Blvck Scvle Fall 09 Lookbook

High Point is proud to be the exclusive carrier of Black Scale in Arizona. The first Fall delivery of Black Scale should be arriving next week sometime. Keep tuned in to the blog for when this collection drops.

Bandaged Bootie

Thief Bootie - Fergie

This fast little ankle boot reminds me of these Louboutin lovelies that I am obsessed with. Fergie brings you the look for less. I love the bandage detail on this. A gorgeous peep toe bootie that will edge up all of those feminine frocks. The thief features a double platform, back zipper for easy on and off, and a block style heel. Tres chic.

Shoe Covers

Occasionally some people suggest shoe covers as an alternative to shoe-removal.

I have expressed scepticism before that shoe covers can be worn with high heeled shoes. I find it impossible to imagine what an high-heeled shoe with a cover on would look like. Shirley Saunders supports my suspicion. She points out in her book that shoe covers can be damaged by high heeled shoes.

From an aesthetic point of view, I would not want people walking about my home in covered shoes. I want it to be a place of relaxation not a crime scene. In any case, I think most people would feel sillier and more self-conscious in shoe covers than in socks or bare feet.

Tuesday Smackdown - McQueen Vs. Madden

Steve Madden - Seryna

I've been eyeballing this Steve Madden bootie for a while now. You know I've been wanting to shush up my shoe collection but I've yet to bite the bullet. However it was only recently that I discovered my favorite little borrower of designs just may have "borrowed" this design from Alexander McQueen which sort of makes me want them even more. LOL. Other than the fact that the leather on the McQueen looks utterly more sumptuous, I'm not really seeing much difference. Are you? Well except for the price.


gun metal and some gentle persuasion.
numb. settle with a nice laceration.
let's disturb your learning curve, full on.
pull some strings, off with all the fears.
look at it this way, it cant get any worse.

run. you're busted now you're out in the open.
done and dusted, and i'm not even joking.
i'm hoping that you're going up in smoke.
i heard about you snapping at her heels.
that was a big mistake, we're gonna tear you limb from limb.

i'll dedicate to spit and shake, it's on.
we'll chase that dog away,
if we're stubborn in reverse.

amersham arms 29/09/09

got a gig.
clinic presents
shoes and socks off
james moss
jamie n commons
tom andrews
plus poetry and photography
amersham arms
£3 entry

Improve Your Ballet By Learning How To Train Your Brain Waves For Creativity

Ballet dancers and all creative artists who have more Alpha brain waves suffer less tension and anxiety. The artistic lifestyle of competition and daily pressures produces stress, which suppresses your immune systems, diminishing the physical strength you rely on. If, in the teen years, during ballet training, you could train your brain and become familiar with Alpha waves and producing positive emotions, your adult years in ballet would be much more fulfilling.

Alpha waves help to produce a burst of creative inspiration, or revelation, in response to the demands of problem solving. Scientists have studied highly creative people and observed that they have different brain waves from non-artistic types.

For brain activity to result in inspirational ideas, the process needs to be able to produce a big burst of Alpha brain waves. This is a 'left- brained' activity.

One way to increase creativity is to increase Alpha wave production.

Peak athletic performance is enhanced by Alpha brain waves. Sports scientists have observed that the one key difference between beginner and elite athletes is in their brain function, and the ability to produce a burst of Alpha waves on the left side of their brain, exactly when needed. What's more, study of thought-wave activity showed that Alpha waves increased as athletes trained.

To experience less stress and anxiety during ballet training, you can learn how to increase the amount of your Alpha brain waves. If you are not a natural born mellow personality (and to my personal experience training dancers, most are not), learning how to train your brain for the Alpha wave activity of producing positive emotions, and positive imagery, will balance the pressure and stress you feel about ballet, performances, auditions, and your professional potential.

The teen brain especially produces a roller-coaster ride as the brain chemicals and resulting growth spurts change radically, disrupting the flow of dance training. Positive outlook becomes a challenge.

