Wanted: Honest Opinion Please

So I bought these Prada shoes at Barneys when I was in NY a couple of weeks ago and I'm torn... which usually means I should return them, but I'm just not sure. I want to know what you guys think? Do you like them? Should I maybe just exchange them for the black version?

I dunno... I just don't have anything like them and I don't have any bone colored shoes. Hmmm. Help please. 

I've really been loving Prada lately by the way. Isn't it funny how one season someone just kicks ass and you're like- woah, where did you come from!? 

I got these babies on sale at Nordstrom and I seriously love them. The raw snake bows are the perfect mix of cute and exotic. I felt a little silly buying them since I already have THESE that are on the same bottom... but they're really completely different.  

Kelowna Cappuccino Bar

Enjoy a Cappuccino as you visit Roys Shoes and Boot Repairs.

Cappuccino was traditionally a taste largely appreciated in Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America and some of North America. By the mid-1990s cappuccino was made much more widely available to North Americans, as upscale coffee bars and now can be enjoyed in Kelowna BC on Ellis at Roys Shoes and Boot Repairs.

In Italy, and throughout continental Europe, cappuccino was traditionally consumed early in the day as part of the breakfast, with some kind of sweet pastry. Generally, Europeans did not drink cappuccino with meals other than breakfast, preferring espresso throughout the day and following dinner
However, in recent years Europeans have started to drink cappuccino throughout the entire day. In North America, a cappuccino is a popular after-dinner option served at many locations.

Enjoy your Kelowna Cappuccino at Roys Shoes and Boot Repairs.

Jim Belshaw
Roy’s Shoes Boots and Repair
1627 Ellis Street, Kelowna, V1Y2A8

Winner #3!

Ladies! Today is the day you've been waiting for. The day I reveal the winner of the $100 gift card to heels.com.

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-29 21:59:31 UTC

Alright here we go... the winner is... betabelita. Congrats! You must let me know what you decide to purchase. (Hm. Something tells me it will be the Corso Como Key sandal) Here is what betabelita had to say.

Blogger betabelita said...

I'm all about the Corso Como Key Sandal. I can't decide which color I love more- black or tan. All I know is that they are gorgeous and I need them. Need them.

June 24, 2009 10:33 PM

Please send an email to shoezq at gmail dot com with your shipping information and I will pass it on to my contact at heels.com. A big thank you to Eric and company at heels.com for providing such an amazing prize!

The Other Pop Icon

Yes, I'm still soaking up all things Michael Jackson and I have become mildly obsessed with playing my favorite MJ song "Butterflies".

Yet, I wanted to flip the script slightly and show you pics of me rocking my Prince T-shirt that I mentioned here.

I ordered this shirt three months ago and I just recently got it. I guess the fact that Beyonce' rocked the shirt publicly started a production frenzy. By the time, I got it...I was pretty much over it and now I wish I had a Michael Jackson T-shirt. I am sure there won't be a shortage of those though:)

At any rate, here I am with Prince all over me:) Cute shirt. Great fit...just ridiculously late. I am totally into shopping in my own closet so this ensemble was a mixture of that. Nothing spectacular but thought I would show you what the tshirt looked like. Enjoy.

Top-Chaser Tee "Prince's Life is A Parade" tshirt

Belt-Vintage (meaning I bought it years ago and have no clue where I got it)

Skinny Jeans-Urban Outfitters (earlier this year)

Silver Platforms-Calvin Klein via Ross Stores

Red Clutch-a gift for babysitting my friend's baby...I have a great bartering system going:)
Chandelier Earrings- Forever 21

I wish I cared enough to want to photoshop myself but in these days when everybody is dying every other day, I am just grateful to be alive...extra thickness and all. So here I am in my fabulous natural glory...definitely looks better with a belt. Yes, it seems that I only have one pose...the hand on the hip:)

*Now allow me to get back to singing Butterflies off key*

Toodles and Amen:)

Harajuku Lovers brand's First Retail Store!

So I'm back and I have a bunch of stuff to blog about but I want to start with this! They just opened a Harajuku Lovers store in Taiwan and it is seriously cute. They carry the clothing line, the handbags, the fragrance line and of course... the shoes! Check it out.

Whoever did the store layout did an amazing job. It's like stepping into a giant HL perfume box or something. So cute. All the little details are like perfect little touches. And how cute it the staff?
I wonder if any more of these retail stores will pop up anywhere else? I'm sure Japan would be a logical place for one... There are like 15 Kitson boutiques in LA, I'm sure they could lend them one of those as a HL boutique. ha.

