New Starks Laces!

New purple, red and louis vuitton colorway laces now in!

New Dance and Ballet Resolutions - Get Some Tips For an Extra Advantage

Ballet dancers tend to be self-critical and my intention is to help dancers progress faster with a light-hearted and keep-it-simple approach to new resolutions for their quest to excel in ballet class. Solving technical roadblocks may result in the extra advantage of a new understanding and enthusiasm that will take the "chore" out of making New Year's goals for your ballet training. So here are a few tips.

We've all had ballet corrections that do not seem to ever go away. We may understand perfectly how ballet positions and ballet movements should be. We understand how the body should mechanically do something, yet it can be frustrating when the body we're in just does not get it right after much trying.

What is the most frequent correction you got last year? Why isn't it fixed? There is a reason, relating to one of the following.

** Posture
** Flexibility
** Alignment
** Strength and reflexes
** Turnout
** Tension

For example, if you stand sideways to a mirror, legs parallel and straight, core area held a little, do your ankles/knees/hips/shoulders/ears stack up, with natural spinal curves kept? If not, is an area not stacked because it is too tight or too lose? Can the core muscles hold without strain showing in the neck or shoulders? Posture has a lot to do with tension, flexibility, strength, and understanding. Correct posture leads to correct alignment in many ballet positions. Fix if needed! Study, search for information.

Turnout involves strength, flexibility and tension. And understanding what true turnout is. Incorrect turnout affects posture, increases tension, reduces flexibility and distorts alignment. There is a book called Tune Up Your Turnout by Deborah Vogel that is a good myth-buster, and something every dancer can use. You can figure out a lot by yourself, with the right information. The trick is that you need to get your body to do something, from an ideal concept. In fact many of Deborah Vogel's "dancing smart" publications analyse one ballet position, such as arabesque, giving a wealth of data that will help you get your arabesque to its best line.

All of the above factors affect the rest, but which one underlies your never-ending correction?

Do you understand the mechanics behind the ballet position/movement/step you are trying to improve? If not, find out the details you need to know!

I believe that if you understand all the aspects of one basic thing in ballet (anatomy, mechanics, technique, style, physical requirements), something super-simple, (I didn't say easy) like standing in fifth position, you will understand a great deal about many other things in ballet.

Another example of getting more anatomical, mechanical and technical details of one factor in ballet technique is, strengthening the sole of the foot. Understanding the foot, and how to strengthen exclusively the foot muscles, not only leads to superior strength in dancing in pointe shoes, but will refine allegro, balance, landing from jumps and releves on pointe, and lots more. All this is covered in The Perfect Pointe Book, just to name one of many professionally presented dance manuals.

If you feel an overall lack of understanding of French words for ballet, and the general repertoire of ballet movements and ballet steps, The Ballet Bible is an excellent body of data, with photos and videos included.

Try selecting one recurring correction, and make a new resolution to search understanding all possible aspects of it. I believe that will affect several technical roadblocks that you may have. I think you'll gain an extra advantage and progress faster in the New Year.
Did a little shopping today. My mom and I ran around town. We're both off until Friday this week and are enjoying some mother/daughter bonding time together. We had to run to Penzey's to pick up a few spices. If you have a Penzey's in your area, it should be the only place you get your spices. You can't beat the price for the quality. Seriously amazing stuff. We popped into Target after that to check out their storage containers. Before we left I decided to take a gander through the shoe department. I am looking for some slipper boots. Like these I saw on the Old Navy website.

I got distracted. Of course. The sweater boots (slipper boots?) were all but forgotten as soon as I discovered that the Sigerson Morrison collection for Target was on clearance.

Glam Crystal Bootie

Okay. Seriously. I love these! I snatched them up in a heartbeat. They are so cute on and they sparkle quite beautifully. Oh and the irony here is these $30 booties are 100% genuine suede. Take that Bakers! I'm so anxious to wear them. BTW when the hubs saw them he thought they were awful. LOL!

