Still there in Poole (I think)

I visited in Poole this weekend. Last time I went there I saw an house with a note on the door asking vistitors to remove their shoes. I mentioned that on this blog at the time.

I went past that house in the dark and it looked like the note was still there.

So somebody in Dorset has a shoes-off rule.

Channeling Chanel...

Today is so yucky and grey. Time for some retail therapy! ;)

I'm going to the mall with Ben today to get him some cute summer stuff. Yesterday was his birthday! Yippee!

Anyway- This is what I'm wearing. I found these Chanel shoes at a sample sale (YAY) and Stella thought they looked delicious I guess. I tried to explain to her that if she was going to start chewing shoes, we would have a big problem. 

(jeans- JBrand, cardigan- Urban Outfitters, tank- BP, rose ring- F21, shoes and necklace- Chanel)

Silly puppy. Shoes are for mommy.


New From Nine West

I heart Nine West. Have I ever mentioned that? Although it has been a while since I've purchased a pair from this brand I certainly blog about them a lot. Anyhoo I was browsing around and came across two new styles that tickled my fancy. Naturally I had to feature them here.

Perseus Platform

I absolutely adore the sky blue hue. The upper combines leather and a textile piping that gives this shoe some great contrast. It's a bit reminiscent of suede from the looks of it. I'd love to see these in person. And of course I can't end without mentioning the stitched pailettes making their way along the vamp and continuing up and around the slingback strap. Shimmering, glimmering this sweet little shoe manages to be feminine AND sexy. Fantastic.

Norbu Platform Sling

Yeah I couldn't decide which color I liked more so I just had show both of them. These are very similar to a style I featured here. A wooden platform meets contrasting linen like trim and a snake embossed shining patent leather upper. What's not to love?

Its the principle that counts

One of the nurses needed to put something on the notice board in the staff room. To do so, she had to stand on the sofa. She removed her crocs before doing so.

This is not a nice sofa. It is old and dirty. It is black, so dirt never shows. People put their shoes on it. Even I have stood on this sofa with my shoes on.

But this nurse still took her shoes off. She obviously knows that polite people do not put their shoes on sofas. Good for her.

To Cuff Or Not To Cuff

What do you say ladies? Have you jumped on this hot trend? I must say the cuffed sandal appeals to me in an odd sort of way. I can't quite put my finger on it but I like em. But if you're like me and you're not interested in spending a ton of money then I bring you these.

Elle Kammy Gladiator

I absolutely adore this cuffed micro wedge by Elle. This little beauty can be found at Kohls. The Elle brand is really fab. I've picked up quite a few pieces from season to season from the Elle collection for Kohls and they've always been on trend and have integrated themselves into my wardrobe quite well. These are a fab price and I LOVE that they have a leather upper. The stud detailing adds just the right amount of hardware in addition to the bronze buckle. Any more metal and I'm not sure I would like them as much. What do you say ladies? Is this a trend you are embracing?

Call Me Crazy?

You might have to call me a little crazy after this post. I am thinking about having my bridesmaids walk down the aisle with cute clutch purses in lieu of flowers. (proceed to lookout the side of your's okay...I expect it)

But if a wedding is supposed to reflect the couple's style, clutches would certainly be categorized as something that I love. Who says that you have to walk down the aisle with flowers anyway? Is that in a handbook somewhere?

Will I be shunned by my guest if they see beautiful clutch purses coming down the aisle instead of flowers? Will they stand immediately up and walk out of the room? Will they stone me? I think not.

I am an eclectic girl and I like eclectic things. This actually makes my soul sing happy songs. I love the details matching too...a clutch with a bow will get a matching shoe with the bow. I clutch with a flower would get a shoe with a's all in the details.

Just a thought. I am pretty sure I will get some opposition on this one but what would be the big deal? We walk around all day with purses on a regular unnatural would it be for one to rock a bad clutch down the aisle....15 minutes TOPS!

I love it? Am I going too far? My planning juices are flowing and it takes someone like me to actually execute such a thought...but in my head it's quite "clessy" (spelled incorrectly purposely:)

Picture it. Black cocktail dresses, clutch and red sexy shoes. How fabulous! This is my version of "going green"...making sure all elements of the wedding can be used again...sounds good anyway!
I'm not going out of my way to be different but I don't want to go out of my way to be boring either:)

What do you think? Just an idea I am throwing around in my head...who knows, they may just walk down the aisle with some soulful eighth grade carnations after all!
***The clutch purses from the pictures above both come from The shoes with the bows are Nina Electra shoes. The flower shoes I believe I found on***

P.S. I promise not to make this into a wedding blog...this is just a great place to bounce ideas around. I am going to the Anthony Hamilton concert tomorrow...hopefully I will come back with some fabulous Real People Street Style pictures!

