Please Don't.

Ever. Stretch boots are no bueno.


High Point Holiday Party!

Come out for High Points holiday party December 12th! Dont forget to bring a pair of lightly used shoes and receive 20% off any item in the store( minus consignment) for the whole month of December. In store from 8 to 11pm.
All proceeds go to
*Please note it is 20% off per item, not accumulated.

Zip it Up and Go...

Off to Sunday brunch for my friend Allison's birthday! Just zip on my L.A.M.B "Noel" sandals, feed Banksy, and go! I love these shoes and today is warm and sunny enough to wear them. :)

(jeans- True Religion, tank and cardigan- B.P., bag- Balenciaga)
on the road again tomorrow. going back to kent to work with mr baker for a day in the studio. i think 'funny haha' is up next. going to make use of the grand piano there. then heading back on wednesday to start making the sleeves for '...melitzer'. got me a production line. nev bartos is getting stuck in, as are ivano and chloe, kind bastards. deano has supplied me with the mellotron patches, so maybe we will get them working. i really hope so. my mouth tastes like my armpit.

Shoe Getaway!

I have really been good the last half of this year. I have not bought a single pair of shoes for myself since before July. I have taken an oath to try to wear out some of the shoes I have. BE-fore I buy more. I have gone to the places I buy shoes and have looked but that can be a pitfall. So I have purposely NOT looked at any shoes either. Now the purses I still do look at. I do not buy as I have about 40 of those. Maybe more. To go with all the shoes. They have to match.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

Um... no no.

Pour la Victorie... No no. This shoe is way too Marc Jacobs, and I don't even think the Marc Jacobs ones did well at retail. I mean, sure I bought them, but I'm a total fashion victim and I don't count. Plus, I've only worn them twice.

FURTHERMORE... if you're going to copy a shoe, at least make it cheap. Yes, at $225 it's cheaper than the original, but not by enough. I mean if you're going to spend $225 you might as well spend whatever the original was. Or at least that's how my sick mind rationalizes it. haha.

The Second Delivery of Acapulco Gold came in the store today. All of the sweatshirts have a great feel to them and are definelty worth the money that you spend. Hopefully will be releasing the flannels soon to go along with those 6 panels.

Testing, Testing...

So I wore them out last night. The sequins pants! I felt very rock n roll, as you can tell by the blackout eyeshadow and silly pose up there. 

I love them you guys, I really do. I got a lot of comments on them ranging from boys saying "Woah, what ARE those!?" to girls "OMG I wish I could wear those!" They're technically jeans with a little stretch to them. They have pockets and belt loops and everything! They're a bitch to sit down in, and if your thighs touch (mine do) they make noise when you walk- but they're totally worth it I think! I just walk a little bow legged in them and I'm fine. ;)

Well... I think you should try it out ladies! They're so fun and fabulous! Here's the link, in case. 

(tops- C&C, and American Apparel, pants- TopShop, shoes- Hale Bob)

Reducing Allergies at Home : Reducing Allergies: Remove Shoes & Use Air Filters

Starks Laces!

Starks Laces now available! Dont sleep on the Gucci 1's. Fire!

Benny Gold Re-Up

New Benny Gold Tees and Snapbacks! Dont Sleep!

Black Friday/Black Scale Release!

We released Megas Black Scale today! Get it while we still have some left it wont last long.

Dj M2 held down the store down, appreciate it homy!

I'm Really Feeling Sequins...

Excuse the super slut pic, though if I'm being honest I kinda love it! Hahahaha

Anyway- ever since I saw those freaking amazing McQueen leggings I've kind of built up an obsession. 
Thank you for stepping in as usual Top Shop! I definitely got my sequin fix.

I picked up this navy sequin bra, and a pair of black sequin "jeans" which I am planning to wear ASAP and will post a pic then. ;) They look very similar to the McQueens, I must say. And don't worry, I wont wear the pants and bra together.

What do you guys think?

SKY T.V. Engineer

We had an engineer come today to fix us up with satellite television. He removed his shoes without being asked.

Off to Gobble Turkey...

Stretchy pants and a blousy top are KEY for this holiday! Bet I wont be so bendy after turkey time! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe and eat LOTS!!!

