Happy Halloween!!

Be safe everyone! I changed my mind on the Peggy Bundy costume :(
I'm being a Zombie instead- boring, i know... but cheap and effective. I'll post pics as soon as I get them.

Bee good!!

OoOoOoOoOoOoooooOoOooo! (scary, huh?)

UPDATE: look how scary I looked!

Encourage but not Insist?


Some people say that it is fine to encourage people to remove their shoes, but one should not insist that they do so.

There is a fine line between insisting on people removing their shoes and encouraging people to take them off. There are a number of things one could say that are subtle encouragements:

We take our shoes off here.

You might like to take your shoes off.

These imply strongly that the host wants the guest to remove her shoes. I do not see that insisting or asking is worse than encouraging. If you encourage people to take their shoes off, then you have started from the assumption that people will be willing to take them off. By encouraging, you apply a degree of moral pressure to comply.

I think a lot of people would not want the uncertainty of just being encouraged. I was dating a girl a few years ago when I was not 100% sold out to the shoes-off rule. She asked me if she should remove her shoes. I told her that we removed our shoes but she did not have to. She was actually uncomfortable at this answer and asked me whether I wanted her to take them off or not.

Sometimes it is simpler just to be straight with people and ask them to remove their shoes. No need to beat around the bush.

Meet my new Shoe Crush

Oh man... I am crushing hard on these. I've been searching for a brown pump and I've been leaning towards something with more of a stacked heel but then I was browsing around the internets and saw this pair by Charles by Charles David. These are P-E-R-F-E-C-T! The shape is classic and then there's the croc embossed leather and the 4 1/4" heel and the price! The price is amazing. Ugh! Me want.

Oh... Deer!

So I was checking out A Girl's Guide to Shoes and I saw these babies! There's something about these shoes that I really love. Well, lots of somethings actually!

These shoes have a total designer feel, with the creamy patent leather and metallic leather details, they look rich and luxurious.

The heel is great too with its metal cut out- it lends itself perfectly to the geometric heel trend without being over the top.

That's right... We cant all pull off crazy shoes Miss Brandes! ;)

Anyway, check them out. I think they're a great deal at $199! In MY humble opinion, they look a lot more expensive.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Man I am really loving this week leading up to the election! I just received an email today from solestruck.com and they are also having a 20% off sale from now until November 4. Besides the wonderful deals to be had they want to encourage all of you to get out and vote. So do it. Not only is voting one of our God given rights I also consider it to be an incredible privilege. So get out and vote in this most important and historic election and since you're going out you may as well do it in a new pair of shoes! To save 20% use the discount code VOTENOV4 and see below for my faves.

There is something incredibly intriguing about this bootie by Enzo Angiolini. I heart the shape and the lace up front and I really like that these are unlike anything I have in my shoe wardrobe. I would love to try them on. I would pair these with fall florals or something lacy .

Sky high heeled mary janes!!!!! What's not to love? There is great contrast in texture and color. YUM - MY!

This is a great shoe. Betsey's shoes can sometimes be over the top and a little out there but I really like these. They are a classic shape yet the star buckle adds the perfect whimsical touch.

Ugh this is the perfect stacked heel loafer as far as I'm concerned. Well... almost perfect. If these came in brown they would so be mine. Gorgeous gray suede with a contrasting black patent bow across the vamp. Love!

These are AH-MA-ZING! Structured and feminine at the same time. This sassy little pump has me fit to be tied. There are so many unbelievably perfect little details. Seriously you have to get a closer look. The contrasting metallic leather and metal detail at the heel... Now, I'm smitten.

Wanna See Something GREAT!?

Check out this awesome video!!
I can't figure out how to embed it on here so you'll have to just click the link, but I promise you it's worth it.

It's a short video featuring Patricia Field (Sex and the City costume designer) about the high heel.

Check it out!!

L.A.M.B. on Gossip Girl

You guys, could Blair seriously be ANY cuter?? She literally makes my stomach hurt she's so cute. 

I was very excited to see her featured in LAMB heels last night. They were the perfect touch to her perfectly styled outfit! Seriously, I might kill for a chance to raid her closet.

They have them at heels.com, here! Hurry and get them before people figure out who she was wearing!! ;)

PS- They're SUPER cute in black and white too!

A Beautiful Sight

My parents were hosting an home fellowship meeting this evening.

I arrived back late after an interview in London to see several pairs of shoes by the door. Always a beautiful sight.

Ch-ch-ch-ch - Changes

It's a new week and a new me! I don't know if you noticed but I made some changes. I felt it was time for a new look. I mean, I'm always changing my hair. I don't think I've ever had the same haircut twice. I just felt it was time for the blog to get a face lift. I left the colors somewhat the same and I'm really digging the new layout. I hope you like it too!

Real Estate Blog: Seller Preparations- Get an Entry Rug

Real Estate Blog: Seller Preparations- Get an Entry Rug

"Yes, sometimes buyers need to be beaten over the head THREE times before they get the message that I do indeed mean them, too, and that they don't have some sort of Shoe VIP status alleviating them from taking their shoes off."

TalkCeltic.net: Removing shoes before entering someone's house

TalkCeltic.net: Removing shoes before entering someone's house

Supporters of Celtic football club discuss the issue. Mind the bad language in some comments.

A Cosy Little Chat About Pointe Shoes With a Nice Cup of Tea

I hear a lot from students whose local ballet store does not stock more than a couple of brands, Their pointe shoes feel terrible. So who's in control - your pointe shoe or foot muscles? If you are one of these troubled pointe shoe ballet dancers, get a nice cup of tea or a Starbucks latte if you prefer, and we'll have a cosy little chat about pointe shoes.

