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Neat Freaks?


It is commonly thought that people who insist on shoes-off in their homes are neat freaks who are obsessed with keeping their homes clean and tidy.

I dare say that there are some people who prefer shoes-off who are genuine neat freaks. And those who are Obsessive-Compulsive about cleanliness may well be among the shoes-off community.

Of course this is culturally relative. In Japan it is thought that money is dirty and unhygeinic because it is handled by untold numbers of people. Japanese people also regard any objects placed in bathrooms, such as books or ornaments to be 'dirty'. A person in a western society who held such attitudes would almost certainly be regarded as Obsessive-Compulsive.

I have known a number of people who really were excessive in their desire to keep their homes clean. Interestingly, these people did not require visitors to remove their shoes. I suspect that they probably spent so much time in cleaning their homes that they were happy to waste time cleaning up after their visitors.

Many people who keep their homes shoe-free are not domestic goddesses who like nothing better than spending whole days doing spring cleaning. Rather, they are busy working people who have far better things to do. They do not want to clean up for the sake of it, but they know that living in a clean environment is healthier and far more pleasent. Knowing that time is precious they would rather keep the mess to the minimum and spend as little time as possible cleaning up after their visitors. Prevention is better than cure.

Nobody needs a house that is spotless, but it is pointless to allow dirt and dust to accumulate when it could easily be kept out by leaving shoes at the door. A floor is meant to be walked upon, but that does not mean that one should not reduce wear and tear and save time and money.

Accidentally On Purpose

Don't you love it when something unexpectedly comes together?

Now I'm just talking my OOTD here (so real small victories) but I often find myself in the mornings just staring at my clothes, thinking how nothing works and if I only had that new item I had been eyeballing at the store, then outfits would magically fall into place. Which explains my shopping habit, and which also is partially true because when I do buy something, often I just think of the piece and not how it is supposed to work with everything I already own. But I won't ramble about individual shopping philosophy (not today, at least).

I had just thrown this top on (because I didn't want to just stand there in my undies getting cold) and pulled this skirt out, partly because I was convinced it didn't fit me anymore having not worn it for ages. Well, surprises of surprises, it still fit and I glanced at myself in the mirror and had a "hey, that ain't half bad" moment. So here's my small victory of the day:

The skirt is lined in bright yellow - which I think is kind of cool as it peeks out.

The way my mind works - the shoes have red heels that match the shirt and black leopard spots, which match the bag and bracelet. So that's why I think it all kind of goes together, hopefully ...

Top: Urban Outfitters BDG striped henley, worn here before
Skirt: Armani Exchange cotton cargo pencil
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Swim n Fool
Bracelet: J. Crew Crystal Abacus (now on super-sale with an additional 30% off!)
Bag: Nine West studded cross body, worn here before

Laundry...(just keep reading)

This is just a quick post because I am pretty delirious at this very moment from lack of sleep. This is the vintage 70's shirt that I picked up in Austin over the weekend. I am feeling the colors for Spring.. I thought I would throw a little unexpectedness with the rolled up khaki's and my favorite RED shoes of all time! Kate Spade will be so proud of this whole ensemble! I took the pics at night right before I slipped into my kimono to relax. I have quite the selection of kimonos by the way...they are my version of luxurious lounging. Speaking of luxurious lounging...
A few months ago, I ran into an old family friend who is in  her 70's and quite religious. I am talking about carrying a vial of holy water and a bible with her at all times kind of religious. She has known me since birth and basically is the neighborhood grandmother. Well, we were catching up and she was telling me how she is so happy now with her second husband because her first husband wasn't 'bout' nothin! (Her words, not mine). Then she proceeded to school me on what it takes to "pleasure yourself". I was mortified! This is the same lady who was reading me a bible verse literally 5 minutes before!
She told me that all women..."married, shacking and ESPECIALLY single" ladies should buy pretty "laundry" (I had to use my context clues to figure out that she meant lingerie!), pretty undies and smell goods. She said that every single (insert Beyonce' song here)  lady should put on their "smell goods and their laundry and look in the mirror and say I LOOK GOOD"...every single night. Then she proceeded to tell me about her nightie that she wore on her wedding night at which  point I FLATLINED...DEAD...NO PULSE!