Santa Baby

Just slip a bootie under the tree. For me. Been an awful good girl. Santa slipped this little beauty under the tree and needless to say I was thrilled! After all they were on my Christmas list. However after all the presents were unwrapped and upon closer inspection I discovered a few flaws. A couple scuffs here a spot of discoloration there. I wanted my new shoes to be perfect. So my mom and I set out on Friday to exchange them. The store we went to didn't have my size so another store was called, my size was put on hold, and I was set to make the exchange on Saturday. Oh, the best part about my visit to Bakers. The sales girl had the audacity to tell me the shoes were supposed to have those flaws. (Seriously???) Fast forward to Saturday. There I was minding my own business, browsing the internet, when I decided to check out the Bakers website. It was then (cue dramatic music please) that a grisly discovery was made. These booties are not made of real leather. They. Are. Faux. Leather.

Ummm. Yuck. No thanks. They have been returned.

So here.... is what I got instead.

Intyce - Steve Madden

I couldn't be more excited! I tried these on at the Steve Madden store a few days before Christmas and I just couldn't justify spending the money at the time but I really, really wanted them. I'm so glad I waited. It worked out so much better than I could have even wished. My mom ordered them for me on Sunday and I paid her the difference. I can't wait to get them! I'm already envisioning all of the outfits I will pair them with! I promise to take some live shots once they arrive. I love Christmas!

Off to the Snow We Go!

I'm going on my first "vacation" in a while! We're going skiing, or in everyone else besides me's case... snowboarding, in Mammoth until the new year. Yippee!! I got these adorable new pink ear muffs and I'm probably more excited about those than actually skiing. ha!

I'll miss you guys but I'm sure you're all enjoying some time off as well. At least I hope that's the case. :)

Happy New Year to all of you!!! I have a great feeling about 2009.

Arturo Chiang - Iman

I adore the rich copper hue of these sassy little sandals by Arturo Chiang. I love the cut out design which really lends to the unique shape and the snake embossed leather really ups the ante. I don't have anything like this in my shoe wardrobe. I would love to try these on. They seem to me to be a sort of summery sandal version of the Sam Edelman bootie featured below or do you think I'm just talking crazy?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope that Santa brought you all what you wanted :)

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have all enjoyed reading this year as much as I've enjoyed writing.

Here's one of my favorite pairs of Louboutin's to wish you happy holidays! ;) 
I love sparkles!

Luke Skywalker has a Shoes-Off Rule!

I could not resist writing this post!

Not the white-clad farm boy that you see in Star Wars: A New Hope, but the fifty-year old married Jedi master that he turns into over the course of over two dozen novels that continue the adventures of the Star Wars characters.

Since I was 13, I have enjoyed reading these novels that continue the story after Return of the Jedi. This week, I decided to return to them and picked up The Joiner King, the first part of the Dark Nest trilogy.

I was thrilled to discover that Luke and his wife Mara Jade have a no-shoes rule in their home, on the planet Ossus (where removing shoes is apparently the custom). In this novel, Mara is reminded by their ten-year old son to remove her shoes.

It was a great novel, one of the best Star Wars novels I have read. My only complaint is an incident in the story where Luke Skywalker authorises the use of torture. This smacks too much of the way the USA has sailed close to the dark side. I was glad the John McCain, Republican candidate in the recent US election took a strong stand against torture.

I finally got my own place!

Sorry not to have posted anything, but I am without the internet in my new apartment.

I moved into my apartment in Stevenage last Saturday. It is great.

I was given the keys by a property inspector. He spent some time impressing upon me the need to keep the apartment clean. He noticed that I had removed my shoes on entering. While he had kept his own shoes on, he told me that I ought to make this the 'order of the day.' I suspect with all the pressure from landlords and their agents (the old deposit) to look after rented property, a lot of tenants like myself probably feel the need to impose a no-shoes rule.

I had promised myself that when I got my own place, I would buy this door mat that says 'Please Take Off Your Shoes.' It was expensive, but I did. Mine is in brick red, with black letters. You can buy your own shoes-off doormat from Mats4u (UK)

I have not had any visitors yet, but I am sure I will in good time.

Christmas Eve with the In-Laws...

I wore these crazy shoes I did for JLO to my in-laws for the yummiest X-Mas eve dinner ever... Tamales!!! Yumm.

Tomorrow it's Christmas brunch with my family. I think I'll wear something sparkly!! ;)

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jews out there!! 


OMG! I almost forgot the best part of the evening! The Christmas roast!

(We finally broke down and ate the puppy. He was delish!)