Well, I wish them luck!

Good Ol' Stevemeister Does It, AH-gain!

Steve Madden - Persis

Admittedly I spied the Steve Maddens first and I was intending on blogging about them because 1. They're hot. 2. I love them. 3. They're hot. Seriously I will add these to my fall must have list. But as I was browsing around on endless.com I soon discovered the L.A.M.B. pair featured below.

I really don't know what to say about this "borrowing" of designs that I haven't already. On the one hand it's bordering on the edge of smarmy. On the other it's so appreciated by me (I'm not embarrassed to admit) and I'm sure many others out there who just can't afford to lay down $350+ for a pair of shoes. These are gorgeous. I love, love, love the silhouette and the fact that these can be paired with just about everything from skirts, to dresses, to skinnies.

The Care Of Shin Splints - Or Prevent Shin Splints By Building Strong Foot Muscles

Understanding shin splints requires knowing how to use your foot muscles properly. This affects all your ballet positions and movements. Even more basic, is understanding where your weight should be on your standing foot/feet. If not drawn back too much on the heel, the calf muscles and tibial (shin) muscles do not have to strain even before you've made a move. To avoid shin splints altogether, check how you're standing in parallel, and how your feet are positioned on the floor.

Ideally, you have arches that don't flatten on the floor when you are standing, and also don't hold an arch shape with a rigid locked position. The front of your ankle is relaxed because your weight is on the middle of the heel, the outside of the foot at the little toe metatarsal joint, and the inside of the foot at the big toe metatarsal joint.

The rest of your body is stacked upward from ankle to knee (if your knees are hyper-extended you have been shown how to hold them in a straight position) to hip through the natural spinal curves to your head. Imagery-wise, your head floats above all of this. Realistically, you work with your rib cage held but not clenched down, so your neck does not have to compensate with a chin pulling up and forward, eliminating the natural curve.

And all of that has to do with how your feet rest on the floor.

If your feet are flat and soft, standing correctly, turning out correctly and getting the weight distributed on the foot (picture a triangle or tripod) is going to activate the sole of the foot muscles but NOT activate tibial (shin) and/or calf muscles that will strain if your weight has sunk inwards. Dancers call it rolling ankles.

Having the weight a tad forward (isn't that nice and scientific) feeling ready to move into a tendu and take the weight on the standing leg, is an activated but not tense or clenched feeling in your legs and core muscle area.

So even though shin splints are usually associated with jumping on hard floors, or overworking through long rehearsal days, shin splints can start with a lack of understanding just how to stand on your feet - and also not understanding what type of feet you are standing on.

It doesn't MATTER what kind of feet you have. It matters that you know how to use them and improve them, way before you get into pointe shoes.

A foot that is arched but rigid in the mid section can be loosened up with massage, warm foot baths, and regular ballet strengthening exercises.

A soft flat foot can be strengthened and activated properly on the floor.

A hyper-mobile highly arched foot can be strengthened and controlled by the intrinsic (sole of the foot) muscles.

A less flexible ankle can be stretched properly, starting with relaxing the shin muscles.......that may be strained by weight drawing back on the heel, as mentioned above.

Ideally you prevent shin splints. If you are past that, you practice good care of shin splints with massage, ice, perhaps rest, and applying all of the above. Swelling and inflammation of the tibial muscles can get extremely painful, and severe pain should be addressed by a ballet/sports/fitness physiotherapist or chiropractor. There may be a stress fracture present, so it's good to know exactly what you are healing.

Take a look at your parallel bare feet position in the mirror and get your weight placed properly. Women and men in sports/fitness/ballet can learn how to build your foot muscles for fine reflexes, fine balance, and for ballet pointe shoes.



Some people are of the opinion that it is very important that guests have the choice of whether to keep their shoes on or not.

However, it is not as simple as that. Some choices may impose on the choices of others.

Some visitors may want to take their shoes off, but may fear that doing so will be considered rude. Being informed that shoes-off is encouraged will be a great welcome for these people.

The shoes-on folks might then argue, "Yes, but you can still let people keep their shoes on without imposing on the people who prefer to go shoeless."

However, this is not the case. Firstly, those people who want to take their shoes off may fear, if there are lots of other guests, particularly at a party, that their feet may get squashed by other peoples' shoes. In a crowded party, it can be hard to avoid having people tread on your toes.

