D.C. X Agnes B Collection Drops March 5th

DC is pleased to announce its partnership with legendary French designer agnès b. Together the two brands have created the latest footwear project for DC’s Double Label™ series and will collaborate on the FORWARD 3 art exhibit. Launching in Paris at the Agnes b. shop March 5-18, 2009, the exhibit will then travel to New York for its US premiere at the Agnes b. Soho shop, March 31 –April 14th, 2009.

Based from the DC low top Dress Sneaker, the DC x agnès b. Double Label™ shoe was designed in three colorways of blue, sesame and black and features agnès b.’s distinctive signature across the tongue. The premium leather shoe maintains distinctive touches of DC skate heritage by including DC’s Pill Pattern™ outsole while maintaining a sophisticated sneaker silhouette. Less that 1500 of the shoes will be produced and will be available exclusively at agnès b. retail stores and select sneaker boutiques worldwide.

Air Jordan Fusion Retro 6 drops on March 21!!!!

We will post it up again when the date gets sooner, but be ready for this sick colorway to drop!!

4 1/2 Hours on My Feet...

The day after the dinner, my twinnie Christie and I decided we'd pop by the Louboutin signing to have our shoe boxes signed real quick. Hahaha! Real quick.

...cut to 4 1/2 hours later. Our feet were killing us, we hadn't eaten all day (besides the pure sugar "cakes" they passed out) and we were getting cranky. We tried to make light of it and made fun of the situation. We definitely kept ourselves entertained.
The women in line with us were super great also, so that helped. We had an adorable mom of 2 next to us, and her twin girls were SO well behaved, it was crazy. Behind her was a mom with a baby... a BABY... that never cried once. They must be future shoe girls.

Christian Louboutin was amazing. He spent time with every single person in line (which explains the 4.5 hour wait) talking and taking pictures. He really was a great sport. I hear some people even waited for close to 8 hours!! 

2 of my gorgeous bloggers were there! That was a nice surprise. :)

This is me and reader Mika! She said she recognized me by my shoes and blonde hair. So cute. 

About halfway through waiting I got bored and decided to buy these amazing new bright yellow pumps. SO cute!

I wore my new "sexy ice creams" to the signing, so you can imagine the pain I was feeling. Ouch, but so worth it.

Me and my new BFF. We totally match. ;)

(cause I was wearing a Barbie necklace)

The day was crazy and hectic and totally fun. I was glad to get home and off my feet though!

Feelin Blue

Stuart Weitzman - Miss Jane

I can't even begin to tell you how delightfully delicious these are in person. The picture does not do this shoe justice. I haven't yet had the opportunity to try them on but believe me my feet will make their way into these little beauties soon. Just imagine how that gleaming silver buckle will wink at you(and everyone else) as you strut your stuff to and fro. The glossy cobalt patent leather and that 5 inch heel combine to create some major sex appeal but that high-rise platform will make you feel like you are walking on air.

Great Site For More About The Proper Use of Foot Muscles

I was looking for some good foot diagrams and found this site.

There's more here.

Check it out if you'd like to learn more about your foot muscles.

It'll help you get that perfect pointe

Stussy Deluxe

Stussy Deluxe has finally arrived at High Point and everyone is excited as much as I am. Stussy Deluxe is offering a great product for the more refined taste in street wear. we will be posting pics of their new spring 09 collection in the next day so stayed tuned in!

Thank You Wire Image...

Better Pics of the decor!! YAY!

Gourmet Spring 09




call the store for more info 480*949*0500

Air Huarache Light Burst QK

Lust-Worthy Thursday???

Ahem. Let me start out by saying the only reason I didn't post about these bad boys yesterday is because I didn't know of their existence until today. But thanks to my cyber friend(I hope I'm not being too presumptuous.) Diabolina and the fact that I'm addicted to her blog I was introduced to them. Yeah so um thanks. Thanks for getting me to lust after yet ah-noth-er pair of shoes. And somehow I knew... I just knew I would find them on net-a-porter. Man, I'm such a slave to fashion.

Marni Suede Platform Slingback

Ughs. BA-NA-NAS! These are absolutely stunning. The combo of black and purple suede (Although from the picture the suede looks gray to me, maybe it's my 30 something eyes.) is so delicious. I love the cone shaped wooden heel and the shape. This is certainly not a shoe for the feint of heart. It's bold. It's hot. It's sexy. Anyone wanna buy me a pair? I can be bold. I can be hot. I can be sexy.

Improving Basic Ballet Positions For Ballet Split Leaps

What ballet movements and ballet positions will result in clean accurate split leaps? The first exercise at the ballet barre, demi and grand plie, your posture, the placement of your weight and the strength of your turnout, is the foundation of your ballet positions and ballet movements. Your split leaps, and even fancier allegro depends on it.

Starting with your primary level ballet classes, understanding and being able to execute correct posture as well as an accurate grand battment devant and derriere will eventually produce a good grand jete en avant, the well known ballet split leap.

A demi plie take off in a basic jump in first position without posture changing, or the turnout decreasing or the heel coming off the ground, is a secure take off. As you progress to more advanced jumps, this ballet technique will continue to support good positions and a good quality of balon, or easy bounce.

An effective brush of the foot on the floor,practiced hundreds of times in battment tendu, degage, and grand battment, will add power to your petit jete, and eventually your grand jete.

Being able to change from the upright back to a proper arabesque position (as in a grand battment derriere) will make for a good position in the air, and a good landing. Repetitive releves in arabesque at the barre will enable you to see if the position is being held well, and the demi plies are on balance and strong.

A chasse temps leve forward into arabesque is a good practice routine to also make sure the arabesque leg reaches its height at the height of the jump and can be held in the air. Much of the ballet I watch lacks a moment at the height of a releve or jump where everything freezes for a nano second, without stiffness or effort. In other words if someone wanted a snapshot, the position could be easily captured.

Brushing up into the devant position, releve, arms reaching their position at the same moment, holding the position , and then tombe forward, repetitively across the floor, helps too.

If all the basics are done with strength, it doesn't take too much to do a good ballet split leap, or grand jete. Positions that are not strong can be practiced at the barre in the usual exercises before the jumps will improve. For more ballet tips and tricks, visit The Ballet Store.

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Releases March 1!!!!

This Sunday these Air Force 1 Supreme's drop!!!!

New Nike

New BBC Tee's in now!!!!

We just dropped these two limited edition styles, they will go fast so don't sleep!!!!

Prada Spring 09

This is a continuation of Monday's post. Since there were quite a few pairs from the Spring collection that caught my eye I thought I'd split up the love throughout the week. Nice, huh?

Crisscross Platform

Oh that platform is killing me. I love it so much. Python meets brown leather in this pretty as a picture sandal by Prada. A delicate crisscross strap connected by a gold stud adorns the top of your foot. Move a little further down and that pattern in repeated in the straps intersecting just before your toes begin. These details are so simple yet so perfect. Delicious.

Satin and Leather Platform

Alright so I'm fairly certain I've made it clear just how much I love that platform so I won't mention it again. Instead I'll talk about the petal soft satin straps. I love the wrinkled and what looks like a bit of bleaching detail. Then add not a 5 inch but a 5.5 inch heel. Holy heel, batman!


I know you guys are waiting to hear about my dinner with Christian Louboutin, but I promise I'll tell you all about it AND about today- tomorrow.


sorry you guys.

New Playcloths

New Supra