Clean shoes! Clean Shoes!

Walt Disney World awaits! Tommorrow is the day we drive down! I spent a portion of the day washing shoes. All the tennis shoes in the house were washed. dirty Fila is no longer dirty! I just looked around and saw I had forgotten the Sketchers hiking shoes-the best friends of dirty Fila. I'll get those! Shoes cannot go to WDW dirty! It adversely affects the disney magic!

I beat the Starbucks monkey off my back today. I wanted to stop in but I held strong. I even envisoned me going in and ordering but I did not. One day at a time.
If U.S. lost the war on terrorism...

Starbucks Withdrawal

What do you do when you are having Java Chip withdrawals?

Why--break out the Klondike Bars. Have 1 of them...NO.. eat 2, just like I am doing right now. They will go to waste in the freezer if I do not eat them now. The diet starts Sunday! (Evil Starbucks and Klondikes)

Here is the other culprit!


HEATH® collides with Klondike creating a toffee flavored ice cream wrapped in a chocolate flavored coating loaded with HEATH® toffee pieces. (Can we just say yummy!)

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 5 fl. oz.

Servings Per Container 6 Bars

Amount Per Serving

Calories 300

Calories from Fat 180

Total Fat 20g

Saturated Fat 14g

Cholesterol 20mg

Sodium 100mg

Total Carbohydrates 26g

Dietary Fiber 0g

Sugars 24g

Sugar Alcohol

Protein 3g

Vitamin A 4% Vitamin C 2%

Calcium 10% Iron 2%


Well. After looking at the calories and the total fat, 2 bars puts me right at the same calorie level and just a little more over the fat levels of the Java Chip Frappucino!

Dang! What is up with that?

Dunlap Disease and Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino

Dunlap Disease and Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino

He is suffering from Dunlap's disease."

"What is Dunlap's disease?"

"His stomach done-laps over his belt!"

Well I went shopping today and I discovered that I had the makings of Dunlap Disease! The trip to Walt Disney World is Monday and I wanted to get some new shorts. Well. I was in for an awful surprise. I had moved up a dress size and had some rounded areas I had not noticed before. I wanted to sit down and cry right there in the middle of the floor in the clothing section of Saks. What could I do...nothing except buy a bigger size! I could not get buttons buttoned. I was and am depressed.

I immediately began to think of Anna Nicole Smith (god only knows how that woman got a TV show)and her weight loss on Trimspa . She lost 69 lbs. And looks very good.

Before and After of Anna

I have never been a fan of diet pills. I have never taken them but this Dunlap's is making me think I may need to go that way. I have always been a believer in working off the weight at the gym. I have not been able to work out a lot this past winter and I guess these shoes are about to split their seams.

Piglet shoes! I guess that is me now. Piglet shoes! Some of my coworker soles are doing WeightWatchers. Some others are doing some things with EDiets. I am not familiar with that but will have to look into.

Can we say these shoes are appalled! Mortified even! I know what the culprit is! These shoes have been prancing my body into Starbucks daily...Yes...DAILY...and ordering the grande Java Chip Frappuccino. They are heavenly. I have been drinking them for months with no real thought as to calories. Rumor has it that they have 650 calories and 25 grams of fat. I have gotten to the place where I cannot live without one.

Starbucks is directly responsible for my Dunlap's disease. Noone told them to make Java Chip Frappuccino's sooooooo good---or add whip cream to them---or make them addictive! Before that I was drinking the Toffee Nut Frappuccino daily.

Here is the culprit!

I know there are all sorts of people who dislike Starbucks but what can you do? They are everywhere, on every corner, in the grocery store, the book stores and now in the ice cream section. I cannot get away from Starbucks, everywhere I look.. there Starbucks is. Now Starbucks is even around my middle.

What can I say except these shoes were to busy working on yesterday and forgot all about BB5. Thanks to Yimin for the note in her blog about BB5! At least I will have missed only 1 episode! It is not so fun having to work all the time!

~ gOD dAMN idioTs! Are there any SMART

people ThAt I could PoSSiblY deaL WitH on the Phone?!


PeopLe have NO Shame! You Do NoT hiT the LottO

WHen You have A

loSS! Damn! DAmN! Damn! shit in the Damned BED!


HATE work! Let me

kick SOmeone inTHe AsS

witH mY


I feel better now! Thanks for listening!
Rosie to Start New Magazine

Rosie O'Donnell is starting a new magazine.

Tentatively titled R Family, the new magazine will be subscriber based

and distributed by LPI Liberation Publications Inc., the same company

that publishes gay publications such as The Advocate, Out and Out Traveler.

O'Donnell is already author of a monthly column in The Advocate

called R Family.

Getting into a new magazine might seem like a bad idea for O'Donnell,

considering her catastrophic experience publishing Rosie with

Gruner + Jahr. But O'Donnell will own R Family outright, with LPI

doing the back office work and distribution.