Secondly, people who take their shoes off will prefer to walk on a floor that is cleaner. In fact, there is another issue here, as Angie pointed out in a previous post. Some guests will enjoy sitting on the floor. And sitting on the floor is a much more pleasent experience when it is clean. So allowing guests the choice of wearing shoes imposes on those who like to sit on the floor.

The simple truth is that no host can please everybody. However, there are far more good reasons to insist on shoes coming off at the door than for allowing shoes to stay on. Let guests chose between slippers, socks ot barefeet. That is choice enough.

Tribute to Triel Baenre

Triel Baenre is a character in the Forgotten Realms fantasy franchise. She first appeared in novels written by RA Salvatore.

Triel is a Drow, one of the race of evil black skinned elves who dwell underground and who worship the spider goddess Loth. Triel was the daughter of Matron Baenre, head of the ruling Drow house and on her death, became the head of House Baenre. She is evil and cunning, has a bad habit of sleeping with demons (producing some monstrous offspring), but is embarassingly short in stature.

Triel is my favorite character in fantasy literature for the simple reason that she has a shoes-off policy!

In the novel, Siege of Darkness (I think it is that one, it is a few years since I last read that trilogy), she holds a meeting with a Drow mercenary, Jarlaxle, in her private chambers. To protect the plush carpet, she removes her shoes and tells Jarlaxle to remove his boots. He declines, but she warns him that if he makes a hole in the carpet, she will fill it with his head. That is the right attitude!

Another Winner AND Another Contest!

First, the winner of Contest #2.

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-06-26 00:13:54 UTC

Congrats to Alexis!!! She is the lucky winner of the 20 Tszuji shoe storage boxes. Yay Alexis! Just send me an email with your contact information to shoezq at gmail dot com and I will forward it on to my contact at Tszuji. Here is what Alexis had to say about her current means of storing shoes.


Oh...my shoes are sorely lacking a storage solution! I've got the ugly over-the-door rack and then a whole mess of shoes all over my closet floor!

June 22, 2009 12:32 PM

Well ladies it's time for the final contest of the blogversary celebration. Enter now for your chance to win a $50 promo code to endless.com. I love endless. They have tons of lovely shoes for you to choose from. Here are just a few of my faves.

BCGGirls Bart

I think you know the drill by now. To enter leave a comment and tell me what is your "go to" shoe of the summer. This is open to U.S. residents only and the big winner will be chosen on Wednesday, July 1st. Good luck everyone!

Air Jordan Fusion Retro 4 "Mars Blackmon" Released July 4th

These are going to be released on The 4th of July, sizes are limited.
call the store for more info and pricing.

High Point

Acapulco Gold S/S 2009 Look Book

The guys over at Acapulco Gold finally have released their Spring/Summer look book. High Point is proud to be the only account in the state and we will be receiving this collection this week. Stay tuned on the blog and twitter for more details.

High Point

A Winner AND A Look For Less

First things first. Because I know if I put this at the end of the post all you're going to do is skip over the pretty pictures and witty text to see if you're the big winner of that gorgeous Tolani scarf. So before I get to the meat of the post I must first send out a big congrats to Ashleigh12. She is the lucky winner!!!! Congrats Ashleigh12!!!!! Just email me with you're contact information and I will pass it on the the wonderful folks at chickdowntown.com.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-25 00:53:16 UTC

Here is how Ashleigh12 would wear it.
Ashleigh12 said...

i would love to put this scarf with my white tank, my skinny jeans that are cuffed at the bottom and a pair of blue sparkle flats :)

Hmmm... sounds cute doesn't it? Congrats again and please send an email to shoezq at gmail dot com.

Alright now on to some shoes. Today I was browsing around stevemadden.com and came across something that caught my eye. I know. Surprise, surprise, right? I thought they would be absolutely perfect for a Look For Less. You'll see why soon.

First you need to meet Raja

L.A.M.B. - Raja

Crisscross straps. Check. Button like closures. Check. Double buckle straps. Check. 4.5 inch stilletto heel. Check.

Now it's time for you to meet Pyrena.

Pyrena - Steve Madden

Hmmm... something seems familar here. I can't quite put my finger on it. Wait. Now I see it. Man, I really had to stare at these for a while before I could really pick up on it. That Steve Madden. He sure is uh "looking out" for us recessionistas. Well lookie here, once again we have Crisscross straps. Check. Button like closures. Check. Double buckle straps. Check. 4.5 inch stilletto heel. Check. Finding the look for less. Priceless.