I don't know what made me think of that conversation...maybe it's because I'm in my laundry kimono right now and I see my reflection in the mirror...let me pause a moment to say to the mirror I LOOK GOOD.............................................................Okay. Done!

Kate Spade Shoes... I love these shoes with all thine heart and all thine soul!

On a random note, can you tell me some things that you have always been told to be "fashion rules"? Fashion rules like not wearing white after labor day, black is slimming....etc.
I'll tell you why you are helping me out sooner rather than later:)

(sorry  about me looking so tired in the me those were the best of the bunch)
I guess this post wasn't so quick after all:(

Things of beauty...

Day three...its still raining and blowing a hooley out there. Gotta love Springtime in England. On the agenda today: swimming. Well actually this translates to me shivering in the pool, not swimming very much atall while I try to stop my youngest child from drinking too much pool water.

Some things of beauty to consider...

I recall seeing this picture once and have always remembered it. Positively sandwiched between the rocks, its in France. I don't think you'd feel concerned being here in a storm - you'd have nature's ultimate protection either side of you.

A row of almond blossom in Spring...

My new blog crush...thxthxthx: A thankyou note a day. This is where Leah writes thank you notes (as all well mannered do) to random daily things. I liked this one but there are many, many to bring a wry smile of knowing...

Royal Copenhagen crockery...

Tiffanys Elsa Peretti bone cuffs, love these...

Gorgeous cuteness for babies...having seen my nephew, one always forgets just how tiny newborns are...

I love the panelled door, the muted blue tones and the distressed lamp...

Natalia Vodianova looking dreamy...

Another doorway...this one is in Morocco...

Wonderful image; Lily Cole in Vogue in a dress that is almost wearing her rather than the other way around...

Guardian: Police criticised for staging mock burglaries

Guardian: Police criticised for staging mock burglaries

It was meant to be an imaginative way of hammering home the message that some householders are making life too easy for burglars. But police were under fire today after admitting they had been sneaking into people's homes through open doors and windows and gathering up their valuables into "swag" bags.

I am sure they meant well, but I would not like some police officer coming in my home with her dirty shoes on and walking about

Black and Lace

I grew up as a bit of a tomboy and was never much of a lace and bow-wearing gal, so I was chagrined when my big sis bought me this top last year (she is very much a bow-wearing gal and has tried forever to turn me into more of a girly-girl). So it has languished in my closet until now, when I tweaked it a bit and thought of something I could pair with it that could toughen it up a little.

So here was my outfit from yesterday, when the weather was more glum (it is beauteous today!):

This blouse originally had TWO black bows on it - can we say overkill?
And yes, I know the bow resembles the same one the Colonel has.

Close up of the cute satin-y lining - yes, a fully lined F21 jacket!

Jacket: Forever 21 quilted zip
Blouse: Forever 21 tiered lace sleeveless
Jeans: old as dirt Banana Republic boot cut
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedges

Boden Sale, Plus Sunshine Award

First up, Boden is having a sale right now - 20% off plus free shipping and returns on all regular-priced items. Use code WD25 when checking out (it's also right on their home page) - offer expires April 1.

If you ladies are looking for fun summery prints in bright colors - go to Boden stat.

Second, I would like to give a big THANKS to Peggy from She Hath Done What She Could for the lovely blog award! Peggy is a great mom with a fearless sense of style and nose for bargains - check out her blog!

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5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

I agree with Peggy, there are so many lovely blogs out there - especially ones that brighten up my day.

I want to tag everyone, but that'll take all dang day, so I'm going to ping some great bloggettes who may not have been tagged yet via the Peggy via the Pam routing (because both of them have already covered so many of you lovelies!):

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Sister and brother...Boo 1 and 2

How can it be that two children who have come from the same parentage can be so very different?! My two children; one of each - a girl and a boy. In lots of ways they are the same - but their personalities are diametric opposites!

I find the whole process fascinating - how they develop and become people. I met my new nephew on Sunday and was struck how little correlation there is between that tiny little newborn and what he will become; a real thinking person. With my children, its hard to believe they were ever babies like that.

