The Black is Back!

Zara's Riding Pants, Leather Jacket (gifted), American Apparel Turtleneck Shirt...sometimes a Dress depending on how much Courage juice I drink/Maxx Studio Shooties (my word), Jones NY Scarf
*Yes, I mixed brown with black*(These "shooties" make me happy)
I told you it wasn't going to be long before I got back into wearing black! Now that the black out challenge is over, I kind of missed wearing my "safe" color. I've been kind of lazy about taking real pics lately. Now, I just pass a mirror and snap it. I don't even bother acknowledging the stares.

By the way, I saw Michael Jackson's This Is It! Loved it! I was struck by the fact that the man wore glittered pants just reason...just because he was Michael Jackson. Truly talented man.

Learn Ballet Arm Positions and Improve Your Ballet Technique

Correct and elegant ballet arm positions depend on correct spinal posture, correct hold on the turnout, and correct placement of feet on the floor (and knee positions, if you are hyper-extended). It sounds complex, but ballet body posture is natural and allows for relaxed movements of the neck, head and arms. Following are a few tips so that you know how to improve.

When you, especially if you are an adult beginner, learn ballet, there is a lot of information to absorb about basic positions.

The basics of ballet exercises begin with posture, turnout, and flexibility. Having enough flexibility to stand with a neutral spine is an advantage.

Standing sideways to a mirror, lift your chest a little, breathe easily, and notice how you stand. Look to see if your shoulders are relaxed to the side of your torso, as opposed to resting forwards.

If your shoulders do rest a little forward, here is a very easy stretch. Commonly called the doorway stretch - stand in a doorway. See if you can raise your arms so your elbows are shoulder level, and your forearms are raised upwards at a 90 degree angle to your upper arms. With your palms facing forwards, can you press your forearms into the door jamb on either side? If not, you will stretch one side at a time.

Pressing your forearm into the door jamb, lean forward until you feel a stretch across your chest. Just stretch gently, holding for 10 seconds, and releasing. You can do this several times a day - whenever you walk through a doorway! Gradually you will see that your shoulders will relax more towards the side, in line with the plane your ears occupy.

Next check the posture of your pelvis. If you have equal flexibility in your quads, or front thigh muscles, and hamstrings, on the back of your thighs, and also your postural abdominal muscles, your pelvis should rest in a "neutral" position. This means it is not pulled into a tilt in either direction due to tight muscles. Therefore your back does not sway, increasing the curve at the back of your waist, nor does the pelvis tilt back, pulling the natural curve into a straight line.

If your hard work in ballet classes builds strength from correct posture, chances are that you will have elegant ballet arm positions that will improve your technique.

Ballet is an art form that increases the magical and imaginative dimension of life. Understanding how to learn ballet brings you real physical results. It's your journey, it's your dance. Enjoy!

Excerpt from "Train Your Brain: A Teen's Guide to Well Being"

Today Deborah Vogel wrote:

"Another Dancing Smart newsletter has been posted.

This one is on improving focus and I have included
an excerpt from Train Your Brain: A Teen's Guide
to Well Being."

Go to Deborah's site The Body Series and click on the blog button in the top menu.

You can learn ways to train yourself to focus away from negative emotions, tension and anxiety. Positive emotions will enhance all your work in ballet and dance training. Positive emotions strengthen your immune system.

Learn how to enjoy - relish! - ballet class, school, and all the inherent challenges life brings. When you know how, you can change your life direction. You do not have to wait until you are "grown up".


'her majesty queen elizabeth II is the only person allowed to drive without a license in the UK. fact.'

more from whitehorn next week. in other whitehorn news, i hear that silent front have been recording and album. if this is true, this could be one of the most exciting rekerds of the decade.

Never enough things of beauty...

Another week has passed, still loving to blog :-) Here are the latest lovelies to look at...what a wonderful pastime it is looking for beautiful things that bring a smile or that unmistakable whooosh of 'I love that!'....

This is the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, where we went last summer. This was taken from a moving car travelling down La Croisette...observing the beautiful people.

Ballet shoes...the most magical thing to me is ballet at the Royal Opera House in London...

Absolutely quintessential Portuguese the Algarve...

Natalia Vodianova...up close...

Kate Bosworth in a peachy dream of a dress...

Labradorite 'Jellyfish' earrings by Pippa Small...

The Sling of It!

I spent the last 20 hours or so on some airplane or the other feeling stuffed up with really bad dry air hair and skin - all to avoid the bad weather that seems to be hitting the entire Eastern half of the country.

Well - not on purpose, but it worked out - because I am currently in Singapore!  What a weather difference! It is in the high 80s to 90s here and HUMID. I thought I packed for the weather, but I really didn't - I've got no shorts or sandals (which means I'll probably be a sweaty mess, but it also means I'll be less of a mosquito magnet and people don't need to see my too pale legs).