I'm THANKFUL for all of you :)

(leggings- Target, top- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Louboutin)


irish coffee is not that nice. dan made this:




here is a clip from the recording of 'yeah but'. rhys sorted out a rhodes for the session, it sounded incredible. a friend was meant to turn up and play the song, but couldnt make it, so i thought i would have a go. ran through it a few times before recording, expecting to have to do about 90 takes, and then take the best parts from each one, but i fluked it, nailed it first take. well kinda, the only problem was that you could hear me singing along on the recording. prat. rhys kindly informed me of this after the take, as you can see below i found this highly amusing. we used it anyway.

heading off for a few dates soon:

05 - yeovil - orange box with THE JAMES CLEAVER QUINTET
07 - nottingham - chameleon art cafe with TUBELORD and SECONDSMILE
10 - the windmill - brixton with THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS and BLAKFISH
12 - sheffield - house party with BLAKFISH

my guitar has seen better days. should hold out. gaffa tape.

national express

been with rhys for the last few days. pretty much finished 'vice magazine...' and 'yeah but'. so proud. that man is a pleasure to work with. managed to dig out a rhodes for 'yeah but' sounded beautiful, we put it through an amp, had a lump of grit in its throat. 'vice magazine...' was tricky but were both real proud of it. the root of it is a loop that chris banner made from the original acoustic version, he is a clever chap. here is a clip:

im in an internet cafe, and the clock is ticking. national express are too punctual. lady rediii, i miss you. mrs baker, I.O.U £13.40.

Down South

I have been living in Hastings since August, when I moved from Worcester.

I have heard that removing shoes in homes is more common here in the south of England than it is in the north. I think that is probably true.

I have not vistited many homes in Hastings, so it is hard to tell, but it does seem that nearly all visitors either offer to remove their shoes or remove them without being asked.

Thai Protests

Looking at pictures of the protests at Bangkok airport, I noticed that the yellow-shirted protesters had removed their shoes before sitting on mats. Sensible asians.

I do think it is dreadful when you see British people sit on picnic blankets with their shoes on.

The protests in Thailand are very interesting, but I have no idea whether my sympathies are with the protesters or the government. The government were elected by the people, but then I understand that electorates can easily be manipulated by oligarchies.

A Tiler

We had a tiler in today to fit some more tiles to our kitchen.

Unlike some of the other workmen we have had, he removed his shoes when walking through our house. Maybe it is because he is a younger men. Young people seem better able to recognise the courtesy of removing shoes in homes.

Hush Hush, Bang Bang...

Off to get my hair done, wearing my most favorite flats of all time. My Lanvin ballets. 
Came home with BANGS! I was feeling adventurous today so I just went for it. I figure it's nice to change it up sometimes. 

(hoodie- Forever21, jeans- JBrand, hair- Allison Luth@ Hush Hush Bang Bang)

Benny Gold Fitteds/Snapbacks!

Didnt get the chance to cop the Benny Gold snapback at the store? We will be having another shipment of hats including the BG Dough Boy fitted! This will sell out!

Black Scale Fitteds on the way!

The highly anticpated Black Scale fitteds are on the way!

Black Scale Releases Black Friday!

Stop by and pick up the new season of Black Scale this Friday. DJ M2 will be mixing on the 1's and 2's until 6 oclock!
Fitteds coming soon!

Play Cloths now at High Point!

Play Cloths hats, tees and hoodies are now available at High Point!

The Ultimate Dress

Every girl dreams of her wedding dress...atleast every normal girl. Not me, I never was that kid. I just wanted to look fly going to brunches in my 30's.

And then it happened...September 12, I got engaged. You would think that I would have went into overload but I didn't. The chick over at Just Keep Kicking might tell you something different but I really didn't kick into Bridezilla mode.

I honestly have so much on my plate this fall between trying to graduate in December with a Master's in Education and putting Barack into office, I only did bits at a time. I am pretty precise when I know I want something.

Well, I finally decided to browse at some dresses. I wasn't really that excited to venture into bridal shops because I knew I would be overcome by all the blinding pasty white gowns that make you look like cup cakes. With this in mind, I just went on a limb and went by myself to look at dresses. I packed my trusty camera, some heels and my trusty girdle and off I went. No friends. No family. No peanut gallery.

I would watch all these wedding shows like Bridezilla, Platinum Weddings and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway. The brides would always say that you KNOW when you MEET your dress. I thought that was such a corny statment. I figured it wasn't as dramatic as they made it out to be.......................................

Until I FOUND MY DRESS. I promise you, I was not expecting it. I totally was cynical about the whole experience thinking I would breeze in and out completely disgusted by the cookie cutter look. That was until I found my dress. It just felt right.