My observations:

My daughter

  • Oh-so-complex...there's a alot of female angst - even at the age of 8.
  • Needs a daily fix of reassurance.
  • Conducts an elaborate falling asleep regime every night. This consists of shouting out 'I can't get to sleep' and needing to tell everyone in the house.
  • Pretty as a painting; delicate and graceful. I think she is so beautiful it makes my heart ache.
  • Indecisive.
  • Worries about consequences.
  • Worries generally.
  • Astute, empathetic.
  • Funny, wry, sharp-minded.
  • Gymnastic-bouncing, willowy.
  • Loving.
My son
  • What you see is what you get.
  • Blonde curls - surfer boy.
  • Makes decisions, sticks with it, no deviation, no regrets.
  • Says he's not tired then falls asleep within 2 minutes flat.
  • Cuddly and gives cuddles, snuggly, warm.
  • No agenda; hidden or otherwise.
  • Comedy clown - has a knack for making people laugh and smile.
  • Passionate.
  • Football-kicking, rugby-ball-carrying.
  • Sturdy, strong.
  • Straight-forward.
Chalk and cheese?

And so, thank you so much for all of your comments and advice from my last post. Maybe the Universe is unaligned at the moment?

We had a pyjama day yesterday, the kids and I. First day of Easter holidays - pouring rain and wind outside. We lit the fire, lolled on the sofa and watched TV all day, had porridge and sprinkles for dinner, got an early night and now, I feel abit better :-)

These Shoes FAIL

This is what I wore this weekend in Austin. I actually got the concept from a pic of Victoria Beckham. I figured, I could pull the look off. It's nothing special but this blog is about my personal style, right?'s a khaki and t shirt kind of day. Keep in mind that right before this picture, I just completed an eight hour test from the pits of hell. I felt blah in this but I'm sick of blogs where the girl is chasing bees in perfectly crisp clothes and smile to boot! Right after this, I ate some chicken tacos and the best queso dip I ever had in my life! So there:)
Photo credit: Victoria Beckham on

Now, let's talk about these freakin shoes! Comfortable? Check! Cute? Check. Evil Shoes? CHECK! I freakin fell in these shoes! I was getting out of the car to get take a stupid test  to prove that I am worthy to be a principal and was so busy trying to figure out how long the line was to sign up that I completely missed a step and fell from grace! I swear it felt like it was in slow motion. I just remember landing on all fours and purse falling after I did! The whole line turned around to look at me!


So I just laughed at myself and wobbled to the line. I am pretty sure everybody was saying "That's what she gets for coming up in here with those heels when we are about to take an 8 hour test!"
You know what I did? Strutted my ass in my seat and pulled out my snacks and lined up my pencils on my desk and looked straight ahead! Most people showed up wearing jogging suits and flip flops...but not MOI'! I am trying to channel Victoria Beckham and busted my ass!

If you are a veteran follower, you will note that this is NOT the first time that I've fallen from grace...atleast I didn't go get a hamburger to soothe my ego this time:)

Degrees of Offalism


0. All children and adults may keep their shoes on.

1. Small children required to remove shoes, teenagers and adults may keep them on.

2. Children and teenagers required to remove their shoes, adults may keep them on.

3. All family members required to remove their shoes, visitors may keep them on.

4. Family members and close friends asked to remove their shoes, other visitors may keep them on.

5. Family members and visitors normally asked to remove their shoes, but exceptions made for parties and some formal occasions.

6. Family members and visitors are normally required to remove their shoes on all occasions, including parties.

I would say that you only count as having a shoes-off policy if you are at level 5. Level 4 is close, but in my opinion is not really a true shoes-off policy.

The test...

For the last few days - well since late last week - I have been feeling slightly odd. Out of sorts. Can't put my finger on why, it feels like I have a test coming and I am nervous about it, and I haven't revised. But there is no such test that I can think of, coming in my life. Its all very odd.

So I am going to try and take heed of the 'be calm' sentiment (love this print by Louise Bourgeois) and think of soothing things and see if this one passes...please pass...

My heart feels abit like this...

Need raindrops on roses...

...and whiskers on kittens...

