If You Have Hammer Claw and Mallet Toes Can You Do Pointe?

Getting into pointe shoes may not be a dream you feel you can fulfill if you have hammer, claw, or mallet toes. Misshapen toes may or may not hurt. They may be related to arthritis, or not. These kinds of toes indicate that the toe muscles have somehow become unbalanced. A common reason is from you wearing shoes that are too tight. However, home care and stretching and exercises can be performed, gradually alleviating these conditions, to some degree if not altogether. If you are ready to dance on pointe, improving your toes' shapes and functions can be done while you take pointe classes.

In both your toe shoes and your everyday shoes, proper sizing is crucial. There absolutely must be room for your toes. If your second toe is longer, it is the toe that you choose shoe length for.

Especially pointe shoes, which must fit snuggly, and yet accommodate a long second toe. You are going to become very particular with toe spacers, toe caps and any other padding that will help your toes stay long in the shoes, and be protected from developing blisters and corns due to their bent joints.

A podiatrist may recommend orthotic insoles - made to fit your feet - and can also teach you ways to splint or strap toes to help straighten out the joints.

Learning ballet foot stretches and ways to relax all the foot and toe muscles will help you work with misshapen toes. Specific exercises for articulation and strength in the toes will help you straighten these toes to whatever degree possible, and develop the strength you need to dance in toe shoes, at the same time.

All dancers should pamper their feet with warm soaks and massage, and this will help you too, with your special project.

Don't forget nutrition. Eating fresh foods, good lean proteins, and getting enough of the right vitamins that convert proteins to muscle in your body is important. The Vitamins B12, B6, and Folic Acid are needed for this. Add Vitamin D3, and plenty of dark green vegetables and salads count too.

If you are a serious dancer, young or an adult beginner, I know you will gradually learn all that you need to keep you going in ballet training. This article is meant to get you started if you have been wondering about whether you will be able to dance in pointe shoes. Get more information here about straightening and strengthening hammer mallet claw types of toes.

Flutter Away with Me

Sweater: J. Crew marled cardigan (worn here before - similar here or here)
Dress: H&M embroidered (worn here before - similar here or solid here)
Tights: Anne Klein
Belt: UO Deena & Ozzy stretch (worn here before - similar here or here)
Boots: Vince Camuto Bronco (worn here before - exact here or here - on sale!)

Quick post today, ladies - here's an outfit I wore last week. I thought to include it because it fits in with the next Respect the Outfits feature (see below!)

Sorry I may be a bit MIA this week, because business has taken me away to the land of sandy plains and some pretty tall buildings - well just the land of the land of a certain tallest building in the world  ...

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

It's time to announce the next Respect the Outfits reader feature! I have yet to meet a gal who doesn't love the fashionable duds from Anthropologie - and I have also yet to meet a gal who doesn't get wallet heartburn over some of the retailer's prices!

So this time (thank you, Callandra, for the great idea) for the next reader feature, send me your most Anthro-worthy outfits - without wearing any actual Anthro!

Shoot over a pic of your best Anthro-inspired outfit, plus your outfit details. If you want to incorporate some Anthro accessories, that's no problem, but please make sure your key outfit pieces are non-Anthro. If you had a previous outfit post that you think fits this criteria, go on and send it, and shoot me over the post URL too for some additional link love!

Post will go up on Tuesday, February 7, so please send me your pics before then - you can send them to respecttheshoes(at)live.com!

Not Always in Slippers


In my opinion, providing slippers for guests is not necessary. If people know the home is shoes-off, they can bring their own slippers and if they have not visited before it is hardly a great endurance to be in socks or bare feet.

Some people insist that providing slippers is a must by pointing out the example of Japan:

In Japan, you are not expected to go bare foot; the host will always give you slippers.

This is actually an half-truth. It is true that hosts will normally provide slippers in Japanese homes. However, these are intended to be worn in the hallway and kitchen. Bedrooms and living rooms normally have tatami (grass mat) flooring. It is expected that one removes slippers and step on the tatami in either stocking or bare feet.

Carpet has become more common in Japan and often it is expected that one removes slippers even before stepping into carpeted rooms.

Monday style...

Monday, Monday, rise and shine! It turns out I am delinquent in acknowledging a flurry of blog awards that I have been bestowed...a total of FOUR Stylish Blogger Awards from the following kind people:

Charlotta who writes the blog 'Space for Inspiration'. Charlotta gave me a lovely mention, singling out 'Lou, Boos and Shoes' as one of her faves. Very sweet!
Rali who writes the blog 'Styles 'n Cream'.
Paloma who writes the blog 'Paper Garland'.
Julie who writes the blog 'The Fantasy Decorator'.

So thank you very much; that's a whole lot of style! With this award I am meant to divulge seven things about myself that you may not know. Well I hate to say it but my life is an open book and I struggled to think of seven secrets (that I would be willing to post anyway.) So I have applied some mild interpretation, I hope you don't mind...

What is style? Here are seven things about my style...

I like really simple, classic dressing...which at the moment makes me want to wear jeans, boots and a blazer. Come to think of it, I like grosgrain ribbons, ballet flats, navy stripes, crisp white shirts, alice bands, funnel-neck coats, LBDs and surprising quirks in an outfit like a studded belt.

I have a string of pearls that my husband gave me and despite being unsure of them to start with, now I love them so much; they improve any outfit, any day.

One of the most stylish and desirable things for me is healthy, glowing skin. Getting it is like chasing the elixir of life...

I can't abide scuffed shoes and raggedy handbags; I am big on polishing and looking after leather ware.

