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Big News

L.A.M.B. HIGH (The Highest) HEELS
Last Summer day and last Summer purchases.
I still can't believe how these shoes "survived" the sales period, it was something like a holy sign (and thus the excuse I needed) to take them home with me.
And now lets come to the point cause these are just new shoes but not the Big News.
The big news is that Me Myself & Shoes are going to New York.
I'm leaving tomorrow and I promise to keep you informed.
After all, I'm going to be there during New York Fashion Week.

Lou's Tuesday muse...

Yep, so post-holiday blues are still well and truly with me; summer heat and bikini days seem like a distant I am resorting to capturing this sort of place (love that sun-bleached wood) in my mind's eye every time it gets too much!

via Beauty, Comfort and Joy

I turn my thoughts to the home. Home is where the heart is - wanderlust can only last so long. White-washed simplicity.

And I ponder...shouldn't motherhood look like this all the time? Doesn't Kate Hudson look like such good fun? My children, having been in my constant company for weeks and weeks, are now in need of school. Is this me projecting my need for them to be at school or is it actually their need? Hard to say. I am trying to regain some structure in life after the complete free-form that was our holiday. Holiday rules rule...but then real life must return...

Kate Hudson and her gorgeous son
And so the weather turns - almost imperceptibly - to Autumn. Even a sunny day does not have that summer feel any more. Transitional dressing is this...effortlessly chic.

But it's the simple things...a cuppa tea, a quiet moment, a tidy room, the pages of a book, thinking space. I think, in fact I know, that this seasonal change, life changing, adjusting, preparing; it's all good. So despite the changes and their effect on my temperament, my cup is most definitely full. :-)

Brief Gingham Meeting

Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here and here before)
Skirt: Delicia eyelet via Alloy (worn here, here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn here, here and here before)
Belt: cheapie via Ebay

Late last week I got my Brief Meeting blazer in from Anthropologie. I typically have to be really tempted to buy anything for full price at Anthro, but the overall good reviews from other bloggers and seriously dwindling online inventory got my mouse-clicking fingers too itchy and I finally had to scratch.

Oh boy, I had no regrets on this purchase, ladies. What a great basic-but-not blazer that would be great for work and play. I love the shape it gives me (a full skirt is probably not the best blazer companion though) and the ruched sleeves. I do recommend sizing up if you plan to wear anything underneath though - I tried my usual size in store and though it fit perfectly in the shoulders, it was too tight across the chest to close even just the top buttons comfortably (and I am not exactly ample in that area). I ended up purchasing one size up and though it is a wee bit loose overall, I am definitely happier with the fit.

If any of you gals are considering this jacket, don't wait too long - they seem to be going fast!

Now we'll see how much my resolve can hold out before I "have to have" the Alma Mater jacket and Peppered & Striped skirt, because I don't think those items will ever make it to sale either!

Any new fall arrivals from Anthro, J. Crew or any other retailer seriously tempting you?

Just For Shizz and Giggles

Mondays suck so hopefully this will brighten your day. :)

What do you do when a fellow blogger posts photos like these and asks for her readers to submit their version?? 

Well, this is what I did...

You like the Nomadic Baglady Look?? Hahaha!!

Other readers also dressed the part. They look pretty amazing and are killing these looks.

I love her pillow and the teapot around her belt just puts me over the pee in my pants edge.

Kate B-
Is that Thumper I see in your bag??

A sophisticated version of the look. ;)

I like that she and I had the same idea to hold plants in our hands.

She is SERIOUSLY rocking this look!!

Now if any of you are brave enough I'd LOVE to see your looks. Don't be shy, this was so much fun to put together and it's nice to make fun of yourself sometimes.

Thank you Sister Wolf for making me laugh and for reminding us that we bloggers can't take this crap too seriously.