RIP Banksy  *3/14/08 ~ 12/24/08*

Christmas Eve

Via Spiga Monique

So I thought to myself that it would be rather festive if I could find a red and green shoe to kick off one of my most favorite of days. Don't get me wrong I enjoy Christmas Day just as much as the next person but I do believe I enjoy Christmas Eve Day more. I love all of the anticipation and the preparations and the general good cheer. However I certainly wasn't expecting to find such a deliriously adorable pair of red and green shoes. These manage to have all of the right elements don't you think. The combination of snake embossed leather and the pretty patent leather floral accent is fierce yet feminine. These are definitely going on my list as a must have for the season. In honor of the holiday I will not be posting tomorrow. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa! See you on Friday.

Matt Bernson - Equus

Matt Bernson - Equus

From the looks of these sweet little sandals it seems that the fringe trend is not going anywhere come Spring. I love the color combination here (according to Piperlime the colors are navy, blueberry, orange and teal) and the layered patent leather fringe detail. Fabulously flirty and feminine these would be adorable paired with dresses and skirts for a more casual look.

jb knees

I've Been Tagged

Who knew that someone cares about me in the blog world. My homie over at Confessions a Former Hot Girl thought I was worthy to be tagged. She actually wants to know more about me! Can you believe that?!? Little Old Me:)

So, I will just get to the point. The purpose of being "tagged" is to get know random bits about a person so here goes...

1. I snore. There I said it. I had my tonsils taking out thinking it would eliminate the problem but sadly it did not. It is partly the reason why I never did/do sleepovers...I am too embarrassed:(

*cue the violins*

2. I don't do small talk. You can ask anybody...I do not believe in chit chat. If I don't have anything specific or meaningful to say...I am quiet as a mouse. Even in a grocery store, if someone asks me a random question, I will answer it and turn right background. Actually small talk annoys me to no end...I hate to hear meaningless banter and I don't like entertaining people who are full of it. Some people say I am rude, I just like to get to the point.

3. I am truly ready to get 2008 over with! I am so over it. I didn't have the greatest year and I can't wait to pass it on by.

4. Up until a few years ago, I literally had a fear of airports...not airplanes....not flying...AIRPORTS. I would refuse to go at all cost and rarely drove/picked up anyone from the airport if it required me walking into the actual building. I think I may have been lost in the airport when I was little, so possibly I was traumatized.

5. My major in college was Journalism and minored in Psychology but I was only a few courses shy of having a minor in Western Religion. I took alot of courses on religions because I am genuinely interested in the origins of parables and stories of the bible. I even took a course named Black Churches in American where the origins of Black churches was investigated.

6. I have been known to walk out of a church if the sermon is boring or if I don't get a good vibe. I have actually walked out of a church when a random guest speaker picked me out of the congregation and told me that God said I was going to be in politics. Everybody around me knows I don't want to work man! He also said that God told him that I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine one day. I refused to bow my head to that nonsense for I felt I was being mocked. While everyone's head was still down in prayer, I grabbed the then BF and left. We drove to Carrabas to have lunch and a drink! I will walk out of a church if I don't feel it is genuine or the service is too long. I am not proud of it...I'm just saying! LOL
*Bonus*- I don't eat rice. I hate it. And I secretly want to cuss people out who want to make me try it "just this once". I HATE RICE!! There I said it. It has no taste, it serves no purpose and there is no room for rice in my life! LOL

I will pass the tag onto Raven. She is quite hilarious and an intriguing person to learn about:)

(Hey BF, I know too much about you so don't go tripping:)

Eat My Shorts.

Bart Simpson T and pegged acid wash jeans?? I'd wear that shit tomorrow if I still had it!


in wales for the festivities. had a bit of a software problem resulting in the '...melitzer' album not having the lyrics and credits as a data file on the CD as the art work suggests. bummer. were working on it. night and day, night and day. with any luck it will be sorted soon. if your CD is lacking in said text file, please email me there is a video that i want to put up, but the security on this computer is so tight that i cant even watch anything on youtube. had a good last show of the year for shield your eyes at the west end centre. played bavins rich. its a beaut. thanks bavin. hate your enemies, save your friends, find your place, speak the truth, or something like that.