Here's the view from my hotel room:

Yay me, slick international globetrotter ... OK, not so much. I'm here on business. So yay to free trip to Singapore - boo to having to work for most of the time I'm here.

Yes, that is a mall right across the street ... and that short white building with the orange roof on the left - that's the Raffles Hotel, home to the original Singapore Sling. Guest what I'll be doing later ...?!


The Man. Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, founder of Singapore.

I was really focusing on this weirdly-cut palm, but caught a cute couple taking their wedding pics!

Here we are!


Well here we are! I just joined the blogging affair and created this space. The name is "Me Myself and Shoes" and I will let my shoes (not only my shoes actually) introduce myself to you.
It's still new to me and I am trying to figure out how this thing works so I only need some more time! Shoes Off at the Door! Shoes Off at the Door!

Facebook: We don't wear shoes indoors group

Facebook: We don't wear shoes indoors group

There are a few facebook groups dedicated to this subject. You might want to have a look at this one.

Thinking about Vegas...

Its my husband's 40th birthday this year and we are planning to go to Las Vegas for a weekend to celebrate with a group of our very best friends. Its a long old way to go for a weekend and the response we always get when we say we are planning it is: 'Vegas? Why on earth would you choose to go there? When you can go anywhere...why there?' People's perception of the place is often that its tacky, seedy, ugly...basically the last place on earth you'd go to!

I guess I'd beg to differ - to me its what it represents...a weekend away from the day to day here in a corner of England; something so utterly different and unusual. Its not about spiritual regeneration, its just about pure, unadulterated fun (and not of the seedy kind!). I don't gamble but I do shop and Vegas is a like the mother ship calling me home when it comes to shopping. The place is can I say...unlike anything else I have ever seen. Obviously its not as beautiful as many, many places but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in sheer volume and novelty.

This is 'The Mix' restaurant in Las Vegas, where there is this chandelier with 15,000 hand-blown murano glass bubbles...its the coolest thing. It literally surrounds the room and almost imperceptibly sways.

And you'd want to wear something like this...Isabel Marant...

So I will be thinking about Vegas this it or hate it...its where we'll be come October!

Black Out Challenge...THE FINALE'!

(My Equestrian Look: Thrifted Ralph lauren Vest, Super old jeans, Thrifted Boots, H&M Shirt)
I made it! I did it! I managed to avoid wearing black for an entire week. Actually, a little more than a week. I am so proud of myself. I was able to dig out some clothes from the deep corners of my closet and add color to my life! As we speak, I am sitting alone, stroking my black leggings and singing to all of my black blazers. I've missed them!
(Not the grandest outifit to end the challenge but it satisfied the requirements. This pic was taken at the end of the day. I was so exhausted)

Meet "Christopher" of my students.

Jordan Spiz'ike

These are set to release on Saturday February 20th at 10 A.M.

Futura Air Force 1

G Shock Delivery

Nixon Newton

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Sooooo I'm not going to go into how I got this bag exactly, but I was really excited to get hooked up with it. It's Givenchy and it's way out of my price range. The leather is amazing- the picture doesn't really do it justice.

I think I've posted these old boots before but I still love them. They're Betsey Johnson from at least 3 years ago... I really like how the boots bend into my jeans, and I love their classic vintage shape.

(top- F21, jeans- JBrand, boots- Betsey Johnson, bag- Givenchy)

"STUDIO TO STAGE" SUMMER INTENSIVE At The National Ballet School of Canada

From their recent newsletter:

"Offered for the first time at NBS is a new open dance program for students 12-16 years.
Offering a rich program in dance instruction – including Ballet, Musical Theatre, Character & Repertoire students will receive the best training in light-filled studios on NBS' award-winning campus, from
August 3 13 with NBS' world-renowned Artistic staff.

Class sizes will be small, with no more than 20 students in each. There are only 60 spaces available, with registration beginning February 1st, register Monday!

For more details, visit our "Studio to Stage" Summer Intensive webpage.

Over The (W)Edge

Ash - Lovely Suede Wedge

There is something about this wedge by Ash that is sending me over the edge. I'm not quite certain I can put my finger on it... Perhaps it's the muted slate gray(ish) hue, or the brass studs, or the bold cut outs and rocker chic vibe. This is a shoe that is completely out of my element but in a really good way. To be honest I'm not a big wedge person typically. As strange as this may seem I find it easier to teeter around in my stiletto heels than to balance precariously on a wedge. I blame my weak ankles and propensity for having them "go out on me" particularly when I'm wearing a wedge. Well... ankles be damned I say. These just may be ending up in my closet very soon.

Love my pillow...

Its been a long, long week with altogether too much going on (you know that thing where you over-commit yourself from every angle?) and so I am now dreaming of a good night's sleep and a lie-in tomorrow....oh please let the children sleep in!

These pictures bring happiness to me - there is just nothing better that freshly laundered bed sheets. I am ever-so-slightly obsessed. Can there be much in life that is more pleasing?