...oh...and Amen!

Deal. Of. The. Century

Calvin Klein Parma

If you love these shoes as much as I do run don't walk to the closest Dillard's brick and mortar you can find. Originally retailing for $120 I managed to score these bad boys yesterday for $36 on clearance. Needless to say I was ecstatic. I have been eyeballing these for quite some time, tried them on twice, but never managed to make the plunge. Man am I glad I waited. More than glad, really. Thrilled is more like it! You will be shocked at how comfortable these shoes are. So hurry up and grab yourself up a pair. Oh and I checked the Dillard's website but they are still listing them for $79.99, so your best bet is going to the store. Good luck!

Play Cloths Summer 2009

Ok, Ok... One More

One more group! This one is actually my favorite, but I decided to take it in a slightly edgier direction, so really... it won't look anything like this so I can show you guys. 

This is my Vintage Lingerie inspired group. Think petticoats, bloomers and garter straps! :)

So right now I'm busting my ass trying to finish the REAL sketches for the Spring 2010 collection. I have to finish by Friday so I'm a little more than a little stressed. I'll make it happen though. And I'll keep you all updated. ;)

Worksafe Shoes BC - Workplace Footwear Compliance Kelowna

I often get asked about our selection of non-slip shoes especially for the workplace. I recently came across this article from Worksafe BC that explains the general requirements for safe footwear in the workplace in BC.

Jim Belshaw Roys Shoes, Boots and Repairs.

8.22 General requirement

(1) A worker's footwear must be of a design, construction, and material appropriate to the protection required.

(2) To determine appropriate protection under subsection (1) the following factors must be considered: slipping, uneven terrain, abrasion, ankle protection and foot support, crushing potential, temperature extremes, corrosive substances, puncture hazards, electrical shock and any other recognizable hazard.

(3) If a determination has been made that safety protective footwear is required to have toe protection, metatarsal protection, puncture resistant soles, dielectric protection or any combination of these, the footwear must meet the requirements of

(a) CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z195-M92, Protective Footwear,

(b) ANSI Standard Z41-1991, American National Standard for Personal Protection - Protective Footwear,

(c) British Safety Institution Standard BS EN 345:1993 Specification for Safety Footwear for Professional Use, or

(d) British Safety Institution Standard BS EN 346:1993 Specification for Protective Footwear for Professional Use.

(e) Repealed. [B.C. Reg. 312/2003, effective October 29, 2003.]

* See section 4.4 of the OHS Regulation.

(4) A worker must wear the appropriate footwear and ensure that it is in a condition to provide the required protection.

(5) If it is not practicable for workers in the performing arts to wear safety footwear meeting the requirements of subsection (3) other effective measures must be taken for protection from injury.

[Amended by B.C. Reg. 312/2003, effective October 29, 2003.]

8.23 Slippery surfaces

(1) If a workplace has slippery surfaces, appropriate non-slip footwear must be worn.

(2) Caulked or other equally effective footwear must be worn by workers who are required to walk on logs, poles, pilings or other round timbers
Jim Belshaw
Roy's Shoes, Boots and Repairs
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T.V. Presenters just don't like taking their shoes off

In the hospital staff room there was one of those housey programs on t.v. In this one, a house is made over by experts so that it is more likely to sell.

The presenter was showing the owners how their house had been changed and improved. While the owners were in their socks, the presenter was trampling the new carpet in her boots.

City of Boulder's Youth Services Initiative

City of Boulder's Youth Services Initiative came and sorted and boxed shoes on May 19, with 65 local local low-income teenagers receiving shoes. They and their coach, Alex Zinga, ran and walked the Memorial Day Bolder Boulder 10K. This all part of an effort to encourage youth to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. The YSI program started seven years ago with just four participants, and continues to grow.

If the shoe fits . . . they'll wear it, Kelowna custom shoemaker says

Vancouver Sun
Published: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Brian Morton,
Business grew by 15 per cent last year, says owner of long-time Kelowna business!!!