She will not only have editorial control, but has already hired

Doug Turshen, the creative director who worked on Rosie until he

was fired by Gruner + Jahr, to work on the R Family prototype.

In fact, in the end R Family should look and read a lot like ... Rosie.

Sex Bracelets

I heard about the sex bracelets for the first time on yesterday on the news. I was mortified as my child and some of her friends wear gel bracelets as real bracelets that have nothing to do with sex. Claire's and Icing sell all sorts of bracelets for kids and the gel ones are there. Hard to believe that something innocent has been given a new meaning. Now I will have to stop her from wearing them because you just do not know what others are thinking about gel bracelets. She could be placed in harm's way and not even know it. Guys may see that and think the wrong thing. What a world this is. These shoes are sad!

Since I knew nothing about this subject I had to find some for my own education. What I have found is here at Sex Bracelets.Com. Other parents and young people should be aware and BEWARE!

What are they?

Sex bracelets are inexpensive and colorful jelly bracelets. They sometimes signal, based on their color, willingness to perform a certain sex act. They are sometimes used in games in which sexual favors are exchanged.

Note: The VAST MAJORITY of people who wear jelly bracelets

do not consider them "sex bracelets". The idea that middle

schoolers are wearing jelly bracelets and having sex is a

media myth. Sex bracelets are something used and enjoyed

by adults.

What do the colors mean?

The color code for sex bracelets seems to vary according to location;

purple may mean anal sex in one city and holding hands in another.

The one thing that everyone seems to agree upon is that the color

black = sexual intercourse

Black: sexual intercourse

Blue: male oral (alternate meaning: lap dance)

Green: cunnilingus (alternate meaning: outdoor sex, hug)

Clear: whatever you want (alternate meaning: hug)

Orange: kiss

Yellow: hug (alternate meaning: analingus)

Red: lap dance (alternate meaning: French kiss, oral sex)

Purple: anal sex (alternate meaning: holding hands, doggy style)

Silver: fisting

White: flash your breasts (alternate meaning: gay kiss, French kiss)

Pink: flashing

Gold glitter: make out

Brown: toss my salad

Glow in the dark: using sex toys, e.g. vibrators, dildos, etc.

~To the slammer with the spammer~

They have one, now what about the others? At least this sends a message.


'Buffalo Spammer' Headed to Slammer

Junk E-mailer to Spend Up to 7 Years in Prison

By Andy Sullivan, Reuters

WASHINGTON (May 27) - A New York state man who sent out millions of "spam" e-mails was sentenced to 3.5 to seven years in prison, the state attorney general's office said on Thursday.

Howard Carmack, known as the "Buffalo Spammer," received the maximum sentence for 14 counts of identity theft and forgery, a spokesman for New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said.

Carmack sent out hundreds of millions of bulk e-mail messages, flooding inboxes and saddling Internet providers with millions of dollars in costs. But it was his use of stolen identities and forged addresses that caused him to run afoul of state prosecutors.

New York has no state laws specifically dealing with spam, according to the Web site, and a national anti-spam law was not yet in place when Carmack was arrested a year ago.

He was found guilty of violating state forgery and identity-theft laws in April.

The forgery conviction fetched the longest sentence, while the other convictions drew shorter sentences of one year to four years. All will be served concurrently, Spitzer spokesman Brad Maione said.

Carmack could be out in 3.5 years should he behave in prison, Maione said.

Internet provider EarthLink Inc. won a $16.5 million judgment against Carmack last year, and EarthLink officials testified in the criminal trial as well.

Carmack set up more than 300 false e-mail accounts to send 825 million e-mails, starting in March 2002, EarthLink said in its lawsuit.

"We're satisfied that today's sentencing sends a strong message to spammers, and EarthLink will continue to investigate spammers and work with law enforcement," said EarthLink assistant general counsel Karen Cashion in a statement.

Since Carmack's arrest, EarthLink and other large Internet providers like America Online have cooperated with state authorities to track down rogue marketers who flood their networks with billions of unwanted e-mails.

Internet providers have also invoked a variety of state and national laws to sue hundreds of spammers on their own.


Could this happen if we do not win the war on terrorism?

Office Cruise--Mandatory Organized Fun!

Yep! Me again. Pooh leather tennis shoes. I went on the mandatory office cruise. It has been the third time we have had that outing. It was a good way to spend 2 hours. It is funny, the same shoes who hang around together in the office still hung around each other on the boat. You would think people would mingle. They don't. Group behavior never changes it seems. I sat with my spirit pod mate and Carriage Court. The day was beautiful and 94 degrees. We did have the rest of the day off. I had planned to go back to the office but decided to unplug for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was the last day of school for kids here. School is out for summer! I remember in my day of school that song used to play on the radio just about on every radio station when school ended. dirty Fila had a great school year.