And stay tuned everyone. I'll be having my final giveaway tomorrow.

Do Heavy Metal fans remove their shoes at the door? A Global Perspective


- Heavy Metal music originated in the UK where removing shoes is not the norm.
- Heavy Metal is most popular in South America where people don't normally remove their shoes in homes.


- Some of the best ever Heavy Metal bands come from Scandinavia where removing shoes is definitely the norm.
- Heavy Metal also has a big following in Eastern Europe and South East Asia where people always take off their shoes in homes.
- This Heavy Metal fan certainly does!

Degrees of Firmness


1. You can take your shoes off here if you like.

2. We take our shoes off here.

3. We do like visitors to take their shoes off.

4. Are you alright with taking your shoes off?

5. You don't mind taking your shoes off, do you?

6. Could you take your shoes off, please?

7. Take your shoes off, please.

8. Shoes off.

9. Shoes off now!

We All Have A Little Diana In Us!

Today is going to be a good day...I woke up and caught one of my favorite movies from the beginning.


I love that movie...The clothes, LOVE IT!. Billy Dee Williams (I know most are too young to even know who he is...heck I am too to be honest)...but love him!

I love the end.

Brian: "Do you want me to help you with your landlord, lady?"

Tracy: "Hell, no! I want you to get me my old man back."

Brian: "Madam, if you really want your old man back, are you prepared to stand by him when the going's getting rough?

Tracy: "Yes!"

Brian: "Madam, would you be willing to put your imagination to work on behalf of the cause he's fighting for?"

Tracy: "Yes!"

Brian: "Madam, would you love and cherish him for the rest of your life?"

Tracy: "Yes!"

Brian: "Madam--"

Tracy: "Yes?"

Brian: "If you're willing to do all that, I guarantee you I'll get you your old man back."

Tracy: "Then, mister, you've got my vote."

Love it!! Is the movie cheesy? Yes? Could it have been a better production? Probably but I still love it so:)

This feels like this is about to be a random post so I will just leave you with a clip of the movie.

THAT CLUTCH AND HAT AND CAPE in the first part of the clip...I WOULD SO ROCK THAT TO DEATH! That ensemble gives me the chills. I would wear it to go to the grocery store and look at people stupid if they stared at me!

Now sing with me...Do you know where you're going to...

Come to think of it...I dress with a little Diana Ross influence...I love big sleeves and fitted bodices. We all have a little Diana in us don't we?

And I would SOOOOO wear this striped caftan in the following clip! I SO WOULD!

**update** It's 10:14pm and I am flipping the channels... WHY AM I WATCHING the video Mirror, Mirror by Diana Ross! Weird...and I am jamming too!! Love the big hair and the big sleeves!**

It's Time For Giveaway #3!!!!!

Well, well, well my dear readers just wait until you find out what's in store for you. Thanks to the amazing generosity of my friends over at heels.com one of you will be the lucky winner of (drum roll please) a $100 giftcard! Seriously!!! How amazing is that? All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your must have shoe is for Fall 2009. You can be as specific or as general as you want to be (i.e. The Prada Cut-out ankle boots or a platform pump with studded detailing). You have from now until Monday, June 29 at 5 p.m. to enter for your chance to win. And then you could be the lucky owner of...

Please note this contest is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck everyone!

Men's Keen Walking Shoes Kelowna

Roys Shoes Boots and Repairs stocks one of the largest selection of men’s Keen shoes in Kelowna and the Okanagan.
Create, Play and Care in the outdoors and live a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

Jim Belshaw
Roy's Shoes, Boots and Repairs
1627 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2A8

Nike RT1's just in

New Nike RT1's in store now in some very nice colorways. Both come with an extra set of laces and are available now, but very limited in sizes!!!! As always we will be accepting phone orders for these and they are tax free for out of state purchases!! (480)-949-0500

Nike Air Max 95' in store now!

A Shoe In Between Giveaways

I'm sure you are all tired of trying to win cool stuff by now :) so I thought I'd post a hot shoe find before a tres fab, super sweet, you are gonna be so stoked giveaway tomorrow. Man are you guys loving my blogoversary week as much as I am?