Of course you want to get exactly the right fit. So say your ballet store only sold Freeds, for example. Lengths and widths are commonly available. Freeds are hard shoes. They are wonderful for the higher arch, giving lots of support. They come in low and high vamps, good for short or long toes, so really they could be okay for everyone.

If you have a low arch and less flexible ankle joints, you need to break in your Freeds more. Same with Capezio's. Gambas are lighter shoes, go easy on them. Probably the first couple of classes will break them in fine.

I don't understand "good pointe shoes for beginners". If that means a softer shoe, does it also mean the beginner is not quite ready to go onto pointe?

I know that any dancer knows what I'm getting at - your foot muscles are in control, not the pointe shoes.

If your core muscles are weak, if you are still hyperextending your knees, if you haven't strengthened the sole of the foot muscles, then your pointe shoes will be in control.

If they don't fit perfectly (no shoe does, unless it's made for you), if you are wide at the metatarsal area, or forefront of the foot, and narrow at the heel, or vice versa, you will always have a little situation.

Here's some suggestions - always fit the pointe shoes for the larger foot. You may do the opposite with leather soft shoes, because they will stretch to fit. You are going to pad the shoe for the smaller foot a little more, rather than crunch the bigger foot and get bad blisters or an injury.

If you need wide pointe shoes for the metatarsal area, leaving the choice of pointe shoes too wide at the heels, then use a drug store brand heel grip or get a big bag of makeup wedgies and cut them to the exact size you need and glue into your shoes. Or roll your heels into the rosin box and then put them into your shoes.

I'm not going to go through every nuance of a shoe fit. Your foot muscles have to be strong enough to control the shoe. Your basic posture has to be correct so that you can be on balance.

If you get a pair of shoes with a slight deviation or a spot on the top of the box that presses into your foot, work on it with your hands, or use extra padding. Whether you stick a little foam, corn pad, or adhesive tape on your foot or on the shoe, it doesn't matter. Whatever works.

After two to three pairs of the pointe shoes that you can get still don't work out, you may have to try ordering a different brand on line. You are not going to waste a pair of shoes. If the length and width are correct, you may still have to work on the feel of it to suit yourself.

You have to get your muscles in charge. That's exercising every day, not doing bunches of releves or retires releves, but doing the basic sole of the foot exercises. Also, making sure you are using the floor and elongating your toes with every tendu and degage.

In other words, if you have a problem, look at your foot strength first, and your shoes second. Pick a pair a little too large rather than a little too short if you are in between. Too short, and too narrow, can lead to injury.

I'm not being sarcastic about the cosy little chat. There is a dazzling choice of pointe shoes in many ballet stores. If you don't have the variety in pointe shoes to select from, learn to adapt what you can get, or order online. If your foot muscles are strong and in control, you are unlikely to get injured from your shoes.

The Perfect Pointe Book provides you with all the details for developing foot strength.

Standing on chairs

I go to an evening service at the local Brethren assembly.

This evening, a gentleman (about 60) was changing the time of the clock. He had stood to do this on a chair and had removed his shoes before doing. That was nice to see from somebody his age. Older people tend to be a bit less shoe-conscious in my opinion.

I do think it is a nice gesture when people remove their shoes before standing on a chair. Somebody is eventually going to sit where your feet have been.

In Japan, people will even remove their slippers before standing on a chair.

Click click, bang bang!

So a few people have written me to ask my opinion on these Chanel gun-heel shoes (recently seen on Madonna). 
My opinion is that Karl Lagerfeld took the term "I'd KILL for those heels" a little too literally. 

No, I'm totally kidding.

Seriously though, We actually had a designer at Titan a few years ago named Dara Young who made a gun-heeled shoe that was amazing. She totally did it first and I remember people thinking it was nuts. I also remember that there was a cost issue with the shoe, but if your name is Chanel, I suppose cost isn't an issue. 
Anyway, I think its great. I love statement shoes and these are pretty hot. I back um.

Technical Fault

This is annoying.

For some reason, the comments link for the video post below is not appearing on the main page.

If anybody wanted to make a comment on the video (you can if you like), just clikc on the title to get the post-page where you can comment.

I am sorry, I just love this video!

I know, I have posted a link to this video before, but I just love it. The girl in this video had been arrested for firing a gun.

Given all that you hear in the news about police brutality, it is rather refreshing to see a police officer trying as hard as possible to be nice to the detainee. I just love the officer's line:

I'm here to talk to you and make you feel better about life.

Maybe I am a bit cruel finding this funny.

In case anybody is wondering what this has to do with shoes-off; the girl's boots and socks are removed when she is put in the holding cell.

Party Themes

I you are hosting a party, the best way to get shoes-off from all the guests is to make it part of the theme. There are a number of possible themes that can incorporate shoe-lessness:

1950s Sock Hop

1960s Hippie party

Pyjama party

Silly Slipper party- get guests to bring the silliest slippers they can find.

Hawaian Night

Japanese Evening

Ancient Greek themed pary

Ancient Egyptian themed party

Flintstones party

If anybody can think of any others, please suggest them in the comments.

Well done

We had a tiler working in our kitchen today. He needed to go into the lounge to fetch something that had been stored there. He removed his shoes before doing so.

Bare Feet


In the UK and the USA a lot of people feel a sense of disgust and abjection towards feet. Of course, in many Asian countries, the foot is considered to be unclean. However, this is in connection with the fact that the foot touches the ground. Thus, shoes are considered to be far more unclean than the naked foot. In an Asian home, barefeet are acceptable, but shoes are not. This is actually the very opposite of the western abjection of the foot.