Click pic to save it. (calgon take me away!)

Let me say that I am envious of a friend of mine whose shoes are going to the Bahamas on a cruise on Monday. My shoes have been on 2 trips to the Bahamas in the past-one a cruise and one trip I flew over by plane. We had to transfer to several planes, the last one just like the plane on Fantasy Island that lands on the water. Who can forget those famous lines, "Boss--the plane, the plane!" before it lands and the guests are welcomed to Fantasy Island. Boy did I ever have a crush on Ricardo Montalban. I loved that tv show.

I just wish it were me. I go to Disney World in 3 days for a week but it does not compare to a cruise.

I did make a request that his shoes hunt everyday for White Witch perfume. It is out of this world! You can only get it overseas and I have stocked up whenever I have gone or have known of someone who is going. This is my change. I have not had any in 5 years. It is in every shop in the Bahamas. It is made by Parfums Jamaica. You can order it on line. Reasonably priced also!

Why is it such a haunting, bewitching fragrance? Well check out the story behind White Witch. It will make you want to buy some. It does smell wonderful!

Annie Palmer was the white witch that lived at Rose Hall. This is an short passage taken from a guidebook about Rose Hall. Annie apparently developed the fragrance to keep her victims under her spell.

"....Rose Hall great house, the most famous in Jamaica. It is a Georgian Mansion with a stone base and a plastered upper storey, high on the hillside, with a fantastic panorama over the coast. Built in the 1770s, Rose Hall was restored in the 1960s to its former splendour, with mahogany floors, interior windows and doorways, paneling and wooden ceilings. It is decorated with silk wallpaper printed with palms and birds, ornamented with chandeliers and furnished with mostly European antiques. There's a bar downstairs and a restaurant.

Rose Hall is most famous for the story of its mistress Annie Palmer, who came here in 1820, and the fanciful legends of underground tunnels, bloodstains and hauntings. A renowned beauty, Annie Palmer was widely feared as a black magician, and she is also supposed to have dispatched three husbands (by poison, by stabbing and then pouring boiling oil into his ears, and by strangling) and innumerable lovers, including slaves, whom she simply killed when she was bored of them. She was 4ft 11ins high and was murdered in her bed. There is little evidence to support the legend, an amusing version of which was written up by H. G. de Lisser in his "White Witch of Rose Hall", though maybe you'll be convinced by the ghostly faces that appear in photographs taken by tourists...."

Pooh leather tennis shoes! That's me today. I always get good compliments whenever I step out of the closet. I have a bright shiny zipper with up the front. Today I had lots of nuts on the phone. Pooh wanted to crack those nuts! They were most irritating! These shoes wanted to begin stomping the nuts when someone told me that the car accident caused an ear infection requiring antibiotics and they expected me to pay for that. The claim karma was in rare form today.

It made me "re-feng shui" my pod. I am already into feng shui and have been into it for years. What is it?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, translated from the Chinese, means Wind Water. It is a system of philosophy, science and art that has been used for thousands of years as a method of connecting people with Heaven and Earth—seeking a balance between opposites in all aspects of our environments.

Almost every culture of the world reflects some awareness of the power of placement in its wisdom teachings. It is this ancient legacy that Feng Shui practitioners seek to enliven, embrace, uphold and share.

At the deepest level of understanding, Feng Shui is the interplay between the seen (our surroundings) and the unseen (energy and intention). Feng Shui acknowledges the interconnectedness of all creation.


If things get really bad I take out my positive enegry chime and gong it. Okay, don't laugh! Yes it is kind of wierd but it works. I feng shui'ed my pod today and cleared it of as much clutter as I could. I have done the same at home but it has been awhile. I probably need to do it again. I will have to break out the bagua the next time I am on vacation. What is the bagua?? It is the feng shui map that maps out the guides to use to change the chi in your home. It really works! Here is an example of the bagua.

I have read and purchased some good books on feng shui. Here are a few that I have read in the past and recommend. There are many books out there on subject. Did you know that in my city we have a feng shui club that meets monthly at the library?? Feng shui is a serious thing where I live and many business places have followed the feng shui lead as well.


Check out these books! I wish you positive chi!

Meronas, that is what I am today. A pair of very pointy toed, beige, high-heeled, backless slings. I am about 2 years old and have been worn with lots of things. This had been the first time worn since last summer. I was slightly embarrassed today. I rushed around getting ready for work and did not put lotion on those heels. I finally noticed how dry I looked at lunch time. Nothing a little lotion would not take care of.

Last weekend I wound up at Parisian at the Mac counter and found a wonderful product called Lustreglass. The big color for this spring and summer is the Spring Bean. It looks green but goes on clear, glittery and sparkles like glass. Your lips enter the room before your shoes do, but that is okay. It is to die for! It's the green one below.