'Brother and Sister' by Jessie Wilcox Smith. My mum sent this postcard to me when I was 10 years old and was away on my first ever week-away school trip. It soothes me to look at it; I have one older brother and he has always looked after me, so to me, this is P and I...

In true British form...

Pretty vintage teacups...

And somehow get to my happy place...

Here's to Lazy Weekends

BF and I had a really great weekend - one of those few where we didn't have anything really on the agenda, yet didn't spend it all at home holed up in front of the TV (been there, done that too many times).

The weather was kind of weird in Atlanta - cold one minute, hot another, rainy, then not, so I opted for some super-casual outfits through the weekend (and no stripes, ha).

And here are some of the highlights that I think back fondly of, as Monday looms eerily:

Lunch at Flip Burger (thanks to Fallon and Jinah for the recs): Really good burgers with probably the world's best shake ever - the Krispy Kreme shake. I would've taken a picture of the shake but my first taste-test sip turned into a full-on chug and I was done with that thing before my meal even showed up. BF and I have vowed to do some serious shake testing to try to replicate the recipe.

Garden-Palooza: I test-drove my green thumb for 2010 (it's really more of an drab olive color) and we started up our little spring garden. I do mean little - I live in a brownstone, so my outdoor space is confined to a back balcony/tiny deck. So I figured I better take a picture right now while everyone's looking nice and prim - and still alive.

Dining In: Sunday involved some home pilates, bouncing around town, light errands and a home-cooked meal. BF's from TN, so he enjoys a hearty Southern meal every - shoot, almost every chance he gets.

Yes, there's only the two of us and we made a whole ham.

Crocs: Yes, we bought Crocs. They're our summer home shoes. BF and I made each other promise to never let the other leave the house with them on.

these hymns have trumpet parts

i have booked some dates in the studio. rehearsing next week for the drums, and recording it all mid to end of april. i have tokens for the dodgems on brighton pier. i feel like the milkybar kid. been listening to that youthmovies E.P. man i havent heard it for ages. its so good.


'a fart consists of 5 gases. nitrogen [20-90%] carbon dioxide [10-30%] oxygen [0-10%] hydrogen [0-50%] methane [0-10%] and the difference between a burp and a fart is that a burp doesn't contain hydrogen or methane. fact.'
thanks, Whitehorn. really.

GFS Meets Austin, Texas!

This weekend I had to take a day trip to Austin, Texas. I had to take a stupid test to prove how smart I am. Apparently even after one gets a Master's Degree, you are still considered stupid until you take another stupid test. (Can you detect the venom?)
Anyway, thanks to my great blog/twitter friend Kellyssima who also happens to make jewelry in Austin...I got the heads up on a few great vintage stores to check out!
I checked out Blue Velvet Vintage Store and I am so glad that I did! They had fab clothes and truly vintage, not just old people stuff! Some of the stuff was costumey but I was overall beyond in EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO BACK TO AUSTIN, I MUST GO THERE!
The rainbow bright colored hooker boots were a bit much but I'm pretty sure some hooker in Austin is on her way right now to grab them:) No judgement though.
Here is the sweet chick that checked me out. She was very patient as I tried to get discounts off discounts! She told me she was from Houston but moved to Austin when she and her hubby both got accepted the University of Texas. The other smiley lady...just a customer who wanted to take a picture I guess??
Believe it or not, I didn't go crazy. I got three items I loved...A fitted vintage Neiman Marcus blazer, a 70's plaid shirt perfect for Spring....AND............A 70'S CAFTAN THAT EVEN DIANA ROSS WOULD SLAP ME FOR!  Let just put it this way...Nicole Richie is mad that I have the dress and not her! I can't wait to show you! It makes me giggle just thinking about it!!

Oh yeah...I fell on my butt on the way to take that stupid test too...Yes, I fell again!
I'll tell you about that later this week.

Not for nothing...I hiked a little mini mountain in Austin and found this couple sitting on the edge of the cliff singing from what I assume was a hymn book? It was very odd but they were singing their little hearts out. They would sing in unison and then smile and gaze at each other. I was like WTH?? I kept waiting for them to jump together or something! I kept looking around to see if anyone else was phased by this scene but not so much. I had to sneak a picture. They were either singing to God or the Devil, I'm not sure but they were in tune nonetheless!