It is very common in internet discussions about shoes-off in homes for the subject of barefeet to be raised. It is argued that barefeet are disgusting, more so than the dirt on peoples' shoes. Of course, if you do feel that feet are disgusting, you can still ask visitors to remove their shoes if you lend then flip flops or socks to wear. Angie mentioned this in a previous post.

It is very likely that the sense of disgust about barefeet will decline. Sandals and flip flops have become incredibly popular in the UK and the USA. People are becoming more used to exposed feet. And ladies (and maybe some men) are spending good money on keeping them looking nice.

The argument that feet are more unhygienic than shoes is quite wrong. Unless a person has been going barefoot outdoors, they will not have been picking up the awful things that the soles of shoes pick up (though sandal-shod feet do get a bit dusty). You may think your feet are disgusting, however, you undoubtedly have more germs on your hands than on your feet. Feet are usually remarkably cleaner than the average pair of hands.

The Pleasure Principle

Anyone who knows me...I mean really...knows that I am a Reformed Die Hard Janet Jackson Fan.

The Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour of 1989 was my FIRST concert ever! My dad paid for the ticket but I could only go if my sister took me. Needless to say, she wasn't pleased to be forced to go but she went.

I went dressed in the Janet Jackson Uniform...all black from head to toe...with a key ear ring. Yes, I put my house key on a pair of dollar hoop earrings and embraced the essence of Janet.

Now I was the fan that was obsessed with videos so of course I had each video dance routine programmed in my arsenal. The point is...I was a Janet fan until ...well I got older and realized that she really can't sing.

Fast forward, 19 years and a free ticket later and I am right back at a Janet Jackson concert. My friend called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the JJ concert for free. I wasn't that enthusiastic so I took my time to confirm that I would go.

Long story short, I decided to go. Being that I am 33 years old, I no longer have "club" clothes so I just threw on jeans, a t shirt and a cap and some chandelier earrings. I tried to find the least "teachery" outfit that I owned. I truly didn't care how I looked so I didn't bother putting any effort into going. Granted, I could have pulled out one of my zillion cute dresses but for some reason, I didn't want to stress about what I wore. The fact that the concert was on a TUESDAY may have something to do with it though...(Dang, I sound old?!)

Remember those days when you would get your hair "done"...wait, wait, wait....Remember when you once would CALL IN to work to get your hair "done"! LOL. New hair, new shoes, and new clothes was prerequisite back in the day. Remember when you would buy a new outfit to go to a concert, or the club...or heck...even the grocery store.

Yeah, that was a long time ago:)

I figured I could kill a few hours laughing at other grown people screaming for Janet...because I am clearly too old for that.

Ummmmmm....yeah...I was cool until Janet hit the stage. Before I knew it, I was standing in the middle aisle performing every boom-boom kat move (those of us who watch Making the Band know what Boom Boom Kat is about).

With the single line "when I was 17, I did what people told me"...and I had instantly regressed back to eighth grade. It's amazing what your brain will remember. My friend was laughing at me because I was really trying to do the dance moves...successfully I might add.

It was a great concert...especially since it was free. Granted, Janet is a little thicker now and moving a little slower now, but it did my heart good.

I thought I had suppressed the 13 year old in me that practiced the whole summer learning her dance moves but it all came rushing back. What can I say? Old fans are true fans!

Oh yeah, we saw her man Jermaine Dupri in the VIP box. He was there for the first of half of the concert...the whole time texting...and disappeared during the second half.

All in all...it was a great night and I am glad that I missed The Housewives of Atlanta to go! Now I must find that old Rhythm Nation album and remember the good old days:)

I tried to take pics of the concert with my camera phone but they didn't come out so great since I couldn't snap and do the Five, Four, Three, Two, One dance from the Rhythm Nation video at the same time. Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about either:)

I dare you to challenge me. I will have a Janet Jackson Dance Off on the drop of a dime! Ask my mom, she will tell ya! Just name the video...Escapade? Control? Alright? Miss You Much? Come Back to Me?

Yes, I know Come Back To Me was a slow song but you have to practice looking out of the window while you sing it. That should prove that I am a TRUE Janet fan:)

Ask my mom, she will tell you. (Tell them mama, I know you are reading this:)

Take a moment to relive your Inner Janet! This was a classic...and if you wonder if I remember every single step in this video...the answer would be "DUH!"...Of course I do:) I might look a hot mess doing it now but the point is that I can still remember the routine!!

In completely random, unrelated news, I would like to share a pic of what one of my students wore to school today! A sweet kid. When I asked him to let me see the shirt, he responded by saying, "Oh, I don't do any of this stuff!"

I asked him why was he wearing it if it didn't represent who he was. What parent lets their 9th grade son out wearing a shirt that glorifies Pimping and Smoking WEED!?! Uggh...I could have had a heart to heart with him about being a man of honor but I figured his momma probably bought the shirt so it must be okay with her. That is usually the case when I question my students on clothes that reveal T & A or are just plain offensive. But, who am I to judge her parenting skills? But I do..and her skills suck!

My people, my people. When is a change going to come?? Yes We Can. This shirt is an accurate representation of the mentality we have to fight everyday as teachers to get them to learn how to use a comma splice or simple punctuation! There is probably more I can say but I will let you do it for me:)

Why work for a regular diploma when the Ghetto Diploma (per the shirt) reaps so many benefits? Heck, I might need to get a Master's in Chillin or Clubbin.

Too late for that, I am already in debt for one degree already.
Aaaah...I digress...back to happier times...I am breaking out into a Janet dance right now!!!

