I'm on my way and will have some new posts ASAP! Yippee!

I'm in the airport lounge right now, waiting for my flight so I don't have time for a REAL post- but I want to tell you guys about an exciting new partnership for my company... we're going to be working with UES. You guys have to check them out- it's like, the only way you'll get me into a sneaker besides plain ol Chucks or some sweet Dunks. 

Anyway, I'll write more about it later. I'm so excited to get home and get working on my new SECRET project. hehe.

Talk to you all soon!!

Pretty in Pink (Round 2)

And in this corner we have a Betsey Johnson wedge, haling from New York, and weighing in at approximately 2.3 pounds please give it up for HIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!

Betsey Johnson - Hitch

Ms. Johnson does it again with this playfully flirty wedge. I don't know how she does it but I love the creativity and imagination put forth here. The combination of textures manages to work just perfectly. From the bi-colored raffia wedge, to the rich snake embossed leather, to the striped fabric bow. Pretty, feminine, and ideal for the girlie girl in all of us.

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Black Scale x Karmaloop

Pretty in Pink

Those designers over at Pour La Victoire keep coming up with shoe design after shoe design that quite frankly are leaving me smitten. It's as if these designers have a secret agenda to torture me. Seriously, I consider it a good thing that I don't have the money to buy every pair that puts a twinkle in my eye. I would (as Carrie Bradshaw so famously said) "literally be the old woman who lives in her shoes".

Pour La Victoire - Eileen Twist

Ugh, don't you just want to caress that buttery soft, twisted, pleated leather. Imagine how that will feel resting across the top of your foot. The metallic trimmed platform and shiny buckle add just the right amount of shine on an otherwise muted, yet, gorgeous rose colored hue. These manage to evoke softness and sex appeal. I love it when a shoe does that.

"No work boots beyond this point"

I walkede past a training centre in an industrial estate yesterday. At the door of the training centre was a sign that said "No work boots beyond this point." I had not seen a sign like that before. Very sensible of the firm to want to look after its floors.

Mini Wedge, Mini Price

Yes. I've been talking about the mini wedge A. LOT. lately. Nothing wrong with that, I say. It just so happens that I was browsing around payless.com last evening and I came across these little beauties. A mini wedge for a mini price? What's not to love?

Mork Mirrored Sling

Payless calls this bronze. I'm calling it gold. I am a bit obsessed with finding THE perfect gold mini wedge for the season and these just about fit the bill. A sling back instead of an ankle strap. Check. Flirty t-strap details. Check. The "Mork" is cheap chic at its best and with the padded in sole you'll be strutting your stuff in comfort AND style.

Scarlet Fringe Sandal

How fun is this sky blue mini in all of it's fringey goodness? A gorgeous hue that is sure to help you embrace the blues. This sweetly layered fringed beauty will have you on trend and leave you plenty of extra pocket change to boot.

I'm Alive and Well.

Thank you guys for your concern. You're all so sweet. 

Everything turned out OK for now and our "people" tell us not to worry. They're going to negotiate or something. 
It was pretty scary for a second but by the end of the day people were joking about it and saying stuff like "Give them the blondes!" and "Tell them the boss's daughter is staying in room 1041 at the Hyatt."

I mean, you gotta laugh, right?

On a sad note, my iPod died unexpectedly and I can't figure out why. I tried to reset it but it's just totally flatlined. It is in between my legs at the moment. I'm not sure why but I thought that maybe if I warmed it up a bit and gave it a peep show it may wake up. 
That is of course assuming it is male... or a lesbian. 

Also, my legs have become an all you can eat buffet for Chinese mosquitos. Awesome. I heart China.


When's the last time you checked out heels.com? If you haven't been recently, YOU. MUST. GO. NOW. They have made some pretty fab updates. You'll find lots of features you can't find anywhere else. For example they now have a video feature that shows you how the shoes look on someone. I LOVE this. And you can sign yourself up for deal of the day updates, or if you see a pair that tickles your fancy, but they are a little out of your price range then you can sign yourself up to get an email when the price drops. It's obvious the lovely folks over at heels.com have been working their tails off. Check it out and let me know what you think, or better yet, let them know.

Check out the latest pair that has caught my eye.

Narla - Vince Camuto

Hot, right? I just had to show you all a side view. That heel detail and Nicholas Kirkwoodesque platform add just the right amount of sass. Speaking of heels, how does 5 inches suit ya? A classic black patent leather peep toe with key on trend details. I love me some classics with a twist.


