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Striking Studded Flats

I always thought that flats were not as wow as high heels. 
My new Sam Edelman sandals are here to prove me wrong.

Jackie Onassis blowing her nose


'Rhinorrhea is the scientific term for a runny nose. fact'

whitehorn knows/nose.

Lucky Star

How ironic that I heard "Lucky Star" by Madonna today?
Did I ever mention how much I was into Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Janet Jackson back in the day?
(My Janet Jackson allegiance is well documented)

Lucky Star.
Time after Time.
Let's Wait a While.
When I Think of You... (I actually reenacted the video to this one earlier today...I still got it!)
Umm hmm. That's me all day:)

Zara Skirt
F21 Madonna Tee
Aldo Wedges
American Apparel Pencil Bag

Why Do We Buy?

I'm obviously a shoe addict. I buy shoes on an almost weekly basis and my shoe "closet" is overflowing with shoes... I know that sounds great but it's really getting ridiculous. I think I may have a problem.

I was shopping this week and trying on a really awesome pair of glittery sky high Louboutins and was about to buy them when my friend, a sales associate at the boutique, casually asked "What are you buying them for?"


What did she mean? I was buying them cause I wanted them! Did I need a specific reason? Do people buy shoes for a purpose other than having a fabulous pair of shoes? This may sound totally silly but I think this just hit me- I buy shoes without actually thinking about when/where I'm going to wear them. It never occurred to me that I was doing this but when I actually think about it, I feel like a total ass.

I blame my job. As a shoe designer we're constantly shopping, or as we like to call it- it "researching". We have to be on top of all the current trends and know all the hot shoes, but a side affect of that is, of course, wanting shoes for ourselves.  I've gotten to the point where I find myself buying shoes just to have them. If I used this "where are you going to wear them" logic, I bet I'd have about half the shoes I have.

Some examples?
Well, these DSquared spine heels are a great example. Where can I wear these? I wore them a couple of times so far. Once to the mall just to show them to all my friends (I'm a total mall rat if you didn't know) and another time or two to I forget where. They're high and fragile and not exactly comfortable, but they're works of art!

Another pair I just had to have? These Fendi Cinderella shoes. I wore them once to the Emmys last year and they were painfully uncomfortable so I never wore them again. But gosh they're beautiful...

Ok, one more! These boots that I just HAD to have. But again, I didn't think about where I'd wear them. I mean, they're suede! I'm terrified to wear them in case I ruin them... but boy are they pretty.

I could go on and on and on. I've decided to clean and organize my shoes and really look at what I have. I need to make an effort to buy more consciously!! I know that doesn't sound like much fun but If I don't slow down my shoes are going to take over our house! Look at this room- it's crazy. I'm like a shoe hoarder!

WHAT A MESS! I'll post an after photo as soon as I get it under control ;)

What about you? Do you think before you buy?? Do you always have a plan before you shop or are you guilty of impulse buying too?


Dots & Stripes Forever

Happy Memorial Day, ladies! Aside from the (hopefully) physical and mental recharge we are all partaking in these past few days, let's also spend a few moments and remember the real reason we celebrate this day - to commemorate all the US service members who have fallen while in military service.

I've had a great long weekend of eating, cooking, park-ing, lounging and generally being a lazy loaf - it's been awesome. So it should come as no surprise that with the great summer-y weather, I've spent my days in general absolute casual-ness:


IMG_4640  IMG_4635

Top: H&M stripe (worn here before - similar here, modern here)
Skirt: UO Cooperative monaco
Shoes: Keds spright wedge (worn here before - similar here, here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (worn here before - similar here)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff trompe l'oeil mac

IMG_4696  IMG_4689

Top: J. Crew factory multi-stripe pullover
Shorts: Banana Republic (similar here)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wakana (worn here before - similar here)

IMG_4672  IMG_4678

Hat: Christy's & Co. (big enough to fit my giant noggin! - similar here, here)
Top: J. Crew max & molly gallery (worn here before - similar here, here)
Shorts: Old Navy pleated (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: DVF lush flip flops (worn here before)

IMG_4711  IMG_4706

Top: F21extended hem dot (worn here before - similar solid here, here)
Shorts: Old Navy chambray tie-belt
Shoes: Sofft woven thongs (similar luxe here, reg here)

What have you gals all been up to? Have any of your partaked in some awesome sales, or other grand (there are no small) adventures?