WTF Do You Wear to Gwen's Party?

Well, I wore this. I figured it was cute, without looking like I tried too hard. Plus I had to make sure that the shoes, or boots in this case, were the statement of the outfit. They're L.A.M.B. and I L-O-V-E them.

I got a lot of compliments of the boots including Shirley Manson telling me she loved them, and Gwen herself telling me she almost wore them too. Ya, I was pretty stoaked.

Anyway- a few of you have asked for pics of me in my shoes so here you go. I feel like a weirdo posting pics of myself, but I covered my face with my hair, so it's not so bad. Hey, I'm no Rumi but I hope you like.

For Barack's Eyes Only...

Dear Barack,

I just wanted to let you know that I voted for you today. I could have waited til Nov. 4 but I simply just couldn't wait that long. I have been looking forward to "our" date all year and I couldn't let anything come in between me and destiny.

I took pictures while I was out voting today becaause I figured you wanted to see what I looked like the day I helped you become part of history. I had every intention on BaRacking my T-shirt but I received several emails stating that could be considered illegal campaigning. I am sure the email was probably circulated by the "haters" but I didn't want to risk standing you up on our first date:)

I decided instead to rock my Sunday's Best. OUR date meant just that much to me. I decided to wear my Black JC PENNEY Cap Sleeve Dress and my multi-colored Anne Klein pumps. I thought you were worth the pumps.

Please know that on NOV. 4, as I await anxiously to see you as the first African American President of the Free world...I will be rocking my Barack T with Skinny Jeans and red pumps.

Enjoy the pictures. YES, WE CAN. YES, YOU WILL. YES I DID!!

UNTIL Nov.4th.....

.....now for all you nosey readers who were just reading my private letter...I have a question. Have you seen anyone rock a McLAME T-shirt. I ask because while I was in Urban Outfitters, I noticed there was not ONE McCain T-shirt. The more I shopped, the more I realized that McCain's probably don't exist. Imagine that!?!?

Barack really is the single image of our Generation! Do you have your Barack T-Shirt? You better get on board...It's the hottest accessory this season!!
15 days until The Change !! AMEN!!!


This blogger is taking vacation this week. I promise to be back starting next Monday. See you on the flip side!

Use of the Theraband For Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes

There are many uses for the therabands, so I'll discuss a few here, focusing on the feet, toes and ankles. If you are already doing pointe work, these exercises will enhance your precision of technique, save your calf muscles from over-work, and increase your gracefulness in pointe shoes. Most ballet stores carry some brand of stretchy bands, and they can be ordered on line as well.

If you are in a pre-pointe class, or organizing your own pre-pointe practice, you can learn four basic exercises to strengthen the sole of the foot muscles, and then do them with a stretchy band. Feet and ankles must be strong enough before starting pointe work, for slow releves through the metatarsal area, and slow controlled lowering, without any sickle in or out of the ankle joint.

"Toe swapping"
is done starting with the feet flat on the floor. Simply lift the big toes up, leaving the foot and the other toes flat. Do not lean the foot toward the big toes, the sole of the foot should rest on the floor with no twisting. Place the big toes down, and lift the other four toes. You may cramp, in which case stop and roll your foot over a tennis ball or pinkie ball, to relax the muscles.

Do this 10 times, a total of twenty lifts. Initially, you may find that your brain can't even find the muscles to do this precisely - but your brain-to-foot communication will improve. When your movements are precise, you can add the stretchy band. Sitting down with your legs straight in front of you, flex the feet and place the stretchy band behind the toes.

"Playing the piano"
with the toes is just like it sounds - lift all toes to start, and place the big toe, the next toe, the next and so forth. Do the reverse, lifting the little toe, the next, and so forth. Relieve cramping if necessary, and do both movements 10 times each.

Once your movement is well-defined, add the stretchy band, sitting, feet and toes flexed, with the band behind the toes. Your toes will keep contact with the band, with more resistance when pressing against it. If you use the band before your movement is exact, it will not do much good. Try it and you'll see why, nothing really happens.

For ankles, if you are wobbly going up and down in slow releves, in soft shoes, you are not strong enough to be in pointe shoes. You must check your overall posture, use of the core muscles, turnout and how your feet rest on the floor when flat. Wobbling can be for many reasons. But, back to the ankles,

If you get corrections for sickling in where your weight goes towards the outside of your foot: sitting, legs straight, loop the band around your right foot, at the metatarsal area. Hold the band ends with your left hand. Pull the foot outward, and you will feel the muscles on the outside of the foot/ankle area working. Pull and hold for 10 seconds 10 times. Repeat other side.

If you go up onto demi pointe or pointe and your weight leans onto your big toe, you would loop the band and pull your foot inward, working the muscles on the inside of the foot/ankle area.

Another strengthening exercise
is (sitting, legs straight out in front) to slowly stretch the feet, splaying the toes apart and stretching them long.(Meaning, DO NOT CURL YOUR TOES). You can use the theraband around the metatarsal area for resistance, except for one instance. If you have highly mobile ankle joints, repetitive pointing and compressing a pointed position can irritate the back of your ankles. You do not need that particular movement at all. You DO need to increase strength in the soles of the feet and to control slow rises with no loss of ankle control.

If you are a late starter or adult beginner in ballet, start these exercises now.
Doing them 5-6 days a week will diminish the gap between your understanding of ballet technique, and the strength needed to do it.

In your slow releves onto pointe, and back down, your ankle should not lean or change angle in any way. If your big toe is much longer, you can use toe levelers in your pointe shoes. If your second toe is longer, you need to fit the shoes so that it can straighten, using padding for your other toes.