Karaoke - Guess Footwear

This week continues with more hot Spring styles brought to you courtesy of Piperlime. This is a great sandal that you are bound to reach for over and over again. The woven detail at the vamp gives it that extra "oomph!" and the tan leather is a spot-on neutral. Speaking of extra "oomph!" the wooden platform and 4 inch heel will give you just the boost you need to flit around town while showing off those gorgeous gams.

Night on the Town...

Me and my tranny hooker shoes went to LA last night for my friend Sascha's birthday bash. We went to Geisha House for some overpriced sushi and cocktails and then headed to her promoter friend's house for a little pre party action- including Arizona's beat box champion showing us his "mad skills" ( If I were talking to you in person those would be air quotes. Ya, I'm not afraid to use air quotes people. I'm bringing them back like J-Timb and sexy.)

Anyway- then it was off to Kress, which much to our shagrin, was hosting an Affliction party. Barf. If you don't know what that means, consider yourself below the douche bag radar. Don't bother Googling it.

So yea- this post is chock full of pics with lots of fun details. Check it out-

Banksy really wanted to be in the picture.

Would you believe I spent like 5 hours carefully ripping this shirt? I blame Carbon Couture for giving me the idea! (though hers is waaaaay radder)

He seriously wouldn't get out of the frame. He's so cute!
So these are my tranny hooker shoes. I love them and Jak and Jil blog inspired me to bust them out again. It's rare to have an occasion to wear them and not look insane.

You bad boy! Haha.

(shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti, leggings- American Apparel, shirt and coat- Forever 21, scarf- Alexander McQueen, bangles- Burberry and forever 21)

*** NEW PHOTO***
Just wanted to add this pic cause it shws my shoes a little better. haha

Leather Dog!

Huf Leather Dog fitted available in all sizes!

Huf Snapback

New Huf Snapback now available at the shop!

Huf Pincord!

Huf Pincord Fitteds just in!

High Post Fitted

New Acapulco Gold High post fitted now available at the shop!

Blvck is the new Blvck!

New BlackScale fitteds now in! Dont sleep these are selling out everywhere.

Hello Again...

I almost forgot about these lovely little shoesies by Dries VanNotten. I kind of love them and also kind of hate them. 

I love them cause they have a killer shape and I love how close the heel is to the front part. I also love how high up the vamp is. They're very funky. Me likey.

However, I hate how they are secretly high. I mean- these shoes are WAY higher than they look. They don't have a platform and the heel is super chunky so at first glance they don't look high- but they are.

Anyway- welcome back shoes! I missed you.

How to Choose a Ballet Teacher and Dance Studio For Training in Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes

This article gives you 7 highly effective tips about how to choose a ballet teacher. E.g., what a good dance studio looks like; the need for professional training; how to learn real classical ballet;will you need pointe shoes, and more. Many aspiring ballet dancers go through these thoughts in seeking a quality ballet class. Here are some important tips.

Things to consider: What Do You Want For Your Child? (or yourself)?

What does your child want from ballet? Would tap dancing, karate, hip-hop or jazz be a satisfying alternative, or does it have to be ballet? Ballet is a traditional, technical form requiring commitment and discipline. Sometimes it isn't fun! Ballet shoes and pointe shoes can be challenging. But many fall in love with this demanding and traditional dance form.

What will you look for if there are several studios you can check out? The following tips about the basic requirements to good, safe, ballet teaching, will be helpful to parents searching for a good dance studio.

A ballet regimen can be used for a weight loss plan, a childcare outlet, health maintenance, or relief for a troubled teenager. It takes a special love, and can fulfill many requirements of the soul. Many ballet teachers, in glamorous and famous settings, or small and out of the way regions, work just to provide an outlet for this broad spectrum of our needs. Some are experts at teaching pre-pointe, many are not.

*** Locations and appearances: professional dance studios tend to be in older buildings, which have large rooms with undivided spaces, and sprung wooden floors instead of floors set over concrete. A teacher trained in a professional school would choose such a place over a newer facility in a fashionable district with smaller rooms and a concrete floor. If the neighborhood is safe, don't judge a a studio by its lack of "chic". A teacher who chooses an older, low-rent district studio may be providing pupils with safer flooring, better musical accompaniment, and the luxury of smaller classes. If premises have been built especially for dance studios, the best amenities are likely in place.

