No Shoes on my Picnic Blanket!

I attended a picnic in a park today with a group of friends from church.

They were quite amused by my insistence on keeping my picnic blanket a shoe-free zone. In fairness to me, they did acknowledge that my picnic blanket was a lot nicer and more comfy. The others had blankets made of rough wool, while mine was a soft, fluffy blanket.

It did get stepped on quite a few times by some of the energetic children, but those people who sat on it with me did remove their shoes or flip flops.

A picnic blanket is for eating off. You don't put your shoes on the kitchen table and you shouldn't put your shoes on a picnic blanket.

My Thirtieth Birthday... 80's Style

I had such an amazing birthday party last week!! My friends and I dressed in 80's theme and danced the night away. I just wanted to share some of my favorite moments captured on film...

THANK YOU to my friend and amazing photographer Rosie. Check out his work HERE

 My beautiful and talented friend Skully Smith who stayed in character all night

Christie Walker, my hair dresser extraordinaire!

 My favorite shoe designer Jessica and her sister Alex (my awesome sales rep for Cece L'amour) 

 My woman Leah. <3

 My awesome trainer Brandan. Kicks my ass 3x a week. 

Another awesome photographer, my buddy Drew

The girls ;) 

Kelly, amazing and amazingly talented <3 

Showing Amita my nails

Rad dudes 

 Juli... lifelong friend, best mom blogger <3

 Mark and Monicuddle

Hong Kong's own super talented artist, Simon Birch. Simon flew in JUST for my birthday. I was so honored. Right Simon? ;)

 You know Ben....

dress/gloves- Vintage (The Way We Wore), necklaces- F21, ring/shoes- Betsey Johnson

Such a fun night!! There are TONS more photos. Too many to post but if you wanna check it out here is the link...



Pointe Shoe Pain - Do I Have A Bunion?

A ballet student describes her pointe pain as being at the side of the big toe joint. The foot pain is bad that she cannot releve onto that leg, although the other foot is fine.

She does not see any bump on the painful big toe joint, but she wonders if she has a bunion.

If you find yourself in this predicament, it is best to see a health practitioner to determine if there is a hairline, or stress fracture in the toe bone.

Without a fracture, inflammation by itself can cause enough pain to result in you not being able to do a releve. The pointe shoe fit seemed correct at the ballet store, yet - is the painful foot just a tad bigger? Or a tad wider?

Has the painful foot ever been injured in any way?

If you perform the foot strength tests from The Perfect Pointe Book, is the painful foot weaker? Those are good tests for any ballet student in toe shoes to check regularly. Most people do have a stronger foot, and the exercises in the Perfect Pointe Book will help you even up the foot muscle strength.

Your health practitioner can help you figure out what is causing the pain, and advise some home care. Icing decreases inflammation. Be sure the ice pack is wrapped, and such a small spot would not need more than a few minutes. The frequency of icing will help as well, perhaps two or three times a day.

You may have a bunion forming. If so, you can learn how to prevent it continuing. Just be sure to get professional help, and you'll become a truly professional student who knows how to care of her feet!


I spent the last couple of days in Mykonos with my bf. I was so excited about this trip, I really needed a break from reality and I thought I could finally get some pictures to share with you. Shortly after we arrived on the island, I realized that I had forgotten my camera's charger and the battery run out by the end of my very first day. At least I managed to capture my new Tavik swimming suit. Even though it gave me a weird tan and size S looks like L, I still find it to be a masterpiece.



Things of beauty...

As this is published, we will shortly after be making our way to Wimbledon. I have never been before, let alone enjoyed the benefit of corporate tickets. Strawberries and cream anyone?

And so I leave you with a mood board of English loveliness. Incidentally, did you see Alexa Chung's comments on blog 'mood boards' in British Vogue? She incurred the wrath of the blog population by stating that blogs are 'ridiculous' and that blog mood boards are passé...well, even my hackles rose! She later reneged her view on Twitter. But a selection of images here nevertheless...

via lets drift away
via cannelle et vanille

English hedgerow....lovely cow parsley by me

...anyone for tennis?

from Vanessa Arbuthnott

photograph by Jamie Beck

via brown dress with white dots
via toast

...a Sussex meadow by me

via dustjacket attic

via lets drift away via vogue

a show of mother-love...painting by Jessie Wilcox Smith

Here's to a lovely weekend...