So three things: get strong, get control, prevent shin splints and other dance injuries.

Even with exactly the right fit in ballet pointe shoes, the shoes lend SUPPORT, the feet provide the CONTROL.

Get The Perfect Pointe Book - it is a wonderful complete dancer's guide for those who want to get into pointe shoes faster and more safely.

Two fictional people


Giles is a lawyer who lives in Surrey. He lives with his wife and two teenage children.

He enjoys golfing. He attends his local parish church and is a member of the Conservative party. However, his main passion is for his Harley Davidson motorcycle, which his wife occasionally permits him to ride.

Giles has a shoes-off policy in his home. He and his wife decided upon this some time after they moved into a new house with cream coloured carpets. They had not intended to impose this rule, but after a number of black marks started to appear not long after they moved in and they received a bill for a professional professional carpet cleaning job, they felt they had no choice.

Some of their guests were a little surprised by the new rule when invited to frequent dinner parties there and some of Giles' wife's friends occasionally looked a little sad when leaving their expensive shoes at the door. However, most of them have become used to it and a number have followed suit in introducing a shoes-off rule. Many of them bring slippers when visiting Giles and his wife.

Giles' teenage son and daughter needed a little coaxing to get used to the rule. The daughter occasionally makes faces when reminded to remove her shoes, especially when she has her friends over.


Victoria lives in in London with her partner and their two small children. Victoria and her partner run a vegetarian cafe and restaurant.

Victoria has pink hair and sevaral facial piercings. She is very keen on punk rock, particularly 80s crustcore type bands. She took part in many protests against the Iraq war and was more recently protesting about the expansion of Heathrow airport.

Victoria has a shoes-off policy in their house. Victoria is not the most houseproud of women and tends not to worry a lot about dirt. However, while travelling in south-east asia before they had children, Victoria and her partner came into contact with the practice of shoe removal. Victoria quite liked the practice, as she enjoyed going barefoot and thought it would bring a slightly oriental flavour to their home. Being very concerned about the environment, Victoria feels glad she adopted the shoes-off policy before having children. She is concerned about the effects of toxic chemicals and pollution on her children.

Victoria frequently invites friends to her home, hence their is often a vast pile of shoes and sandals at the door. Most of her friends are easy-going people, many of whom enjoyed going barefoot, liek Victoria. However, a few of them favour combat boots that take a little while to unlace.

You Can't Stand Green Vegetables Yet You Want Strong Ballet Muscles

I know there are many talented ballet dance students and young people training to win in the different sports arenas who do not take nutrition seriously. Until they get injured, or until their recovery periods no longer suffice to recover in. Green vegetables are number one on their "can't stand" list.

A simplistic explanation of how green vegetables, especially cruciferous (broccoli, kale, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, being the most common) support exercise might be this.

The body works like a machine. The workings are motivated by thought, be it conscious, subconscious, deliberate, careless, positive, negative, precise or sloppy.

Once a motivating thought has occurred, several bio-electric mechanisms ensue.

Nerve endings do not actually engage with muscle fiber. However, they communicate by an electrical current and certain chemicals. Compare it to putting a plug in the wall. You have a plug, and you have a socket. When the connection is made, energy flows. Your action would be the electricity/chemical process.

In your muscles, one element has to be released for the connection to be made, and for a muscle contraction to occur. That element is calcium.

Due to excellent marketing, we think that our prime source of calcium is milk. That is not true. And if you are allergic to milk, lactose intolerant, or eat vegan, you get left behind right here, with milk as a source of calcium.

Sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium. So are leafy green vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables. Steamed, baked, stir-fried, shredded, raw, fermented (as in sauerkraut), or eaten cold in salads, the "can't stand" part can be disguised with a little butter and lemon juice (if hot), or a delicious salad dressing if cold. Add some slivered almonds or crumbled walnuts to a hot or cold dish, and it's pretty yummy.

Some people get bloated and gassy after eating certain vegetables. This is not because of the vegetables. It is a lack of intestinal flora, or healthy bacteria, which are on your digestion team. You are simply under-staffed.

These little beings are part of the factory that produces certain chemicals from these vegetables and then transforms toxins created in the process to prompt a de-toxifying process and carry gunk out of your body. If you get a high content Acidophilus/Bifidus product, you will get more comfortable results from eating vegetables. Maybe not overnight, it is a gradual improvement process. It is slowed down by eating sugar.

Cleaning your intestines in any way is a detox. You may experience mild headaches, mild aches and pains (which your ballet and training aches and pains will probably override), or fatigue. The good news is, cruciferous vegetables also have a lot of fiber and help move out the debris in your intestines.

If you just cannot try to eat these wonderful green superfoods, make sure you get them in a whole food supplement along with some calcium too. You want to eat what is nature born. This will help you develop strong ballet and athlete's muscles.

Not That Any of You Would, But...

DON'T. Just don't. These shoe handbags are not cute. Not even a little. Not even in a novelty kind of way. Don't.
And if you do, don't come back here ever again.


I'm Going Bundy...

So I was supposed to be in China for halloween, but my trip was pushed back a week (yay!) so I've decided on a Halloween costume. None other than Mrs. Peggy Bundy of Married With Children. I love her garish tackiness! Plus... married to a shoe salesman? Perfect.

I just want to know if any of you fashionable people know where I can get some ANTI fashion. So if any of you have any good suggestions, please let me know. I want to look as authentic as possible! I love her shiny high waist cigarette pants/leggings but I'm having trouble finding some. 