Train your brain, improve your creativity and enjoy life more!

Nike Delivery

Power Training Video For Men In Ballet

Here's an excellent power training/weights/kettlebell video taken at The National Ballet of Canada, with trainer Josh Hewitt.

Josh introduces an overview of the basics of training for power. He recommends this type of training as useful for men in ballet and shows how it helps explosive movements and partner work.

His demo includes:

-dynamic warmup
-importance of training for power
-exercise progressions for power movements
-triple extension
-kettlebell training
-other power movements such as plyo pushups and jump squats

These training exercises are meant for advanced/professional dancers and they should not be practiced without instruction and supervision.

Mighty Healthy Delivery Pt. 3

Crocodile Dress and a Hose

I wore my Christipher Kane for Topshop dress and before going out Jess and I had a fun little impromptu photoshop with the puppies.

These are my new YSL shoes and I love everything about them. Best part? Totally comfortable.

It's Never Too Early to Think About the Weekend

Sigh. It's Monday. Ah-gain. The hubs and I have a romantic getaway planned for this upcoming weekend. I'm taking a half days vacation on Friday and I cannot wait. I do believe this shoe would be perfect for a night out on the town. It's slightly reminiscent of this Louboutin that has been all over the blogosphere since it's debut. I love the strappiness of this heel, however, and the zippered detailing along the fabric ruffle. The hardware gives this otherwise overtly feminine shape an edge and I love that. I finally figured out how to imbed video from on my site so now you can see how these look on below.

Tell me these wouldn't be absolutely perfect for all of those upcoming holiday soirees or a romantic getaway.

In seach of Okanagn Big Foot - Kelowna Cap news

Published: September 22, 2009 6:00 PM

If you live in the Okanagan and have large feet, Jim Belshaw of Roy’s Shoes in Kelowna is looking for you.

Your large feet will allow you to participate in the hunt for Okanagan’s Big Foot.

The store is offering the winner custom made shoes worth up to $1,000.

The contest runs to Oct. 31 and it is free to enter.

To enter visit Jim at the store at 1627 Ellis St. in Kelowna to have your feet measured.

There are eight categories to enter and they include business professional, blue collar professional, politician, civil servant, local celebrities, sports figures, general public and ladies.

Each category winner will win a $200 gift certificate that can be applied towards the purchase of a pair of custom made shoes.

The Okanagan’s biggest foot will win a custom made pair of shoes valued up to $1000.

According to Belshaw, men, typically, have two choices of footwear: comfort or style.

A large number of men have trouble finding a pair of dressy, casual or even golf shoes that are comfortable, he said.

“If a customer has a size 10 on one foot and a size 11 on the other foot, that’s what he gets.”

Belshaw’s shoe store has been in operation for 37 years.

Jim Belshaw
Roy’s Shoes Boots and Repair
1627 Ellis Street, Kelowna, V1Y2A8

I Saved You The Trouble:)

Out of sheer boredom, I went to browse in Macy's Saturday. I had no intentions on buying anything but that never stops me from trying things on every once in a while.

I found some Calvin Klein boots that were uber sexy and different but kind of naughty all at the same time. I am always on a quest for boots so I thought I should try these. I don't really know how to feel about them. As I tried them, I immediately had an urge to hold a whip...don't know why? Hmph.

I felt very much like a video vixen, which is not a bad thing, if that's what one aspires to be. Several people came up to me and ooohed and aaahed over the boots...I replied by whispering, "I kind of feel like a fluzy". I used another word but you may be reading this post at work:)

They weren't in my budget...well because I am poor...but I couldn't rationalize wearing them that often. I wouldn't be able to wear them to school because they would probably change the teacher dress code in honor of these boots! Not that I would be entirely against that but I'm not trying to make any waves. I also don't go out to clubs which is where these boots would outshine the boppers, so these Matrix meets Video Vixen remained in the Macy's Shoe Department.

Allow me to digress for a hot second....

