Nike Delivery

Mosley Tribes

Three more colorways of the Raynes came in the store today, all three retail at $235.00 480*949*0500


Off to China...

It's time to go to China again... :(

Hopefully they've gotten over their whole blocking Blogger thing. If not, I'll try to figure something out. Maybe I'll send posts through email to my hubbs or my sister and have them copy/paste. Unless any of you have any tips? :) That would be great...
I can't go a whole week without posting!!

Talk to you all soon!

New Shoes! New Shoes!

I may or may not have gotten a couple pairs of new shoes over the past few weeks.

I know, I know... blame it on the blog... At least that's what I tell my husband ;)

Somebody went to the trouble of writing a book

Shirley Saunders, a nurse practitioner in the USA went to the trouble of writing a book all about the health risks on the soles of shoes. She has an excellent website:

Welcome to Sole Truth About Those Soles

Renee Zellweger makes people wear hospital booties at her house

Renee Zellweger makes people wear hospital booties at her house

Many of the comments left are very sympathetic to Renee Zellweger's house rule.

Joy to the Home: Why Instituting a “Shoes Off” Policy in Your Home Makes Sense

Joy to the Home: Why Instituting a “Shoes Off” Policy in Your Home Makes Sense

Natural Health- Shoes Off

Natural Health- Shoes Off

The relationship between host and guest


Some people seem to see the shoes-off rule as an unfair restriction on the freedom of guests. I think that is a very sad attitude.

I rather see the removing of shoes as a beautiful and peaceful exchange between host and guest.

The guest removes her shoes when she enters the home. She shows respect to the house she is entering. She does not treat it like a restaurant where her custom is king. Nor does she treat it as her own home, where she may do as she pleases. She has entered the home of another family and she must respect the fact that their lives are lived here.

The hostess is in turn delighted by the respect that the guest shows her. In removing her shoes, the guest has entered into the environment of her family. The hostess will treat her guest with all the courtesy and kindness that she would show to her own family members. She will take care to look after her to the utmost while she remains under her roof. She will serve her the best food, give her the best seat. If necessary she will drive her home in her car or let her stay the night.

In removing her shoes, the guest becomes like the hostess, who is already shoeless. She identifies with the hostess who has welcomed her into her home. In their both becoming shoeless, the host and guest enter a fellowship and unity. They are both without shoes; they are equals. This is true friendship.


It's been a while, I know. I've been feeling a little funky lately...Alot going on. But I have been meaning to post my self imposed challenge that I have decide to take on since I started back to work.

The challenge is to not repeat any piece of clothing to work for a month. Why? Because typically most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. It's not just me, you do it too. You have a closet full of clothes and only wear a select few that you wash and wear over and over again.

This week I didn't repeat one item of clothing to work, not even shoes. So I am working on the next week. It seems hard but I have gotten creative and really started to dig into the corners and find stuff that I wore long time ago and stopped for no reason.

So, are you down for the challenge? I'll post some pics...later...hopefully:)

The Rules: You may not repeat any items of clothing during the week...for those who are over achievers, don't repeat shoes either. For those of you who are not as bold, you are allowed to repeat shoes. Accessories are allowed to be repeated:)

If a month is a little too ambitious...just do one week and see what you can come up with.
Rediscover your closet!

Remember this Episode of The Cosby Show when Cliff took a CHALL-UNG?!? The good ol' days when all I had to worry about back then was what I was wearing to school and doing homework. Sigh:)

The next challenge: To Work Items in Your Wardrobe that you consider too "dressy". You gotta find a way to wear your clothes! More on that challenge later. I got this idea from this blog.

Example: I have a sequined skirt that I bought from Arden B. years ago. I wore it twice, once to a wedding and once to church. I never wear it because I never have anywhere that special to go but I have been thinking that I should just be bold and rock it to work. I'm a teacher... I can do what I want. I'm thinking of wearing a khaki blazer and a white Tee with it. In theory, it sounds cute but I am paranoid to look like I am going to the prom at work...but really who cares...I am never one to follow rules anyway...

More on that challenge later...soon as I drink enough COURAGE JUICE!

Challenge Overall: Do not repeat any outfit for one whole week/month.
Challenge within the challenge:
1. Wear something you consider too dressy.
2. Mix patterns (especially if it is something you never would do:)
3. Wear something out of your comfort zone.

More to come....Shoot me pictures of your outfit ( if you take any of these challenges and you could be featured on my next post:)


'the worlds largest cake stood almost 18 metres tall and weighed 5000kg and took 75 chefs 3 weeks to make. unfortunately it was found to be unfit for human consumption and was dismantled and used for cattle feed. fact.'

The Sacred

I often listen to Sunday with Roger Bolton on Radio Four, a religious affaird program with an unsurprisingly liberal bias. Today there was a bank holiday special on 'the sacred.'

In some cultures homes are sacred because they contain house spirits. In Hinduism, homes are sometimes considered sacred because of the religious images that are venerated within.

In western culture, we do not consider homes to be sacred in a religious sense, but we do treat them as special. We behave at home in a different way to how we behave in a public place. If you go for a meal at a restaurant, you assert strong preferences about what food you are given and you complain if you are not satisfied; you would never do this if you were invited for a meal in somebody's home.

A common practice across the globe is to demonstrate the 'specialness' of homes is to remove shoes at the door. It demostrates that you have gone from the common outside world to a place worthy of respect.

Re Stock on Dearly Departed

Slim dropped off some new colors yesterday, these will be gone by tomorrow, dont wait.

old man river

Comparison with Smoking

I think a valid comparison can be made between asking guests to remove their shoes and asking them not to smoke for three reasons.