Anyway- please give me some tips if you have them! :)

Being straight with guests

I would argue that having a 'don't ask but encourage' policy with shoes is not really any more polite than having a shoes-off rule.

Sometimes it is good for people to know where they stand.

It did occur to me that having a 'don't ask' policy might cause resentment and division amongst guests at party.

The people who take their shoes off may feel superior to those who have kept their shoes on. Even worse they may feel resentful of those people who have kept their shoes on.

A bigger problem is the embarrassment caused to guests who have kept their shoes on when they realise that shoes-off is preferred. Discovering that shoes-off is preferred when they have been walking about the house shod for an hour might make them feel rather awkward.

Hospitality part 2


Guests are aware when they visit a home that the hosts have boundaries that cannot be crossed.

Guests know or should know that they cannot go wandering about upstairs, looking in their hosts' bedrooms. They ought to be careful in conversation that they do not mention subjects that may cause offence to the host. If the host has strong views on a subject, it is best not to argue with him or her. Guests know that they cannot bring their pet dog to somebody else's home unless the host has expressly said this is acceptable. Even if the host is an animal lover, permission to bring a pet dog must be sought.

It is now recognised by most people that when you visit the home of a non-smoker, they should not smoke inside. If they need to smoke, they should put their coat on and go outside. There are still some people, probably mostly from the upper strata of British society who think it is rude to forbid smoking in one's home. However, this view is very much in a minority.

It is important to recognise these boundaries when one visits a home and if hosts prefer, even if they do not insist on it, removal of shoes, this should be complied with by guests. To ignore this boundary is, as stated in the previous post, taking hospitality for granted.

Some people would object to comparisons with smoking pointing out the health risks of smoking, compared with the minor ill effects to health of wearing shoes past the door. However, it is not so much the health risks that should deter smoking in a non-smoking home. Nobody is going to get lung cancer because a few guests smoked at a dinner party. They are unlikely to even develope a cough because of it. No, the reason one should not smoke in a non-smoking home is simply because the smells and mess are not convenient for such hosts. It is simply impolite. Likewise it is not convenient to impose the dirt and dust of your shoes in the home of a person who would object to it.

Some would argue that it is polite for guests to remove their shoes if this is what the hosts do, but it is impolite for the host to request shoes-off. They feel that it is better to leave the responsiblity of politness to guests. To my mind, this is not quite logical. If guests have the responsibility to comply with the preference of their hosts, then it is surely quite reasonable for guests to make their preference known.

Part of the reason why a verbal request for shoes-off may be necesary is because etiquette is so uncertain and in such a state fo flux on this point. While it may be a good idea to remove one's shoes when one is welcomed by a shoe-less host, as this may be a shoes-off home, such a gesture might be taken as impolite by some. There are some who go shoe-less in their home who would be surprised by guests going shoe-less. It is probably necessary for those who desire shoe-removal to make their wish known.

It's Going Around and I CAUGHT It...

It's going around and I caught it.

NO, not anything that I can't throw back!

In addition to "catching" bronchitis (can one catch bronchitis? hmmm), I also caught the Planning My Wedding Bug.

I have been engaged for a little over a month and I have been trying to play it low key. Somebody would ask what are your colors...and I would go "I don't know, I haven't thought about it yet."

Well, that statement is not totally true...I thought about it, I just hadn't committed to anything yet.

I still don't have a wedding date and I am trying to make sure our "foundation" is solid before the wedding becomes a production and the marriage becomes a fiasco:) We are doing the pre-marital counseling thing and let me tell you...it helps:) Even the most perfect couple needs a mediator every now and then.

Anyway, as I sit here in my house for the third day in a row, going bonkers (daytime tv sucks)...I thought I would post my Inspiration Board. (Don't worry Mama Ke Ke...I will cover up the "girls" for official pictures) I am a lady:)

The Inspiration Board is basically a visual of images and ideas that I hope to pull off for the wedding. It is kind of fun to plan since I like that sort of thing. We will see how it goes.

By the way, finding a dress that meets my standards is a hard job. I am not against renting a dress but one of my friends thinks that is tacky! I am heavily considering getting my dress made though:) I won't start "really" looking for a dress til next year.

Is it strange that I already know what shoes I want to wear and want to buy them now...they are only $350 bucks...(cough cough.) You read that right, I have no idea what dress I am going to wear but I want the shoes now!

MY PRIORITIES...Gotta check em:)

Anywho...let me know what you think about the Inspiration Board. And as a little pop quiz...there is a theme to our wedding...can you guess what it is?

....oh yeah....I am posting this HOT video by Beyonce'! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I used to be a hater when she was with Destiny's Child...now that she is solo...the girl is just BAD...in a good way.

Watch and enjoy. Pay attention to the dances around the 0:51 second mark and the 1:31 mark. My bridesmaids and I are SO going to do this dance DURING the wedding! Lmao!

Classy baby...all the way. That second move is a straight "I am a homegirl from Houston" move!

Go Beyonce'...If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it! oh oh oh oh ooooh.


......oh!! Don't forget to VOTE EARLY!!! Texas can Barack the vote starting OCTOBER 20!! I can't wait!!!!!!

(shirts from Urban Outfitters, both out of the Men's Department...I just got a Small in the Men's Department to hug all this jelly:)

Inside Joke:(Are you happy Russel?...best believe I'll be checking for my presence:)

L-O-V-E these boots!

How perfect are these flat buckle boots!? They're by Jinny Kim, and at $433 they're at least semi-affordabe! 
It looks like there's a hidden wedge in there but the description doesn't mention it. I love any extra height on a shoe so hopefully I'm right.