I did randomly meet this awesome chick as I sheepishly pranced around in these boots. We gabbed about our big hair and jobs and those Video Vixen boots I was wearing. She shared how she left a job that she didn't like for a career that matches her personality. I got inspired in the whole approximate six minutes of that exchange. She then commented that I seemed very "cultured" and wondered if I was from around these parts.

I told her that people ask me that all the time...but the truth is that I am as southern as you can get:) I will admit that when I travel to the east coast that I feel like I am more in my element though:) At any rate, THAT was an AWESOME compliment. I felt very proud to have been considered cultured and "cool" on some level! It's amazing how people pick up on your spirit/energy within a few seconds! If you are reading this Arianne, Thank you! Our short conversation was inspiring and your compliments made my day! *

Okay, back to the mockery of my Macy's experience...

I also tried on the jumpsuit by Rachel Roy's "affordable" line in Macy's. The model looks cute in it and I am starting to like the romper look on others.....but it was a big HELL to the NO on my body. HID.E.OUS! I think I am too short to pull off this look or not skinny enough or something...I couldn't figure it out. The crouch hung too low and the rear end view was not flattering at all. So I am posting the pics just for show you WHAT NOT TO WEAR...Go ahead...and laugh at my expense...I did it in the name of fashion:)

I'm still having mixed feelings about the boots. I feel like if I wore them, the whole day I would be explaining how I am really a good girl but just like the boot because it's different and edgy. I can't have those types of conversations with strangers! lol

All in all...I walked out empty handed...which was the point anyway, wasn't it?

...I secretly kinda like the boots but I would have to buy a leather jacket and a gun to go with it....the gun is not in my budget this year though:(

...please excuse the camera phone photo shoot...:(

What do you think about the boots?

Oh My Goodness! I just had a visual of me going to my sister's ultra conservative church with these boots!! They would lead me straight to the altar for prayer!! LOL!


'the door to 10 downing street can only be opened from the inside. fact.'

tune in next week for more from Whitehorn, underlord of the DIY U.K scene.

We got robbed

The only information we have is a french bulldog named olive

Stretching at the Ballet Barre to Improve Basic Positions

Stretching at the barre is necessary even when you are first learning ballet. Opportunities to stretch come in between exercises while your ballet teacher describes the next exercise. Often a teacher will give a stretching exercise at the end of the ballet barre workout, in order to take advantage of the warmed up muscles, and also to give the ballet students a brief rest from the most strenuous moves.

One set of muscles that need stretching and relaxing between each exercise is the rotator, or turnout muscles. After plies for example, turn your legs in and plie. Then lean into each hip, gently stretching all the muscles in the hip area. Do this after every barre exercise.

Stretching and relaxing muscles does not diminish your muscle tone, but does the opposite. Muscles that retain tension are weaker than muscles that are relaxed properly with correct stretching.

After battement tendu, relaxing the calves with a demi plie is advised. Relax the foot muscles briefly by pressing each foot up to demi pointe (while standing on the other) to stretch the sole of the foot muscles out.

Some ballet teachers give a stretch exercise at the barre before grand battement. This may be something like placing one leg on the barre, to your devant or front position, and stretching over it. A stretch should be held still for 15-30 seconds at least. No bouncing or pulsing is needed - and movement does not help with the stretch. Turning out the supporting leg and pivoting the body turns you into a la seconde, leg to the side.

There are two common ways you can stretch in a la seconde. One, simply hold a well aligned position (spinal posture correct, working hip level with the supporting hip if possible), and stretch sideways over the leg, holding it 15-30 seconds, or musical equivalent. For more flexible students, slide down the bar, staying close to it, and maintain the widened second position, holding turnout well, 15-30 seconds.

And this is how you can do your stretching at the ballet barre to improve your basic positions.

you've been had, im a man, this is my gun, give me your money, and run.


Something horrible I learned from Shirley Saunders' book.

Roundworms live in the intestines of dogs and cats. They pass their eggs into the feces. These tiny eggs can survive in the soil for months.