*** Music: today's economy will not allow all teachers to have live piano accompaniment. While definitely preferable, it will be reflected in the fees you pay. Recorded music for classes does not necessarily mean lower teaching standards.

*** Size of classes: for the beginning levels (i.e., younger children) there should not be classes over approximately 15 students without a teacher's assistant, or the students will not get much individual attention.

*** Hard Floors: floors set directly over concrete have no give, thus creating the potential for injury from falls or repeated landings from jumps. This creates stress and wear and tear on on delicate developing joints and soft tissues. Sprung floors are the best, which is wood on wood supports. There are also floors now made for ballet studios which many studios install.

*** Body style favoritism in teachers: this can be devastating to your child's self-esteem. Any body type can learn, and benefit from ballet classes. This also applies if you are an adult looking for classes, beginner or otherwise. Ballet endows any physique with grace, strength, and fluidity of motion. Unfortunately the professional world of ballet is affected by fads of body shape just like high fashion. Children studying any kind of athletics should be encouraged to appreciate themselves, and the wonderment of their human body and their abilities, just as they are, and just as they are not.

*** Professional ballet training requires very specific physical attributes. Some teachers will praise a student's classwork relative to the assets they were born with. This leaves all others left behind. A good teacher will teach towards every student's actual efforts, concentration, and physical progress, be it made because of, or in spite of, their physiques.

*** Corrections and teachers' attitudes: a teacher's positive attitude is essential. Difficult routines can still be enjoyed, as they produce accomplishment. Every student should be corrected in every class, and every student should be noted when improvements are seen. A demanding but compassionate person produces the best results.

The technical details of good teaching is - well - technical! More guidelines are available at The Ballet Store.

Max Studio - Renato

These have such fun elements. Gladiator style in an ultra glam and girly color. Hot pink platform + a cone shaped heel. Speaking of heels, how about adding 4 fabulous inches to your frame? Sigh. I think I will always wear/covet heels. No matter how old and crotchety I may get. Heels make me happy!


Christina Aguilera obviously saw my hair post. 

Someone tell her to stop biting my style. Sheesh.
First she copies Gwen, then Lady Gaga... now me?? Come on now. I'm on to you Christina.

For My Homies in the Tri-State Area...

Wanna get warm?? Go get you some cashmere!!! At an extra 20% off no less...

Just a heads up ;)

More Tooting of the Horn!

You asked for it!

hahaha. Ok, so I literally screamed when I saw this in China. Our LAMB designer brought a bunch of fashion magazines from Hong Kong and he noticed THIS! Yessss!

This is one of the coolest feelings ever- having your work in a magazine that is seen all over the world. It's SUCH a trip. I can't wait 'till the shoes are in stores and people are actually buying and wearing them!!!

Stay tuned...

(PS.... the only downer? If you click on the pic and look closely I'm on the same page as a You by Crocs shoe!! Oh well...)


Musings: No Shoes in the House Please

Musings: No Shoes in the House Please

Greer - Corso Como

This fabulously strappy hot Spring style is brought to you by Corso Como. Let's inspect this pair a little closer, shall we? Thin, delicate gold straps. Check. Fabulous criss cross styling at the vamp. Check. Mini platform. Check. Stacked wood heel. Check. Hm. These seem to have all of the elements perfect for traipsing stylishly around town. Spectacular!

Gratuitous Showing Off...

Soooo, I came home form China this morning and had my company holiday party to go to tonight. I figured it was the perfect time to debut my beautiful new shoes!! :)

They were a hit! And guess what... they were even comfortable! Like, totally comfortable- not just comfy for sexy hot amazing shoes.

There's my hot date. My Ben. He's so cute, he totally wore a pink shirt to compliment my party dress. Awee.

(dress- forever 21, necklace- Tarina Tarantino, heels- Nicholas Kirkwood)



Last Bible Study at the Pastor's House

I am leaving Hastings on Saturday, so it was my last Bible study at the pastor's house. As it was my last Bible study there, I was pleased to notice that everybody removed their shoes.

A couple of people brought slippers. A couple of people, as well as myself were barefoot (the hardy people!).

A lady who was there for the first time asked the pastor's young assistant whether she should remove her shoes. He replied:

Shoes off is good.

A very American way of putting it. It has been cool attending an American denomination.

Some Serious Theology: Are you a Tramplian or an Offalist?