I AM... excited to get out of Texas this week...Phoenix here I come!
I WANT... to pass my test that I took a few weeks ago...I get the results tonight (YIKES)
I HAVE... watched the Sex and the City movie about 5 times in the last two weeks! I can't get enough of it!
I WISH I COULD... have those Yellow/Gray shoes by LAMB that you see:)

I HATE... when people who can NOT sing lead the choir in a song. (Because I will laugh...I know, they are singing for the LORD, right:)
I DON’T THINK... everybody looks good in Spandex (LOL)
I LOVE... my Chuck Taylors!
I DANCE... to old school videos all the time. I was a video kid. I can still do the LL COOL J I'm BAD video...and I won a challenge to do so at a recent party! (what's up Robert Family!)
I SING... the Tejano's princess Selena songs Bidi Bidi Bom and Amor Prohibido really well! I kid you not!

I NEVER...have watched one Star Wars movie...ever..don't plan on it either.
I RARELY... wear flat shoes to work.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH... ANYTHING about a child being mistreated or harmed by idiot adults...it can be the news or a movie.
I AM NOT ALWAYS... serious...people seem to think I am because I have a pensive look all the time...I am thinking people! LOL

I HATE THAT … the Bush family is associated with Texas.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT …people who don't evolve, change, and grow for the better over time and life experiences.
I NEED … a Dr. Pepper.
I SHOULD … be checking papers but I don't want to:)

* I got this wonderful idea from My Dream Ring.

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Office...

So I have to tell you this because it's straight out of a movie and at least if I make light of it, I can maybe feel a little less scared about the whole situation.

So I guess there was a dispute amongst a few shoe factories that we work with and somehow there was a miscommunication or something and someone thought we owed them money while we thought we payed it... anyway- we get to the office this morning and a few hours later there's a big commotion and a big group of tough looking Chinese dudes with shaved heads show up.

Apparently we were visited by the mafia this morning. NO JOKE. So my dad (the owner of our company) and the Taiwanese guy that runs our Chinese office had a little sit down with them.

Um ya. 

So they've been down there all morning and Joanne (my American co-worker) and I are stuck up here scared shitless. I mean, seriously.

The police just showed up about 20 minutes ago. Apparently the police and the mafia do negotiations? 

...Just another day in China I guess.

And PS- when I google search "Chinese Mafia" for images, my internet shuts down. Veeeeerrrry fishy. So sorry for the crappy image.


Sorry for the lack of posts- I've been getting ready for/on my way to China. It's my first day in the office so I have internet access. I'll be posting a real post soon, I promise. ;) I have some pretty exciting news!

For now... here's my beautiful office view. My friend Jolie says it looks like Irvine. HAHAHAHA

Zen and the Art of Dancing For Artistic Fulfillment

Most of the dancers I hear from are recreational dancers or adult dancers or adult beginners who are just getting started. The professional students have most of their problems solved by their environment. For the non-professionals, dance is also a soul expression, a creative outlet, resulting in the daily life becoming more artful. For what dancer does not do something everyday relating to their dance experience?

Zen and the art of ...... living! The mindfulness practiced in meditation, flower arranging, a tea ceremony, a ballet class, performing kata, is a commitment. It is a commitment to be there at the exclusion of all else.

There only is where you are, when you are, doing what you're doing. There is nothing else. Any reflection on something else, somewhere else, some-when else is all in your mind!

And you might say that dance is all in your mind too! Dance certainly starts in the mind, and maybe I don't want to take that topic any further.

In a ballet class, maybe you do not have quite the ideal ballet body. Maybe you are totally on the wrong side of the ballet body barrier. What every dancer, regardless of body type, has in her/his favor, is the ability to concentrate.

Concentration is zen-like. It excludes everything except what is being done in the moment. I am not a zen master or any kind of meditation guru, but I can say with certainty that this definitely works for ballet. I have seen four year olds concentrate on their demi plies, battments tendus from first position, and slow rises in parallel position with utterly non-distracted attention. It continues to astound me.

Learning ballet benefits the most from this type of concentration. I think the value is in the doing, not the results. The results in ballet are largely dictated by the body type. The doing remains unmarred by conventional values. Ballet technique, strength and flexibility can all be gained by focused practice. And whichever side of the ballet body barrier you are on, the soul expression, the rewards of the creative outlet can be equally fulfilling.