I think this is a great way to do an over the knee boot without looking at all trashy. These look super comfy and easy to wear over and over. I'm seriously debating on getting them, even though I just got those Fry boots... Hmmm

I absolutely adore this gorgeous ankle boot by Luichiny. Ugh! A girl doesn't need more than one pair of black ankle boots right? You're leather clad ankles will be the envy of the office, or the club, or the neighborhood, or anywhere you deem to go. A perfect black leather with an even better sheen. Top it off with a sweet be-bowed ankle and you have a boot any girl would love to own. This boot manages to be both feminine and fierce. Pair it with a fall floral dress, your favorite pair of skinny jeans, or a classic pencil skirt and oxford shirt. I'm already calculating the cost to wear ratio in my head. Shoot by the end of the season these bad boys will have paid for themselves and then some.


Ok you guys... wanna see something seriously amazing? Check out Modista.com!

Friends Arlo Faria and AJ Shankar started this website after winning first place in the 2008 UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition and I think it's genius! 
Faria says they started this site to help their girlfriends find cheaper look-alikes of designer brands. Isn't that what we ALL want!? You can browse shoes according to their visual similarity, meaning you can look by color, shape, style... the sky is the limit! 

I can't exactly figure out how they do it. I think they have magic shoe fairies working in your computer or something- it's seriously mind blowing how quickly and easily all the shoes are grouped and lined up.

Anyway, check this out. I back it and think in time can get be even better- adding higher end designers, etc. I look forward to seeing this new site grow.


Are you guys familiar with Etsy? Well, I'm sure most of you are but for those of you who aren't- check it out. I'm still on this whole "how to find inspiration" kick and I just wanted to mention that I love checking out what crafty people all over the world are making. 
Here's one of a million examples. Silvia's Think has a blog and an Etsy store. Cute handcrafted goodies from Italy. Then there's Susuten and their adorable little plush friends. And of course, Etsy is where I go for all my Blythe Doll clothing needs. People like Blytheworld make little handmade outfits for all my little Blythe Dolls. 

Etsy is great for creative and unique gifts and for inspiring ideas! My Blog-friend Tokyo Bunnie is often updating us on the cutest best Etsy stores so be sure to check her out! 


Stylish Finds for a Steal!

Times are tough. I know I'm not telling anyone anything they haven't heard over the past few months. I'm just coming off of the news that my car needs an $800 repair(Stupid car! She mutters woefully to herself). Thank goodness I went shoe shopping last weekend. If I would have waited until this weekend I would have felt too guilty to buy anything. But hey at least I was doing my part to stimulate the economy : ). Inspired by an email I received from endless.com I thought I'd show you some choice selections in shoes priced under $50. I'm telling you, you won't believe these are under $50. Please enjoy!

Union Bay Claremont

Boots for under $50???? These are hot and so on trend! I love the color, the knotted bow detail, and the 3 1/2" curved heel. Seriously sexy.

Unlisted - Ready to Spike

Wow... it's all in the details here. From the pleated "leather" to the four little buttons dotting the ankle. The pointed toe and stiletto heel will let you strut your stuff and stylishly take you from work to a night out on the town.

Adorable and in one of THE hot colors of the season. A gorgeous fabric upper that hints of silk shantung. Pretty pleating and a bow tops off your toes.

Wanted - Bow Flat

Black ribbon weaves its way around this incredibly delicious flat and ties itself into a perfect bow. The details in this flat will have everyone thinking you spent way more than you did.

Mystic Pump, Rampage

A classic style that is sure to carry you from season to season. The sassy peep toe pump will look great in the summer time or feel perfectly right when you pair them with tights.

Gray. Peep Toe. Button detail. Platform. The stitching. What more could a girl want? These are so perfect. I love gray so much and I love that this Fall it is finally getting a chance to shine.

I keep hearing everywhere that the oxford pump is here to stay. Why not sport this hot little pair? A fabulous pump at an even better price.

Times are changing

I remember an occasion, when I was about ten years old, when a middle-aged babysitter removed her shoes while in our house.

I think it did surpise me to see an adult removing her shoes. I think in my mind at the time, children removed their shoes but adults always kept them on. Presumably, that was my experience.

These days I am quite used to seeing adults removing their shoes when visiting homes. So I think habits are changing.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style & Sofft Shoes (a.k.a "wide shoes")

Well thanks to Google and Sitemeter I recently discovered that there are a number of you out there who are searching for the "wide shoes" featured on last week's episode. Back in July I blogged about Sofft shoes as being both comfortable AND stylish. I was incredibly excited when I saw them featured on TGGTS which managed to make me cry for the second week in a row. See below for a few of the latest looks from Sofft's Fall 2008 collection. All of which are available in wide. Don't see anything you like below? Check out the rest of the Fall collection here.

Gorgeous suede in a berry blue hue. A pretty patent bow adorned with chrome accents tops your toes all with the comfort of a 3 1/4" (that's right I said comfort) stacked heel.


These are so sweet. From the piping to the button detail across the vamp. A wonderfully neutral hue sure to please even the most discerning of shoppers.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The suede, the patent leather piping, the peep toe... That beautiful cranberry hue is so on trend. Frankly, I'm smitten.

Wanna Get Inspired?

... and feel totally incompetent at the same time? Well then check out Jak and Jil Blog. They have the most amazing photos of high end street fashion. Looks like they hang around in NY and Paris and know all the who's who of fashion and snap candid shots of them in their impossibly perfect to-die-for outfits. The hottest most expensive and hardest to find shoes are worn to work in these shots. You'll love it- check it out! You'll be impressed and green with envy at the same time. 

