on the landing.

Plenty of people will disagree, but I think an assortment of different shoes is a rather charming sight.

Loading Exciting Life


Plumo...pretty close to Anthropologie...

I have had a soft spot for shopping at the online site Plumo for a few years...they usually have a well-selected collection of yummy things, clothes and otherwise. Everything I have ever bought from there has been individual, pretty, quirky...so in short, right up my street. Plus for the Anthropologie lovers (or I notice its referred to as Anthro for short!) its about as close as us UK citizens can get to an equivalent without the extortionate shipping charges.

I know there is an Anthroplogie in London but really, I am a country girl, I rarely get up to the 'big smoke' unless its for work, and for some reason my company doesn't give me time out from meetings to gad around town buying house fancies and pretty dresses. Such a shame. There is a great and very accurate post by India Knight, one of my favourite writers/social commentators (and all round shopper/coveter - see her blog) that describes her experience at the shop launch of the new Anthropologie in London. The PR person asked her if she was OK, such was the effect. It really resonated with me as the first time I went to an American store I had what I can only describe as a shopping epiphany! I was actually breathless, the acutest form of shopping lust. For all of my love of luxury brands and designer beauty, there is something so lovely and pretty and earthy about Anthroplogie. Their eye for detail and the fact that the whole experience is about home and clothes (my two bestest things). So all in all...love Anthro.

So back to Plumo...the catalogue arrived today (I am a slave to my doormat on Saturday mornings) packed full of Spring/Summer loveliness; floaty gorgeousness that might actually have a place in my school run/mummy lifestyle. Plus the photgraphy is to die for...and whilst the whole Moroccan look is not entirely my thing, I can get the whole summer, burnt terracotta vibe...roll on the summer sun.

And for the house bits...I adore these retro Swedish cups, my Danish Mormor had some just like this that I recall from when I would visit as a child...

On the cup theme, what's not to love about this tea-set?

So - Plumo is my latest squeeze...until I can get back to an Anthropologie store...

i should be asleep

but i dont mind, because i just found this.

You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To

Hee, hee, hee... I love Flower

Happy Friday my beautiful blog readers! I hope you have enjoyed "Sunshine Week" here on A Girl's Guide to Shoes. Now admittedly I will be choosing one of the three pumps I featured Monday, Wednesday or yesterday but when I saw these little beauties I just had to share them with you.

AK Anne Klein - Kalei2

d'Orsay has got to be one of my favorite shapes. Despite this statement I don't have very many shoes in this style. Perhaps I shall have to remedy that situation... Don't you just love them? Apparently a lot of other people do too. The link above will take you to endless where they only have size 8.5 or above. Click here if you decide you must have this pump and you fall below that shoe size. Such a gorgeous shoe, the delicate yellow hue, the lovely floral print in the prettiest of pastels, and the sweet flower detail that just pulls the whole thing together. The perfect way to prance into the weekend, wouldn't you say?

Things of beauty...

Friday is a happy day...this past week has been interesting! More challenges at work, a few tantrums thrown in from my 4 year old son, and a few tears from my 8 year old daughter (missing Daddy...). All in all I am ready for a nice relaxed weekend of co-parenting with my surely jet-lagged husband!

Daddy's home from Vegas today...my week of single parenting is over...phew!

So I am quite pleased...

I have hyacinth bulbs in the garden that are trying to break through...nearly there...

I love Welsh dressers...this one is great because of the mismatched handles...

I like the tones of white in this picture...

Sweet...this just captures that wonderful innocent toddler phase...my children are out of that now...but its still makes me melt to see it...

I am really trying to read books at the moment - where does the time go?

I stayed up far too late last night watching Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road. It was gripping and tragic, even though I have read the book, the ending still shocked me. She has the strongest of faces; I couldn't take my eyes off her, and the period detail in the film is just incredible...

Those Evil Spammers!

Banana Republic Jacket (I've had this for ages)
Arden B.- Shirt (this is super old because I haven't shopped there in about 5 years!)
Jeggings from Macy's
Marc Fisher Lace up Shoes via Marshall's
LV Speedy 35
Scarf: Target
Hat: I might have jacked this from a certain somebody. Looks better on me!
This is not clothes related but I must let it out. Let me rant first, then you can go on blog surfing. I get no less than  5-10 random spam emails from people out of the country who are always on a sick bed or need to transfer money into my account. It's so annoying! Always from people I don't know! From places I can't even pronounce.

Most times I just hit delete but even that little energy could have been spent doing other things...like pushing another Double Stuffed Golden Oreo cookie in my mouth or something. A few times I hit reply and tell the person that I am forwarding their spam requests to the FBI. Of course, that just means I get more. So I thought I would copy and paste an actual email request that I get daily and then reply once and forever!

Maybe they are surfing my blog and recognize their poorly written email...they will first be embarrassed for all the incorrectly spelled words and then tell their friends on sick beds or the ones waiting at Western Union for my information to take me off the EMAIL LIST!! UGH!!

Dear Patner,

I am Mr.Solomon, Staff of Banque De L'Habitat Au (BHBF) in Burkina faso. I would like you to indicate your interest to receive the transfer of US$12.5 Million Dollars. I will like you to stand as the next of kin to my late client whose account is presently dormant for claims. Please once you are interested kindly send me the following details information below...

Idiot Spammer

Here is my response....
Dear Partner Loser ,
If I was silly enough to accept that transfer from you, rest assured that you will never receive it! I will fall off the face of the earth only to resurface if Sade' came to town as the opening act for a Kanye West concert..which probably means never.

Annoyed Reiko 

Ok...I feel better. Go on, get out of here. Go blog surf!

Jordan 6 Rings Premier Drops March 6

Fantasy handbag tag heaven...

Time for some handbag love. I was delighted to be challenged to a handbag 'show and tell' by That Girl 39 @ Forty Not Out with a 'fantasy' angle...in a perfect world, what would I have?

Handbags are such a covetable item, an investment buy, the 'it' bag; there is nothing like a great handbag. I am a dedicated devotee of the Mulberry Bayswater - see my blogger profile - I declared my allegiance early on! I have one, I would buy another one in a heartbeat; its my bag of choice. Love, love, love it...

A crimson Mulberry Bayswater up close...

If I could have my way I would get an Ostrich one...

Now what's in my bag?

I'm a traditionalist on the sunglasses front, so its Ray Bans...

An all important Mont Blanc Meisterstuck fountain pen...for jotting things down...

And a lovely leather bound notepad from Smythson in case I have any important handbag-related thoughts...

Fantasy or no fantasy the best hairbrush ever is the classic Mason Pearson...

Same applies to Vaseline; even if I were a millionaire and lived a fantasy life...there would always be one of these in my handbag! I am obsessed/addicted to lip balm. At the time airport security banned fluids and gels from hand luggage I had to fly without lip balm and officially it was the longest day of my life!

But a girl can't have lip balm alone so a Chanel lipstick would be lurking...

For the school run, I'd have some treats for the Boos (its fantasy so let's forget the sugar-high they would inevitably get from these...)

Of course I'd have an endless supply of the celebrity favourite Fiji water with me...apparently there's just something in it!

Finally some Aspinal Nappa leather driving gloves, wouldn't want my hands to slip on the steering wheel of my luxe vehicle ;-)