...oh Olivia...the life you lead...
I often get dressed up then take off half the accessories; I try not to have too much 'going on' in one outfit. I have to tell myself: the dress is enough.

Only wear what you love. If in your heart you think it's a so-so item, ditch it.

Like so many things in life; less is more...

...Diane Kruger...and lots of gorgeous images via for chic sake

And I thank you!

I now award the Stylish Blogger Award to these lovely bloggers:

Jeanne who writes the blog 'Cashmerejeans'.
Alison who writes the blog 'Cowparsley'.
Jennifer who writes the blog 'Keswick and Country'.
Deborah who writes the blog 'Metropolitan Mum'.


'polar bears are left handed. fact'

probably my favourite fact yet.

GFS: Christ Chic and The Night Before

I wore this to church...and to eat pancakes... but the most important part was church:)

Ralph Lauren Blazer
Zara Skirt
Stolen Borrowed men's belt
Jessica Simpson Heels

My dog might refuse to bark (not because he can't but because it's beneath him) but he's got "hops."

The night before...same shoes...I went to a birthday dinner.

( I bought the random black sash from Goodwill)

I was thumbing through the Marie Claire magazine and got inspired to rock my trench to breathe life back into one of my favorite strapless dresses.

Have a great week!

if I don't crash this car, it'll never stop

tracklisting so far:

The Doppler Effect
Lights Alive
And No-one's Seen Him Since
Numb Nums

on a roll

12 Months

Ever since I can remember myself I've loved fashion and photography. My two passions met on the 30th of January 2010 in creating Me Myself and Shoes. It was a spontaneous action and I would have never imagined that it would have been so much fun. Today that my precious blog is turning one year old I made 12 collages to review what I wore, what I shopped and where I've been.  This is also my thankyou to you for following and supporting me throughout this year.  Thank you so much for being there for me , for encouraging me, for inspiring me and for being a part of Me Myself and Shoes. 
I'm grateful for every single second you spend on this page.

Also a big thanks to my beloved boyfriend who is also my photographer and thus the other half of this blog.  

Shoes for Kilimanjaro Guide

Shoes for Kili Guide, originally uploaded by One World Running.

Thanks to Todd Alexander for making sure shoes got onto the feet of porters in Moshi, Tanzania. The porters often do not get much attention, but they are the ones who carry much of the loads that allow visitors to make it to the to of Kilimanjaro. Hiking and sturdier trail shoes are great for them.

The Easiest DIY on Earth

I've been wanting to pull this "Cheryl Cole" look off for a while. I am kind of obsessed with all things "flashdance", trench coats and spring...in no particular order.

I thrifted this men's sweatshirt and decided to DIY it instead of trying to buy one. I think I cut the "neck" too wide...but it's a DIY sweatshirt...who cares? Not me.
I threw on a knit hat (too dark to tell), chunky earrings and my Pour La Victoire heels:)

JCP Cargo Pants

How did I do?

(Cheryl Cole...thanks to Erin...I know who she is:)


New Shoes

Air Jordan v.2
Vans Chukka Boot



Mi Casa Es Su Casa


If you've noticed a sudden influx of eerily immaculate portrait tattoos in the Phoenix Metro area, there's a good chance they're the work of Andrick Aviles. Soft spoken with a worldly charm, Andrick is only 19 years old, with only three years of experience under his belt.Yes, THREE, but don't let that number fool you. With a client roster that includes Amare Stoudemire and Arizona Cardinals star safety, Adrian Wilson, Andrick's love for his craft and steadfast determination has led him to ultmately become Phoenix's youngest and most sought after ink slinger. With influences ranging from Jun Cha and Jose Lopez, to The Doors and Etta James, Andrick found themes of past eras consistently catching his attention; he is an old soul and true artist.

Hailing from Mexico City, Andrick and his family moved to Arizona when he was two years old. After 14 years of enduring the battle of gaining permanent residency in the states, the Aviles family finally had their chance at opportunity. But like most people today, they struggled to raise the necessary funds, leaving the family in crisis. Enter Scottsdale Arizona's most reputable menswear boutique, Highpoint Shoes. Besides offering an exceptional selection of shoes and clothing, Highpoint is well known for its "Family First" mantra and widespread philanthropic efforts. After working on several of its staff, Andrick became Highpoint's official tattoo artist and "adopted baby brother". The hometown heroes, (in conjunction with booming brand, Dearly Departed and The Adrian Wilson Foundation), decided to band together to do the right thing and support their friend.

On Friday, January 28th, Highpoint Shoes will host "Mi Casa, Su Casa" to benefit the Aviles family and their ultimate goal of becoming LEGAL U.S. citizens. From 9 to 11 pm, there will be clothing raffles, open bar, and an auction featuring artwork from local legends, Dumperfoo, Joshua Rhodes, Isse Maloi, and many more. ALL proceeds will be donated to the family to turn their dreams into reality. To learn more about Andrick, visit www.andrickaviles.tumblr.com.

"For it is in giving that we receive.”
– St. Francis of Assisi

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Charity Tee Preview

Tonight we will be releasing this exclusive Tee for our Charity Event for "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" to help the Aviles Family.

FN Shoe Star

The wonderful social network that is Facebook alerted me to a new season of a fun web series called FN (stands for Footwear News) Shoe Star. Since I have a blog and it is about shoes I thought I would share my find with you. FN Shoe star is sponsored by Brown Shoe and, if you haven't guessed it already, is a webseries that pits 6 FIT students against one another in the search to find the next big shoe designer. Episode 1 aired just this week and is only eleven minutes long. Go check it out and follow along. I know I'll be watching!

Just click on the picture below to take yourself to the site.

Fergie kicked off the premier. Fun, huh?