You might not see any dog or cat plop on the ground on which you walk, but potentially you are picking up Roundworm eggs on your shoes.

If you allow shoes in your house, Roundworm eggs may be introduced onto the same floor on which your children play. It just takes your child one mouth to hand contact for her to become infected. Potentially she could develope lung problems as a result of infection.

Just take your shoes off and ask others to do the same. Its not rocket science.

Friday Night Thrift!

I forgot to post Friday's pic for the Challenge. For some reason, I am really getting into men's style button down shirts. I kinda love the look these days. Can you tell that black pencil skirts and belts are essential to my existence? Belts are pencil skirts are essential when one is as curvy as moi'!
Authentic Burberry Shirt: Thrifted!
Belt/Skirt: Target
Necklaces: F21
Blue Vintage Clutch: Goodwill
Calvin Klein Shoes: Marshall's ( I have rediscovered my own shoes)
The Love of Jesus Christ: Priceless!
Okay, let me start by saying that I am not trying to force you to look at my butt! I simply heart this thrifted ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SKIRT AND HAD TO SHOW YOU WHY!! Look at the beautiful detail in the back. I got this a while ago but never got around to sharing this treasure. I. Die.!
I can't wait to wear this skirt with textured tights and heels and with boots!
Tell the truth, you kinda love it don't you? You should hate me because it was totally 4 bucks! YES! I thrifted an Alexander McQueen skirt for 4 bucks! I know it's tacky to tell the price but I am totally bragging right now...(insert image of me sticking my tongue out at the

And dog (Frankie Beverly) was totally checking me out while I was taking these pics...I didn't even know he was there! Just like a dog, isn't it?
Oh..and I totally realize that most people are obsessed with the little crackhead model look that we are forced to see in magazines. I happen to like my curves and like to accentuate the positive. So if you are a rail thin person...rock on...If you are thick....rock on...if you are fat...rock on! (by the way...those models are more than likely shaped like me, they just have access to airbrushing:)
....if you are wondering what I am doing right now...I am petting my skirt right now. It brings me joy...temporarily atleast:)

For your viewing pleasure...HE HE HE HE!!!

Fall? Are You There??

Isn't Fall supposed to be here already? It was 86 degrees today!
Jess and I went power shopping at South Coast Plaza, so a pair of cute LAMB flats were in order!

(skirt- Kimchi & Blue, tank- Silence + Noise, belt- Urban Outfitters, shoes- LAMB, bag- YSL)

So, as you can see I cut bangs again. You like? I feel like myself again. :)
My Christopher Kane for Topshop dresses came in just now and I'm REALLY excited to wear them!! They look really great and the quality is good, except for the zipper on one of the dresses. It totally sticks, but I guess that's an easy enough fix.
I also got some new shoes (shocker, I know) and I think I'm going to rock them to go out with my friends tomorrow night in LA. I'll post as soon as I get back for sure!

Well, until then, have a good weekend! It's Friday so don't forget to tell your friends to follow me on Twitter! :)



More to Love

I actually meant to have this post up yesterday but obviously I failed in that department. Don't ask. But I had a sneaking suspicion I hadn't scheduled it correctly.

So ladies... have you had a chance to check out yet? Here a couple more pairs that tickle my fancy.

Madeline - Careen

This is a gorgeous boot and you won't believe the price. The slouch is a huge trend in boots this season and the Careen will have you strutting your stuff in style. A beautiful cognac hue that will be an amazing addition to your wardrobe. The BEST part about this color is that you can pair it with literally everything in your closet. You will get wear, after wear, after wear outta this bad boy. Now go on. Click on the link to see the price and purchase them, if you are so inclined. You won't believe your eyes.

Madeline - Simi

Here is another boot brought to you buy Madeline and This hot little number brings you a classic shape with on trend detailing on the shaft. The buckled strap features shiny faux patent and studs. This is such a great way to incorporate one of this seasons must haves into your wardrobe without looking like you're trying too hard. And these are such a bargain I can't see why you would want to miss out.