I wish I could post pics, but I won't because a certain person lurks on this page...actually has seen the dress already. Yes, I broke tradition and let him see the dress! TSK TSK!

SAVE IT. I am so not a traditional person so it wasn't that big of a deal. Plus I looked like a wolf in the make up, he won't remember which one it is. But the point was that he is the one I want to impress so I feel he should have a say so. Quite honestly, he was indifferent to my choice but I also know that he is the type of person that needs to see something live and in color!

It's not the same. On that day...with the make-up, hair and nerves in place...I will be a new vision...I am sure of it. I BETTER BE!!

At any rate. I had the moment. I literally said aloud "THIS IS THE DRESS, THIS IS THE DRESS!"

I love it. I learned early on that I am a fan of rouching, mermaid style and a sweetheart neckline and all of those elements came together in this dress! I wish I could post it but I won't until after the wedding.

At any rate, there were several dresses that were atrocious and quite hilarious and I thought those pics would be way more interesting.

Judge me not...I had no make up and was totally bumming that day. None of these accentuated the flyness that is moi' so they didn't make the cut but they were worth blogging about in that I knew what to get.

Excuse the excess back and belly jelly...that will be taken care of by the time the wedding rolls around. I plan on being heavily addicted to crack by the wedding date to lose's the American way!

I kid. I kid...(have a sense of humor please!) In all honesty, I want to look like myself...just a better, more toned me!
(now let Operation Crackhead begin...Pray for me!)
By the way, David's Bridal sucks:(

Then Again, Maybe Not...

SO I got a text "wanna meet at Cafe R&D?"

How am I gonna say no to that?
So I slipped my little rasta L.A.M.B. heels on real quick (which BTW are on sale at right now for $189)and headed over to Fashion Island.

(jeans- True Religion, shirts- B.P., bag- Balenciaga)

No Need to Get Dressed...

Today is a major serious work day. I'll be sketching like a crazy person so what's the point in getting dressed? Today I'm wearing my cozy little Paul Frank slippers and PJs.

My "office" has no dress code. :)

JB and Me (and you)

Just click on the about link on the JB and Me website and you'll see a sentence that says it all. "The exceptional bond shared between mother and daughter is the foundation of jb and me..." JB and me is a family company started by two women with a real passion for shopping and fashion. This site is full of wonderful merchandise from denim to sweaters and, of course, shoes.

Well lucky readers I was recently contacted by JB and me and asked to talk about an amazing one time opportunity. JB and Me is celebrating the re-launch of their website and as part of the celebration they are offering a $500 shopping spree to one lucky winner. Just click on this link. It will take you directly their home page where all you have to do is set up an account and sign up for their email list. When you sign up you'll begin to receive special deals and promotions AND style tips. Oh and one last thing. The contest runs for today only. So hurry. You've got nothing to lose and $500 to gain. Let's take a look see at a few of the things I would pick up if I was eligible to win.

Perfect 10? Perfect $10!

I love and apparently, they love us back!

All shoes on their fabulous site are at LEAST $10 off! How cool is that? They have a great selection too. Check them out.

Perfect 10 Sale!

I heart and guess what????? They are having a "Perfect 10" sale! Now through December 1st you can save at least $10 on each and every pair of shoes on their site. You really need to check it out. If you haven't visited before you don't know what you've been missing. Seriously! The selection is so fierce.

You know I already checked it out. See below for a few that are on my list.

Now I know these don't have the "wow" factor like some of the shoes I've been featuring lately but they do have the look of a classic with a couple of twists. A tad menswear inspired, I love the tassel just over the toe and the seaming along the front. The square toe and stacked heel gives them a modern feel. This is a shoe you'll find yourself reaching for again and again.

Nilla Heel, Sam Edelman

Silver. Studded. Strappy. HOTT! Ugh. If I thought I could pull these off for even a second, I would. Unfortunately I think you need to have legs that are a mile long and that, unfortunately, is something I don't have. This is a seriously gorgeous shoe.

The combination of the patent leather and shiny gray pleated satin really gets me here. Then throw in the platform and 5 inch cone shaped heel. I want. No, I don't just want... I need.

I really, really, really like these. The color and all the straps. The platform and the wood heel. There is just one thing that I'm on the fence about. I love the studs but I don't love the BCBgirls emblazoned on them. I would definitely have to see these in person first. But everything else is spot on. What do you think?

Don't see anything that tickles your fancy? Just click here to get to the home page and search for a pair that does. I guarantee you will.