Love the contrast of the black lampshades in this one...

New York Post: Airport Ordeal on Fifth Avenue

New York Post: Airport Ordeal on Fifth Avenue

An investment banker and his wife insist on shoes-off at their high society party.



Marl-y, Take Two

OK, my last outfit with the marled wool cardigan from J.Crew was simple to the point of a bit of a yawner. So much for its "debut." But I remembered seeing how a few other bloggers rocked it way back in the day, especially Tippy (I think after seeing her in the it, it clinched it for me to have to buy it. But then it was all me who didn't wear it for months and months). So here's take two on the cardigan, inspired by Tippy.

I'm not much of a leggings gals (as you may have noticed, I live in jeans) but I am try to branch out of my comfort zone. Though they are super-comfy, I feel like I don't have real pants on.

I am in love with how buttery-soft leather and comfortable these boots are - so much so that this is only the second time I am wearing them, for fear of my clumsy-butt scuffing them.

Cardigan: J. Crew marled wool cardigan
Blouse: purchased in Singapore
Belt: The Limited leather basketweave
Leggings: Target
Boots: Type Z leather buckle pull-ups

Evil Genius

I love this woman. My closet currently boasts three of her dresses and I am slowly working my way up to number 4. Diane Von Furstenberg is truly an icon. This is a woman who knows women. Recently she has started a foray into shoes and the hubs was kind enough to forward me an email he received from Zappos spotlighting some of DVF's newest designs and these immediately caught my eye.

Diane Von Furstenberg - Alexandria

What's not to love? You've got cut outs, a peep toe, and gorgeous ultra luxurious suede (Seriously does that not just look like buttah?). Add to that the dark yet luminous inky hue and I am all but sold. Plus with DVF you know you'll get a quality product for the price. Simply perfect.

Black Out Challenge (Day 6)

Not wearing black is getting easier and easier every day...(Not really) just sounds like I should say that at this point:) I have no idea how this outfit came together but it was a last minute decision and I liked the gray/red combo. I could have worn my gray tights but wearing hosiery/tights of any kind aren't the best feeling for me. I always feel a tinge of claustrophobia. I went through a phase where I was rocking textured tights a few weeks back but I think I'm over it now. I need to breathe:)

Red American Apparel Circle Scarf, Gray Sweater Dress (gifted), Target Belt, Red Steve Madden Shoes, F21 Cardi/Vest

That zebra bag is not my's my lunch bag. Isn't it too cute! Although I detest packing lunch in plastic bags, I'm not above it. But when I stumbled upon this lunch bag...I had to have it. It even came with "stay-fresh" containers. Bingo!

I am mentioning the lunch bag only because I actually do eat lunch. I don't know who these bloggers are who are running through the fields taking pictures of themselves chasing butterflies and unicorns all while exposing their rib cage bones, rocking Chanel Booties with the hollows of their cheeks all sucked in. Don't get me wrong, I am uber jealous because I want to frolic and skip for a career but this blogger eats. Sometimes too much.

I have a job where I don't get to go to fancy petite cafes and walk through Time Square (hater alert)...I am packing a turkey sandwich with Frenchy's mustard, cheese, bacon, spinach and tomatoes. I am making my own trail mix out of Cheerios, almonds, sunflower seeds, and raisins all while sneaking an Oreo or four.

So, if I am forced to be just a regular person, I had to show you how regular people rock their lunches:)(he he he)

P.S...My sister just called me to ask if I carry the lunch bag around like a purse....Ummm no...I just was showing it for blogging purpose.

Visit Elaine over at Clothed Much for a fab give away. Check out her scarf swag while you're over there. She rocks scarves and bangs like no other!

In the Green

I have this habit of looking like a shlump most of the time because I don't work in a typical office environment and don't have to deal with people face-to-face everyday. This means that my UPS guy no longer raises an eyebrow when I answer the door at 11:00 a.m. in jammies and this also means BF throws the standard going-to-die-of-hunger fit when we go out for dinner because sometimes I can't get my act together.

This blog is my act of beating shlump-hood by actually wearing all the stuff I've accumulated in my closet - and my act of being more courageous in my stylings by taking cues from other bloggers and life in general:
  • Wear color
  • Things don't need to match - then can go
  • You only live once - buy the shoes
  • Accessorize
  • Don't be afraid of silk
  • There's nothing wrong with looking pretty
  • Half a popped collar may be better than no popped collar  :o)
  • No shlumping allowed
So I'm going to still have missteps and major fashion fails (like yesterday's OOTD, which I promptly deleted about an hour after posting when realizing that it sucked in general and I looked like a major YAWN), but I'm going to keep trying to make it work.

Jacket: J. Crew wool herringbone
Blouse: Banana Republic silk green paisley
Belt: The Limited leather basketweave
Jeans: Levi's 545
Shoes: Nine West gray patent Temani wedges

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