1. In asking guests not to smoke or to remove their shoes, you are asking them to observe a boundary.

One is asking the guest to behave differently than they might in their own home.

2. While there are health issues involved in both, the overriding issue is the inconvenience caused by either guests smoking or wearing shoes in the host's home.

If a guest lights a cigarette at a dinner party, nobody is going to die of lung cancer as a result. Likewise, if a guest walks a bit of weed-killer into the carpet, it is unlikely that somebody is going to die (not that one should not be concerned about the health implications of weed-killing being walked into the carpet).

The real issue is the inconvenience caused. Smoking will bring into the house smells that are not appreciated by the host and may result in cigarette ash getting into the carpet or furniture. A non-smoking host will not appreciate this. Likewise, the host will be inconvenienced by guests keeping their shoes on. Carpets and floors may be soiled or damaged.

3. There is a possiblity that the guest's comfort may be impinged by either being asked not to smoke or to remove her shoes.

If guests cannot smoke indoors, they will either have to suffer the craving or go outside in the cold to smoke.

Removing shoes is rather less likely to cause discomfort, but some guests might still be embarassed at being asked to remove their shoes or may be unused to being shoeless in another home. This can of course, be minimized if they are informed of the policy in advance.

Guests might also be embarassed at being asked to follow a 'house rule.' They might feel like they are being treated like children.

However, it is most likely that guests will not be at all bothered and will respect that the host behaves a certain way, whether in not smoking or not wearing shoes in the house.

If it is reasonable to ask guests not to smoke, it is perfectly reasonable to ask guests to take off their shoes.

Bolo'd Over

I need to be sketching today but I'm having the WORST case of creative block of my life! I keep sitting down with my sketch pad... but nothing.
So where do I go when I want to be inspired?? Well, I go shopping of course!

First stop was a visit to my friends at the Louboutin boutique to look around and to drop off my damaged goods (Hi Amita! Hi Monica! Hey Jourdan!) and then off to see Betty at YSL.

Yes. I'm seriously wearing a bolo tie... I'm pretty into it.

YSL has AMAZING Fall shoes this year. Amazing. I think I was in there for an hour trying on all the new shoes. You guys should go check them out ASAP. We're talking serious footwear here.
OMG! And they have these numbered, limited addition Kate Moss Trib Too pumps! They're this spacey matte silver color and they are reeeeeally cool. Check those out too. Maybe I'll sneak in there and see if I can get a picture. :)

Anyway, I wore these Miu Miu boots today. They were in my bebe launch post but you couldn't see them well. I love them and as simple as they are, I get tons of comments on them. They're even pretty comfortable considering how high they are!

Why does my hair look so shiny and beautiful you ask? Well... my darling sweetie pants (and fake twin) Christie Walker did this awesome Brazilian keratin treatment on my hair and it worked AMAZINGLY!!! It's a de-frizzing treatment thats totally safe for all hair types. Anyway check her out if you're local.


(top- I've had since highschool, skirt- BP, bolo tie- Vintage, shoes- Miu Miu)

Damn You Crocs.

I hate to have such a negative Friday so this wont be my last post of the day, but DAMN YOU CROCS! You've officially crossed the line. And damn you too, Hello Kitty. I thought you had higher standards.
Tisk tisk. I am so ashamed.

Dear iPhone,

Please stop taunting me with your ads, bragging about your do-it-all apps. We get it. You've thought of everything we could have ever dreamt of wanting from a phone. You are like a crazy robot from the future that can read minds and bake cookies (those apps will be available shortly) Your camera takes better pictures than my digital camera does. Your internet is faster than my home computer.

But guess what- you SUCK when it comes to texting, so until you get that shit figured out... I want nothing to do with you! I'll stick with my blackberry, TYVM.

Who texts with one finger?? Pshhhh.

Flirty and FABULOUS Friday

First a big shout out and thank you to all of you lovely ladies who took the time to comment on yesterday's post. Also I want to give a big shout out to all of my new followers. Welcome and thank you! I am honored that you find my blog "follow worthy". Please, please don't ever hesitate to let me know if you have any post ideas. I'm always welcome to suggestions. Alright enough about that. Let's move on to some shoes.

It's been a while since I've had a Flirty and Fabulous Friday post but Holy Hell!!! Are these amazing or what???? You know we will be seeing this stunner on the red carpet as some point and time. I would certainly wear them if I had some sort of red carpet event to attend. The shimmering perfection of the slick black patent leather covered platform and heel, the gorgeous lace detailing on the vamp, the gunmetal accents on the ankle strap, and let's not forget that signature red sole all blending together to create one of the most perfect shoes ever to see the light of day. Shit. I'm telling you. This blog will be the death of me.

St. Peter at the house of Cornelius (Gustave Dore)

Cornelius the centurion had a shoes-off rule in his house by the look of it.

He may well have done, but I am cheating. Most of the characters in Dore's Bible illustrations are barefoot, whether indoors or outdoors.



Stussy Deluxe

Wine Night + Girl Friends =

A few of my friends and I went out to celebrate our friend Julie's birthday. Just some good Italian food and friends, right? Well, no. It was Wednesday Wine night at the restaurant which meant no corking fee on any bottles you bring in. Woops.

When I called Ben for a ride home, craziness ensued. I decided I wanted to hang out in the bathtub. Hey- it made sense at the time... and the dogs agreed! I was really into how my shoes matched our tile.

(dress- American Apparel, shoes- Louboutin, bracelet- Intermix)

WHY are my photos so grainy??