So, especially if you are on the difficult physical side of progressing in ballet, don't let yourself get distracted by the ideal form of the body that you do not have. Or if you're an adult beginner, or adult re-starter, enjoy and relish the focus you get in class from the long slow climb to intermediate and advance levels of ballet.

Imagine applying the concentration you give to a demi and grand plie exercise, where you set your tone and level of involvement for the entire ballet class, to clearing the dinner table, doing your homework, or preparing a business proposal. It's all life.

If you have this approach, you cannot be worrying, comparing yourself to the next dancer, to your favorite ballerina, or any other nervous thought. You have brought all of you to the plies, the tendus and the rest of the dance routines.

The interesting thing is it is this kind of focus that draws attention to a dancer. The one you cannot take your eyes off. It's the zen, the soul expression of really being there that captivates the audience. You can be that any time, all the time.

For amazing sources of dance education such as The Perfect Pointe Book, the Body Series and Dancing Smart series, go to this ballet store.

Doomed With My Body Type in the Dance World

Ballet students in general have two strikes against them when they start ballet. I have heard so many in the ballet world say "I am doomed with my body type". Some are correct. With the wrong proportions and genetically bulked up muscles, only a few awesome talents break the ballet body barrier. The second strike is that dancers are their own worst critic, regardless of genetic luck.

Anyone who has seen a few classical ballets, or modern ballets with dancers in white spandex unitards, has figured out what the favored ballet body type is:

*Small head***long neck***shortened torso***long, thin, lean (but slightly muscular)legs*
This is a matter of genetics plus training, and it is important for the dancer to have enough strength to control motion. In non-ballet fields, these proportions are not normal and may even be considered detrimental.

*Turnout of the leg from the hip joint. This would depend whether the natural angle of the thigh bone in the hip is angled outward or inward. Also, increasing the flexibility of the surrounding soft tissues must begin before the age of seven to significantly enhance the degree of turnout. However, serious full time ballet training should NOT start at age seven. Well designed weekly classes with no rush on advancing from simple exercises (for instance the early Cecchetti or R.A.D. grades) is as complicated as training should get.

*Slight knee hyperextension has become a pleasing line in ballet. The slight backward curve of the leg enhances the look of the arch curve outward (yet undermines the function of balance). A dancer with hyperextended knees must be taught to hold them straight, that's one more of the zillion things to think about throughout a dance class. This ideally would be mastered before getting into pointe shoes.

*Bowleggedness is favored for the ballet dancer for both practical and visual reasons. External tibial torsion (outward rotation of the lower leg) is favorable in that it can increase turnout look of the feet.

* Adequate mobility of the ankle and foot so that the body can be stacked up from a demi pointe or full pointe position. A less flexible ankle especially would have the dancer's weight slightly back. Hypermobile feet are the fashionable shape, a highly domed arch. This is something you are born with, or not. However, ankle flexibility can be increased with gentle stretching, over time. The hypermobile foot is not the best functional foot for ballet. Until it is strengthened sufficiently, pointe shoes will break quickly and the dancer will not have good control.

Some talented dancers with lesser-favored proportions and muscle shapes rise in the ranks to become soloists and character performers in classical dance companies. Hard work, a winning personality and acting ability all help contribute to the success of a dancer like this.

Yet body type has nothing to do with the love of dance or performing talent. If a dance student realizes that she/he is struggling to accommodate ballet positions, let them keep struggling. And also investigate other styles of dance where success is more likely. Also look into whether or not fulfillment may be gained better acting.

Hitting the ballet body barrier never has to be a negative. It may propel a young person toward a different area of performing. And this person will have gained dance technique, discipline, ability to work hard, and they will be no longer doomed with their body type in the dance world.

If you feel that you are struggling in ballet class, take advantage of the amazing dance education available from experts. The Perfect Pointe Book and the Dancing Smart books are available at The Ballet Store.

and my ringing ears

havent written on here for ages, although im positive that no-one reads this, or gives a shit. been touring. shield your eyes 'did' the uk and then went to kortjik, rotterdam, brussels and finally antwerpen with the sensational rock duo, 'pneu', man i miss those dudes already. after a short break, we finished writing the second album, and we're starting recording on monday 27th april for 3 days. then i have 2 days with al (nitkowski) to lay down some drums and flute mellotron. its looking like 'hand reared suburban piglet' will be ready come middle of june. i plan to have the follow up to that out at the end of summer, when i shall be touring.
got a new band too. im going to be singing. its going to be noisy. massive health issues have already gotten in the way of starting anything just yet, but after the summer we shall begin jamming. my mind is else where. north africa.

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