BCBGirls - Worker

Hottie, hot, hot hot. You HAVE to click on the link to see what these look like on. A gorgeous mocha hued suede upper meets a sassy snake print platform and heel. Sexy cut outs and a peep toe really amp up the sex appeal but just wait until you see the leather lace detailing on the sling back strap. Me-ow.

Ballet Pointe Shoes and How to Control Your Professional Footwork

To prepare for doing ballet in pointe shoes, concentrate on the one thing that is going to compensate for maybe not getting exactly the right fit on your first fitting. It is not the way you sew the pointe shoe ribbons or the toe padding that you use. It is not how good a teacher you have or the quality of the floor you dance on. Luckily, it is something you have power over, and no one can take it away from you. It is the strength in your tiny foot muscles.

The advantages of developing your intrinsic foot muscles (the ones that are in your feet and are not extensions of leg muscles) are:

*** your calf and tibial (shin muscles) will not be over working and holding extra tension because of weak foot muscles

*** your Achilles tendon will not be prone to injury due to tense calf muscles

*** your reflexes will developed in your footwork, giving the needed control and balance

*** you will able to use the full depth of your demi plie

*** you will be able to secure your weight properly on your feet, in the 'tripod' of middle of the heel/at the little toe metatarsal joint/at the big toe metatarsal joint

When you cannot get the exact fit in pointe shoes, compensations can be made with toe spacers, gel padding, heel grips, sewing wide elastic across the vamp for extra support. There are also many tricks that dancers develop to make their pointe shoes more comfortable.

However, you gain an extra advantage over the availability of the specific ballet shoes that you want, when your feet are really strong.

Another wonderful quality you gain from control and muscle strength in your feet is an elegant upper body, helping you attain the impression of effortlessness that every ballet dancer strives for.

When you get into a ballet partnering class (Pas de deux, French words for 'dance for two"), you rely less on your partner for control.

You will also have more of a cat-like quality simply walking in your pointe shoes, not to mention difficult ballet movements requiring finer professional footwork.

Doing ballet in pointe shoes is not difficult if you are prepared. You'll also prevent dance injuries.

It is not Selfish to ask Visitors to Remove their Shoes


Some people claim it is selfish to ask visitors to remove their shoes. They think that it shows excessive concern for one's carpet or flooring.

On the contrary it is not selfish at all.

Firstly, there is an health issue involved. Peoples' shoes pick up dust and animal excrement which is not good for one's health and especially bad for the health of one's children. If one has babies or small children that play on the floor it is extremely sensible to keep one's home shoe-free.

There are many worries today about the health risks posed by pollution, toxins and chemicals. Personally, I think many of these health scares are exagerrated. Many of the supposed health risks have not been scientifically verified. However, it is best to keep as much nasty stuff out of the house as possible.

Secondly, the notion of selfishness here is relative. In a country where shoe-removing is the norm, like Finland or Russia, it would hardly be selfish to insist on shoes-off.

In Britain or the USA, where keeping shoes on is the norm, there are many people who would like to insitute a shoes-off policy, but who are afraid of causing offence or being deemed 'selfish.' If a person is brave enough to insist on shoes-off, she makes it easier for those other people who feel that they would like to make their homes shoe-free. In time, the norms of the UK and the USA may change and shoe-removing may become as normal as it is in Thailand or Sweden.

Jordan Retro 1's "Do The Right Thing"

Jordan pays tribute to Spike Lee's film "Do The Right Thing" from 1989!!!! So for the 20 year anniversary, Jordan will be releasing both metallic colorways on July 4th. They are limited to only 3000 pairs and Highpoint will be releasing both!!!! Stay tuned for more details if anything changes.....here are some pics, simple and clean!!!!

China to Shoe Girl: "We No Like You!"...

Hello readers! I am sending this message through my wonderfully helpful and super sexy husband since I can not log in myself. 

Yes, it seems that the iron fist of China has finally delivered the killing blow. They have blocked my blog. :(

I'm not sure what they think it is I'm writing about... maybe they don't like the idea of their people being up on the latest shoe trends? Maybe they invision riots on the streets of Guanzhou. Women everywhere fighting over the last pair of YSL trib too boots on sale? Mass chaos and confusion over deciding if a shoe is the original, or just another perfectly executed knock off by the clever team at Steve Madden.

Well, whatever it is, I'm sorry to say that I won't be blogging for the rest of the week. But fear not- I will be home next Monday and promise to deliver with some new posts. 

Thanks for your patience and I miss you all.

(Your Shoe Girl)