This photo is of the incredibly sexy YSL Trib2 booties and is my current desktop picture on my laptop. So good.

Wa wa wee wah!

These heels are seriously kicking my ass right now. Some designers are taking the kooky heel crazy a little too far but these are great. I could imagine myself involved in some serious shenanigans in these babies. Like watch the eff out- here I come.

These scream modern day disco, but in exactly the right way. Just garish enough to still be totally hip. I'm not usually a Jimmy Choo kinda girl- I put Choo and Manolo in the same category: boring with a over-hyped name. The shoes are usually pretty enough, but not at all interesting enough to justify their price tag. These are a winner! WOO!



There are some who think that asking guests to remove their shoes is contrary to the principle of hospitality.

This is a culturally relative matter. Albania and Turkey are countries in which hospitality is greatly valued and yet it is expected in those countries that guests remove their shoes.

The shoes-on people argue that a hostess should primarily be concerned with her guests comfort and not with the state of her carpet or floor. However, most guests will feel more comfortable after removing their shoes. They may, admittedly, be uncomfortable because they are embarassed about their feet or they feel their shoes are part of their outfit. Those problems can be dealt with by letting guests know in advance that shoes-off is expected and so they can either bring slippers or plan their outfits with bare or stocking feet in mind. Any embarassment should be minimal if guests are not taken by surprise.

In my opinion, those who insist that guests should be allowed to keep their shoes on take hospitality for granted.

When I get my own house or apartment, I may well invite you. I will give you the best seat. I will cook for you. I will serve you the best food I can. I will give you whatever you want to drink, whether it be alcoholic or not. I will give you my undivided attention. I will entertain you with conversation. If you live nearby, I will drive you home in my car. If not, I will let you stay the night. I will wash up the dishes and cutelry you have used and clean up any mess you make. Given that I am willing to do all this for you, do you really think it is so unreasonable that I ask you to take your shoes off?
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Shoe Trying Spree - Third Time's a Charm

Made plans to meet my friend Lizzy (a.k.a. Smitten Kitten) at the mall on Saturday to check out Macy's "Buy More Save More" Sale. Thought we might be able to combine our resources. Was a good idea in theory, not so much in practice. Smitten Kitten was looking for a pair of riding boots. I was looking for anything that caught my eye. The idea of finding the perfect pair of gray boots was in the back of my mind but I thought my search would more than likely prove to be futile.

1st Stop -Macy's

Jessica Simpson Daila Heel

Yes it's these again. I tried them on for the second time. Well, actually, I tried one of them on for the second time. The salesman brought out the box and it only had one shoe in it. Yes, you heard me. Of course my first thought was well maybe the other shoe is on display.
Ummm... no. The pair on display is a size 6. Keyword. Pair. So I got his attention to let him no there was only one shoe in the box. The scurrying commenced. They couldn't find it. Ooookay.
I decide that I want a brown pump with more of a stacked heel. Oh, and the other shoe. I found it. It was displayed over in the handbag section, with the JS purses.

Smitten Kitten spied these with her little eye. Eh. What the hell? Why not? Liked them but didn't LOOOVE them. They felt and looked a little too cheap.

These had caught my shopping companions interest when we were doing a little pre-browsing on the internets. Really cute and the leather looks and feels high quality but they did this funny little bunching around her ankles. She was also holding out for a pretty little pair she spied on the Aldo website. More about those a little later.

On the way out I tried on these from the display. They were REALLY cute on. Smitten Kitten was not thrilled with them on the table but she was sold once I put them on my feet. Made a tentative plan to re-visit these if I didn't have any luck elsewhere. Then off we went to stop #2.

2nd stop - Nordie's

As soon as we rounded the corner towards Nordie's I spied a table with not one but two pairs of gray boots. Are those angels I hear? A chorus of them, no less. My eye is first drawn to these.

And then sitting just below the Michael Kors boot was this pair.

I asked to try both of them on. I just knew the Circa Joan & David boot wouldn't fit around my "giant" 15" calves. I had to give myself options. I tried on the Michael Kors Boot first. It was a pull on. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble slipping into them and I didn't. Smitten Kitten wasn't digging on them as much as I was. She felt they were a little too Captain Hook or Captain Jack Sparrow or insert your favorite pirate's name here. Some of you may or may not remember but I have blogged about the "Pretty" boot here and here. Nordstrom didn't have the gray in my size but they did have the black. I slipped my foot into them positive I would never get them zipped. And then a miracle occurred. They zipped all the way up! They zipped all the way up! I pranced around the floor for a bit and pulled my jeans up to make sure I didn't have the dreaded calf muffin top. Eureka! No muffin top. Oh and guess what??? They were on sale. I know! It was meant to be. Marked down from $250 to $149. Sold! The sales girl checked and they were only available on-line BUT they are still regular price on-line. No worries. One quick phone call from Allison and the price adjustment was complete. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I should get them in 3-4 days.

Next stop - Aldo (It was Smitten Kitten's turn)

SK was on a mission and her mission was this little beauty below.

As far as riding boots are concerned, these are pure perfection. There is a gorgeous brass buckle on the side and perforated detailing at the vamp and ankle. Smitten Kitten was sold. While she was busy prancing around the store in all her whiskey hued leather glory I became intrigued with these.


I'm so happy I slipped the display on. They were so hot! I love the cone shaped heel and the elastic (of course). It took me all of 2 seconds to decide they would be mine. Done and done. Can't wait to pair these with a wealth of looks as the weather turns. I hope everyone had a weekend as fulfilling as mine. Happy Monday everyone!