Looking for a hand-crafted, made-to-order pair of men's dress shoes made of bison leather?
Well, you may have to go to the sunny Okanagan to get fitted.
Roy's Shoes, Boots and Repairs has been repairing and selling footwear on Kelowna's Ellis Street for 36 years. Now, in an age of cheaper mass-production shoes, the store's new owner is diversifying into custom fits for whoever walks through the front door.

In fact, Jim Belshaw, who purchased Roy's Shoes two years ago, maintains it's the only shoe shop west of Toronto where customers can get such a personal fit.
On display at the store is a pair of size 23 shoes that were made for an athlete, who remains anonymous.

Despite the time (about four weeks from measurement to pickup) and money (prices typically range from $300 to $400), business is picking up, Belshaw said.

"We've sold a couple of dozen [customer fits]," Belshaw, 56, said in an interview about the shoes, which are fitted in Kelowna and then built by leather craftsmen in Leon, Mexico. "Word is just getting out."

Belshaw said that men typically have two choices of footwear: comfort or style. His custom fits incorporate both, he added. "If a [customer] has a size 10 on one foot and a size 101/2 on the other foot, that's what he gets."

Customers choose from close to 100 different styles (Roy's can also make golf shoes) and then pick the leather (including steer, calf, deer, bison or exotic), the colour of the leather and the type of sole. Then exact measurements are taken using a Brannock measuring device and tape measure. Physical and sensory elements are taken into consideration when trying on the fitting shoe.

Jim Belshaw, who has a background in the restaurant business, bought Roy's Shoes from a friend and then reduced the number of shoe lines offered at the store.

That way, he said, the store narrowed its focus to offering the more popular shoes. "We had 20 different lines when I took over. Now, we have eight [and] offer more selection of a particular line of shoes. Our retail sales have increased about 15 per cent each year for the past two years."

Belshaw said that decision came about after canvassing clients for several months. "We're right downtown, so we listened and talked to all the customers."

Jim Belshaw also said that the shoe repair side of his store has being doing well, especially since the economy went sour. "As of December, repairs are up 30 per cent over December a year before. People who don't normally repair their shoes are coming in. They're watching their pennies."

Jim Belshaw, whose son is also involved in the business, said aspiring entrepreneurs or people owning small businesses should focus on networking and personal service to get their businesses off the ground and profitable.
"Our repair business saw an increase of about 25 per cent each year. We were part of a number of green initiatives in town and the word got out. Networking is very important. Be involved in your community."

Jim Belshaw said it's vitally important to treat customers like you'd like to be treated yourself.
"I've had numerous people say they came here because they know I know shoes inside and out.
If there's a problem, they know it can be fixed."
For your personalized fitting give Jim Belshaw a call.

Jim Belshaw
Roy’s Shoes Boots and Repair
1627 Ellis Street, Kelowna, V1Y2A8

Roy’s Shoes, Boots and Repairs Kelowna

Capital News Kelowna
As posted in the Capital News Kelowna - March 10th 2009

Jim Belshaw, of Roy’s Shoes, Boots and Repairs at 1627 Ellis St., is the only shoe shop east of Toronto where you can get a hand crafted made-to-order pair of men’s shoes. On display at the store is an actual pair of “size 23” shoes that belong to an unnamed sports athlete. Belshaw purchased the store two years ago and found that a large number of men have trouble finding a pair of dressy, casual or even golf shoes that are comfortable.

The process is simple. First you choose a style from over 100 different ones: Pick the type of leather (steer, calf, deer, bison, exotic); pick the colour of the leather; choose the type of sole; and then get measured with what’s called a Brannock measuring device.
The actual crafting of the shoe takes about four weeks and is done by highly skilled craftsmen in Leon, Mexico, the capital of shoe manufacturing in North America. Roy’s Shoes is well-known for shoe repairs and offer a good selection of shoes and boots for sale.

Call 250-763-5696

Jim Belshaw
Roy's Shoes, Boots and Repairs
1627 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2A8


Okay. I am GOOD!

My friend is getting married in a few weeks and needed a pair of fabulous green shoes. They weren't just any kind of green...they were this lemon-y green that couldn't be found or possibly never existed.

She would call me from store to store and tell me that she hadn't found any luck yet. She almost settled on some cute pointed toe green something or others. The wedding is just in two weeks and I think she just wanted the process over with.