If you are an Evangelical Christian, you may be sick of the Calvinist/ Arminian debate, so let me introduce you to some new theological terms; Tramplian and Offalist.

Tramplians like to trample the carpets or flooring of their homes with their shoes on. They find it rather objectionable to be asked to remove their shoes when visiting somebody else's home.

The central principle in Tramplian theology is the freedom of the will. They believe that they should be the ones to decide whether they take their shoes off at a dinner party. Their attitude is "I decided what outfit to wear. I decided what shoes to wear. I should be able to keep them on if I like". They do not believe that a hostess should impose shoelessness on them.

Tramplians have a strong belief in the goodness of hosts. They consider that a hostess should be above all concerned for her guests wishes and convenience above keeping her home clean. They believe that if a hostess likes them enougth to invite them into her home, she will accept them with their shoes on.

Tramplians believe in the power of their own ability to keep their shoes clean. They consider themselves to be grown-up and to be careful about what they tread on. They do acknowledge that their shoes can be tainted by the corruption of dirty streets, however they hold that this can easily be dealt with by wiping their feet on their hostess' doormat. Their shoes can be restored to cleanliness by the exercise of their will.

Offalists in contrast, always remove their shoes at the door. Offalists believe in the Total Depravity of the soles of their shoes. The corruption of city streets has completely ruined the condition of their shoes, they argue, and the only hope is a change of nature for their feet, namely into slippers or clean socks. The Offalist pays heed to warnings about the health risks of pesticide, lead paint and animal excrement.

The Offalist upholds the sovereignty of the host. The hostess has been very generous in inviting her guests, however, she is sovereign over her own home and has the authority to set the rules. She will not allow anything corrupt to defile her home. Those who would enter her home must not come in their own shoes, but must meet her condition of a change into slippers or stocking feet.

The Offalist holds that the root problem of the Tramplian's theology is human pride. The Tramplian is proud of her ability to make decisions about her outfit. She is proud of her Manolos, her Prada heels or her Jimmy Choo boots. She is too proud to combine her outfit with stocking feet. She resents the idea that her hostess would not accept her in her own shoes.

The Offalist argues that if the Tramplian would only forsake her pride, she would actually find that she was far more comfortable in slippers, socks or bare feet. Her determination to remain in her stilettos will in the end hurt her feet and drag her to destruction. She may well remain outside the dinner party in the outer darkness.

Bernardo - Must Stone

Bernardo - Must Stone

Mmmm... crystal stones... This is the perfect flat sandal to boost those flirty Spring dresses and sassy shorts into overdrive. Pair these with a plethora of looks for instant chic. I love the pewter color and the medallion of bling, of course. Who doesn't love a good medallion of bling?

moving pictures

i went through my phone, found a couple of videos from the road.

english lit.

'cos in the dark theres murder, can't you see i'm going under, i need help, this aint right, something's missing, oh yeah, it's light' - anonymous

shoulders, the brum, and the road

back in london after a week or so of motorways. hitched a lift to sheffield with blakfish to play a house party with them, wintermute and pulled apart by horses. i believe that the night was good. i remember throwing baubles at lee's head. someone eating a leg of raw meat, a girl getting a slice of ham in the face. alex having a sardine toasted sandwich, wiz taking a tumble, wiz in a guerrilla suit, wiz singing his face off, and wiz passed out on the floor. most of the evening was caught on video. great. i woke up shivering on a mattress next to a bloodstain. tommy, who's party it was, cut his foot so badly that the ambulance was called. while trying to find my coat, bag and guitar i noticed more and more blood around the house. it was about 9am when i left. it was cold and it rained, so i felt like an actor, and i though of ma, and i wanted to get back there, your face, your race, the way that you talk, i kiss you, no seriously, it was really cold and wet and i walked for an hour to meet some dudes who wanted to shoot a video of me playing for an art project. the shoot took 10 minutes and then i was back in the rain. met the blakfish boys and off we went to brum, where i experienced the hospitality of shoulders and his family for 2 days. thankyou shoulders. found the time to record a song called 'the storm of '87' at his studio, and also worked on BUTTERFINGERS. we have a good starting point for the song now. the storm of '87 marks the start of the 3rd album. im going to record each song at a different place.
from the muddy banks of melitzer is now out..


storm of 87