Roundworms live in the intestines of dogs and cats. They pass their eggs into the feces. These tiny eggs can survive in the soil for months.

You might not see any dog or cat plop on the ground on which you walk, but potentially you are picking up Roundworm eggs on your shoes.

If you allow shoes in your house, Roundworm eggs may be introduced onto the same floor on which your children play. It just takes your child one mouth to hand contact for her to become infected. Potentially she could develope lung problems as a result of infection.

Just take your shoes off and ask others to do the same. It's not rocket science.

A year on; sweetpeas, fondness and growing up...

I am all about tradition, as demonstrated here...a post from this time last year. This weekend our old friends from University came to stay and brought with them lots of loveliness in the form of gifts, their scrumptious boys (who have grown so much!) and all the store of memories and fondness of the last 18 years. For me there is something wonderfully life-affirming to see old friends and a part of me relaxes in the knowledge that they know me; there is no pretense, no manoeuvring.

...freshly picked sweetpeas...

...freshly made cakes...
Their visit coincided with high winds but we braved the beach anyway, at times huddling in the beach hut barbecuing sausages for the kids, as we are hardy Brits! Not exactly optimum May bank holiday weather...

Cricket orchestrated by the Daddies...my friend J whose book has steadily cimbed up the Amazon charts over the past year and who now spends his time teaching and talking at conferences all over the country! I remember him when...well, when he was always arranging some fab student-related event like a beer festival or a summer treasure hunt around our Uni town. Resourceful? Err, yes...

...cricket on a deserted beach, when a hoolie was blowing...

Tumblr Roundup May 27, 2011

My week in shoes:

 (miu miu)

 (chloe sevigny x opening ceremony)




(gianmarco lorenzi)

For more, follow my tumblr :)

Have an AMAZING (and safe) Memorial Day weekend!

GFS Style Crush: Indie Chic

(The pants suit...KILLING IT!)

I'll get around to a real post soon enough (hopefully an outfit post this weekend)...I wanted to share with you my not so secret and ever growing style crush...SOLANGE!

Her style may not be for everyone but I'm thinking she doesn't really care.
Which is why I heart so much right now.
I love that she tries new things.

She's come a long way from being just Beyonce's little sister and she's stepped into her own.
I, for one...LOVE IT!

I know you've seen these pics all over the blogworld but her style is giving me major life right now!

(I'm getting alot of things done while I'm out "not posting" but let's just say that I'm having an eventful and productive week)

Things of beauty...

Bonjour vendredi! This week has been one of extremes...I have to say my parenting skills have been put through their paces. An early-in-the-week trauma that required my daughter to be very brave set the scene, and since then we have been gently resetting ourselves back to normal.

I spent one afternoon on a Mummy day (as opposed to a work day) watching a rounders tournament in one of the most beautiful school settings I could imagine. I have to say, when it comes to private schools, there really is another breed of school mother. I am fascinated by the whole spectacle; not least because all the children's names are 'Minty', 'Buffy' and 'Jonty'! I can knock it, because I am in it; by virtue of geography, hard work and luck. Nevertheless I am secretly in awe...

We have best friends visiting this weekend, with the promise of a proper British beach hut experience, come rain or shine. It's a bank holiday too so time will be spent in the garden. Normally my realm only extends to the inside of the house; the outside is his domain. I can't get concerned over weeding flower beds and mowing the lawn. However last weekend we planted a mass of pretty roses and flowers and all week I have wanted to nurture them, water them, just enjoy their prettiness. Planting a garden is like having money in the bank. It can make you feel replete.

via dustjacket attic photograph by Olivia Graham

from marilyn tov
Be a brave girl Boo...

by lilcoletterpress on this etsy

photograph by Robin Stubbert

I really need to take heed of this:

by thetwitterpated toad from this etsy
Oh, summer sun...when will you arrive?

via 79 ideas from free people
Wild mint is growing free in our garden...the smell in the evenings is divine...

photograph by Robin Stubbert

via dustjacket attic photograph by by Pasquale Abbattista
Outdoor dining...under the blossoms...

via this is glamorous via country homes and interiors
I liked this, so I bought it.

from Jigsaw
A print called 'Suburbia'...was it designed for me?

'Suburbia' by caleb gray from this etsy

via tinywhitedaisies from Livs Lyst

This weekend, get outside...and breathe it in!