So, insert me into this story. I have a bad habit of becoming obsessed with a vision coming to life once I get involved. All week, I have been sending her pictures of shoes that she and her bridesmaid could wear. They were all just ideas...and quite frankly, it gave me something constructive to do while I count down the last nine days until my summer vacation. (Yay Teachers!)

Fast forward to yesterday, and I decide to get fitted for bras in Nordstrom's.

Long story short: Macy's is/was having a great sale and I needed new fabulous undergarments. When I got to Macy's, there was literally one sales associate working the whole floor and it didn't look like she was about to stop what she was doing to measure me. So, I got the bright idea to go to Nordstrom's to get "fitted and sized" and then come back to Macy's. I KNOW...SO scandalous but Nordstrom's wasn't having a great bra sale!
I thought the idea was pretty nifty personally:)

So, after I got my "drive-by" fitting, of course I had to browse the shoe department...WHO KNEW they were having the Sale of the year up in there! It was all kinds of mayhem going on. And I got sucked in. Since I now have my wedding dress, it's only right that I just browse or shall I say "look", that sounds alot less calculating.

So, I am browsing and walking and dreaming...and behold I came across this Delicious Green shoe! It stopped my heart like it was for my wedding and it clearly wasn't. I grabbed that baby and immediately called my friend to tell her about the shoe....of course she didn't answer...(just like in the movies).

I flipped the shoe over and WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?!?? Only $39.90 for this shoe. I had all sorts of excitement run through me (yes they have medication for that). I had never seen the exact green that my friend wanted yet. The only frame of reference I had was the color of her wedding invitation. It was the only pair in the entire store and it just so happened to be in her size, not that I really remembered her size but in a perfect world, she could fit it:)

So, I figured, I'll get the $40 shoes and if she doesn't like it...I can take it back. I bought the shoe and finally got in touch with her and had her meet me immediately...AND SHE LOVED IT!

When I say Love, I really mean Worship. Loved it as in she gasped and proceeded to prance in them right there in the middle of Marshall's (which was our meeting place...isn't it everyone's meeting place?)

I don't know why I got joy of that moment but I did. Maybe it's the inner stylist in me rearing it's ugly, conceited head. I KNEW THAT WOULD BE THE SHOE! I just knew...I felt like I single handedly gave her wedding the shoe it deserved. I am going too far with this, aren't I? (Forgive me, since I am done with graduate school, I find all kinds of things to fill the void).

Anyway...enough of the long story...I present to you THE GREEN SHOE THAT SAVED THE DAY (great book title).

These BP Enlightment Slingbacks are no longer available at Nordstrom's because of me and I take a little pride in that! I hope to find some kitten heeled versions in the future for my mom to wear at my wedding. She is already tall enough but something along these lines will suit her just swell.

...oh, and I may or may not have ordered the Red version for my wedding:) I am thinking about wearing two different shoes for the ceremony and reception...These are certainly more budget friendly than the LOUBOUTIN'S in the post below. I KNOW MY LIMITS...OR DO I??

(I feel a little wedding planner bug buzzing around in me...does being a Master of Googling and having a penchant for finding the right shade of green qualify me as such...I shall ponder)



Thank you Dear Fiance' for your Magic Macy's Card...I DID GOOD! (bad grammarintentional here:)

***P.S.*** Why did I just talk to my sister (Maid of Honor) and she informed me that she wants a red shoe with a RED in some CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN'S ?...IS SHE CRAZY!!

Here I am about to order our wedding reception dinner from Church's Chicken and she wants some RED SOLES?!? NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY WILL BE ROCKING RED SOLED SHOES AT MY WEDDING UNLESS IT IS ME OR Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada movie coming to personally attend my wedding!

SO unless you are going to buy some Louboutin's to PRESENT them to me as a surprise wedding gift...Back to MARSHALL'S you go dear sister!

  1. But in the event that you are trying to surprise me...focus on the Black/White Christian Louboutin Bouqet shoes in the below post or even these...INCREDIBLE!

HE-HE-HE......I Kid. I Kid...No Church's Chicken either...It will be Houston's finest...Frenchy's Chicken! LOL

Will Work for Shoes!

If you wonder what my wedding dress looks like now that I've ordered it but can't post a picture yet. Jjust imagine the dress you think would go with these Fabulous Slices of Holiness and you will probably be right!

I won't dare post the price of this shoe. I would be too shame to even type the numbers knowing that I survive on a teacher's salary. Put it this way, these shoes are about 8 times more than my beautiful wedding dress. Better yet, the guests at the wedding will each have to take turns taking a picture WITH the shoe because there would be no food there to feed them to cover the cost of the shoe!

But, they would make me happy on my wedding day!! And would most definitely complete the whole ensemble. Simply beautiful!

The teacher in me will send you on a little scavenger instead. The shoes are Christian Louboutin's Bouqet Platforms. I can't very well post a link to everything...that would make you lazy...and make me feel a little less guilty about having to subject you to such an astronomically priced shoes!

Do you think Marshall's has the knock-offs of these? Probably not. Back to I go!

What I can post is the inspiration for my dress. This is from the now defunct tv show THE GAME. I got my dress before I saw this but let's just say, this picture makes me happy.

It is not the dress...I repeat...NOT the dress but definitely in the same family:) The search is officially over. The dress is ordered and on it's way:)

Signed...Sealed...Delivered (almost)....

So, I went dress shopping out of the blue again. I went last year and picked my dress and for the most part, I made peace with my decision. I would randomly peek at a dress here and there on the internet but felt pretty confident that the search was over. That doesn't ever stop us from looking, does it:)

I made a trip back to the bridal shop where I was pretty intent on putting down a deposit to order my dress....of course, I had to see what was new while I was there.

I am not a huge fan on trying on clothes in general but I have definitely learned that with bridal shopping, it's a whole new ballgame. So I picked about six new dresses that caught my eye and of course I brought along the one that I was just seconds away from ordering.

On the way to the fitting room, with six dresses over my shoulder, I walk past the bridesmaid dress aisle and see this ivory little frock hanging out of place. It immediately caught my eye! I thought to myself..."Self, grab that dress because that looks like it might be cute."

So, I threw that dress over my shoulder and proceeded to the fitting rooms. I tried on a few pretty dresses but none that trumped my "original" dress...the dress that was the sole reason of my trip to the bridal ship in the first place.

I took a few pictures but didn't feel too connected to any of them because the dresses were ridiculously priced...even for me...and everyone who knows me know that I will forfeit a week's meal for a cute dress.

So, right before I tried on my "original" dress just to make sure that it still made me squeal, I threw on the bridesmaid....and HOLD THE PRESSES!!! I freaking loved it! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! It was so totally me! It embodied my attitude completely and I felt all at once absolutely myself but waaaaaaaayyyyyy better looking!

Was I about to really throw my "wedding dress" to the side for something a little less traditional? Surely not right?

So, I pranced and danced and strutted across the bridal floor and took pictures. I had to try on the "original baby" on. I couldn't very well give my attention to something else. WRONG. I put on the dress and granted I still loved it...but it didn't express completely who I am as a long story short...I went with my first mind and changed dresses officially.

I could not be any happier! It is super fabulous and I can't wait to wear it! Therefore, I can share with you the original dress that almost made the cut.

The saleslady took my measurements for the NEW IT dress and of course pressured me to make a deposit. I almost did, but decided to wait one more day....and I am sssssssooooooo glad that I didn't!

I went online last night to just find a picture of the new IT dress and low behold what did I find? I found the same dress literally about 80 bucks cheaper if I ordered online. What is this? My wedding dress will be under 200 bucks and not get charged all those bridal shop fees...SAY WHAT!?!

So, this makes me happier than a jitterbug (I'm from the south:) So, I have purchased my dress and have alot more cash to play with for some fab dress is short, so shoes must be off the hook! This means I officially have a dress for a fraction of the price and I feel like I am not compromising anything at all! That's a win, win situation if you ask me. This was literally first purchase or action made toward the wedding. It was a commitment but one that I will not lose one momen of sleep debating.

And the fact that I get to be a sassy bride for a fraction of the price makes my heart sing Jesus songs! Plus, I never really wanted to feed into the "wedding machine" where I am walking around in a million dollar frilly dress that I will never wear again.

(Don't get me started on the "big business" of you really need a program at the wedding? Must I waste your time watching me poor sand in a bottle to signify our union? Why can't the bridesmaids walk down the aisle with a fabulous clutch purse in their hands instead of some flowers that will die? Do you really feel I am less than a bride if we don't do the whole "get the garter off my leg" bit? I think not...but that's a post for another day...possibly for another blogsite....I digress...)

With that said, I can officially reveal THE DRESS that is no LONGER THE DRESS. It is the larger picture in the 4 framed box. It was an Allure dress with the black sash that was a little over 600 bucks I think. TSK that I got an even better dress for alot less. I threw in a few other pics of my dress fittings for fun. I won't post pictures of THE NEW WINNER Dress for obvious reasons but just know that I am so channeling the Carrie Bradshaw in me!

P.S...I even found the exact dress that I longed for in a previous post...didn't feel as great on me but it did confirm my love for the bolero.

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Men In Ballet Working in Pointe Shoes

Many men in ballet talk about dancing in pointe shoes and whether it is appropriate or even possible. Pointe shoes are made in men's sizes for the few classical ballets where pointe shoes for a male character are used. More importantly, developing foot muscles for ballet using pre-pointe exercises is an excellent idea for men in ballet classes.

For male adult beginners in ballet classes, there are many challenges.

Often strength in the large muscle groups is not one of them, especially if the men have been practicing high intensity interval training or weight resistance training.

However, the particular exercises for the intrinsic foot muscles do not show up often, even in ballet classes.

Here is where information about feet in general is needed for all dance students, and especially for men in adult ballet. Knowledge of foot muscles will prevent strain/sprain of the lower leg muscles and tendons, protecting the Achilles area. Developing awareness and strength in the foot muscles will prevent cramping and soreness in the feet.

If men in adult ballet classes wish to eventually get into pointe shoes to exercise and hone their footwork, they also need to know about foot types, and proper stretching of the ankle joint. Also, correct basic ballet technique - weight distribution on the feet, posture, turnout, and ballet positions, need to be understood completely. This education will give an adult dance student a better experience as well as faster progress.

Ballet is an excellent form of exercise. It compares to high intensity training. Ballet exercises are short, designed to challenge and completely load the muscles during the barre work. A well designed barre workout rests some muscle groups while engaging others, alternating, so as to warm up the whole body evenly.

For serious recreational ballet students, more is not necessarily better. Muscles need to recover properly, and several classes a week do not add strength. It would be better for an adult male ballet enthusiast to do an upper body training workout rather than another ballet class. If such a student feels unoccupied during off days - rent ballet movies, or ballet classes on DVD and study them while doing some gentle stretching on your floor.

Also do your pre-pointe foot exercises while watching your favorite ballerinas and their partners perform the amazing feats of classical repertoires. This trains your brain to assimilate the movement finesse it perceives, even when you are not active physically.

I think it is a great idea for men in ballet to eventually exercise in pointe shoes. It is not a necessity, and you can learn pre-pointe shoe ballet routines. If you are an adult dance student who would like to, get started! It is a long slow process for many, but you can reach your goal with good training.

Sale! Sale! Sale!(S)

Yay it's the Friday before a long weekend and you know what that means???? Sales!!!! See below for a couple of fab saving opportunities.

Just in case you haven't already seen the commercial I received this lovely email in my inbox today.

That's right! On Saturday, May 23 Old Navy is selling select flip flops for $1! I know! How crazy is that? You are limited to 5 pairs per person but I say grab a friend, grab your dog, and snag yourself up a pair or 5.

But wait, that's not all. I'm searching for a pair of new walking/running shoes and I was browsing around today and discovered that they are offering a coupon for an extra 20% off from now through May 30. I can't tell you how much this excites me. I love saving money and I really love saving money on shoes! Just click here to get to the site and print yourself out a coupon of your very own.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend and happy shopping everyone!

My Betsey Johnson Presentation...

Well, part of it anyway. I can't show you the stuff we are using from it cause, well obvs I can't show you stuff that will be made THIS early on. ;)

This was a group I did that Betsey said she liked, but that was too "fashioney" for Betsey and not girly enough? Which is fine... cause now I can show you it. ;)

So there you have it. :) The rest of the presentation was 4 other groups with a theme, inspiration tears, and sketches. It was a lot of work and I felt like I was in school again, but I was really happy with the final result and Betsey liked it so- YAY!


Okay so let me preface this by saying I do, in fact, realize that the print on these shoes is zebra however you will certainly be channeling your inner sex kitten while your pouncing around in these.

Digitally by Guess

Don't you just love that contrasting 4 inch scarlet stiletto heel? The design is so simple yet so incredibly sexy. From the single strap at the vamp to the uniquely shaped ankle strap with elastic detailing. In a sea of straps and embellishments and studs I find these delightfully refreshing. Sometimes simplicity really is best.