I walked for 1.5 miles on yesterday. Got to get some practice in before the trip to Walt Disney World. My shoes did well. I was not tired at all. Avia Fôm 180 did a great job. I have bounce in my step and a stride that does not stop.

Tinker! That's Me! My favorite Disney character!


Anybody hear that Estee Lauder and Sean Puffy Combs are working on a fragrance deal? Say it ain't so. Estee lauder is taking a turn to the younger generation. I was surprised. Full story here.

Work was insane today. While I am shoeless this very moment, I barely left my desk all day. I even brought work home to do but just could not make myself link tonight to the Matrix mainframe. Work is always there and will there on tomorrow. I will be plugged in all day tomorrow.
Nick Berg Video


I just saw this for the very first time today. It is unlike anything I have ever seen in its' containment of horror. My sentiments go out to the family of Nick Berg.

Berg Video
While my shoes are not itchy my body is. I have either broken out in hives or am having an allergic reaction to something. I am not sure what. Nothing has changed as far soaps. I use Bath and Body Works products for everything so that can't be it. But who knows things can just happen. I have always been sensitive to laundry detergents. Maybe the one I am using has just turned on me? I am using Gain right now and it seems okay. I recently washed some white clothes (underwear) in Clorox and broke out in a rash from it. It was most uncomfortable. The bad thing is I love Clorox. It does a great job.

I have just sent a friend, Mr. Nike out to get me a big bottle, jar, what ever of benadryl. Hopefully that will stop the itching. The only thing I have done differently is spray Pleasures by Estee Lauder on my legs. The itching started there. I do not know if that is it as it has spread. Seems if that were it I would have a rash in just the areas the perfume touched.

Mr. Nike has just stopped in out of the blue. I hate unannounced guests when I am not feeling well. Do you? Does anyone? And his shoes came wanting me to make pancakes! IHOP is just down the interstate! Me with a migraine and itchy all over. Well at first I said no but then I remembered I had my Mickey Pancake Maker and all I had to do was pour in the mix and put the top on, wait 2 minutes and I would have perfect Mickey pancakes. So Mr. Nike got pancakes and I made him go out for benadryl. Yep--one shoe does wash the other. Hopefully I will have some relief soon.
Summer Shoes Require Summer Feet!

The hot weather is here and shoe styles will change drastically. I know mine will. Out will come the summer shoe collection--strapless shoes, sandals and assorted dress and casual mules. Feet and toes need to be ready for summer shoes. Toes have to be pretty and the feet in general need to be pampered and maintained.

In years past I have had a bout or 2 with athlete's foot and I thought I would never get rid of it. This was during my years of going to the gym. I was the aerobic queen in my spandex and matching workout shoes, socks and leg warmers. Jane Fonda was my idol and all the rage in working out! I lived at the gym and I think that was how I got it. All those workouts and sweaty socks and shoes created a fungus heaven in which to grow. I also used the pool and the sauna a lot as well. My feet were around a fungus explosion waiting to happen and it did! KABOOOOOM! Athlete's foot.

Who gets it?

Seems kind of random to me. I do believe that is the case. I do not think any one sort of person will get it over the next but it is picked up in wet public places like gyms, locker rooms and pools. When your mother tells you to wear shower shoes to the gym do it. It is for your own good. (I wished I had listened to that bit of advice.) Change your socks and shoes often. Have several pairs of workout shoes and rotate them to allow them to dry out before wearing again. Use Lysol spray in your shoes as well. Use anti fungal foot powders as well. I love the one I have by Dr. Scholls.

How to stop it?

Well, of course there are the traditional creams and ointments but you must use as directed or it will come right back. Use for the weeks recommended on the package. If you have a really bad case to see your doctor. Other things I have heard about and have tried include garlic paste which you can make yourself and smear between your toes and tea tree oil. If you use tea tree oil be sure you have 100% pure oil. I have found it in pure form at GNC at my local mall. If you buy it at Bath and Body Works it is mixed with safflower oil. It does not work as well if you buy a mixed tea tree oil. One other thing I have heard of that cures athlete's foot is turpentine. I have seen it used and it works. I do not recommend this but it is supposed to be some old, old home remedy.

How do you know if you have it?

Do you toes itch? Are you feet hot and burning? Skin damp, soft, peeling or smelling really, really bad? Do you notice small blisters on your feet? Then most likely you have it. You may want to be checked by your doctor to be sure but that itching sounds like classic athlete's foot fungus. Bummer! It is a bummer but it does not have to ruin your shoes' summer! Treat it quickly and your feet and shoes will thank you! I know my shoes are in for a great summer! How about yours??


For info about athlete's foot problems here are just a few good books to check out. There are numerous books out there but here are a couple I have browsed.

By all means avoid this:

This does not make for a pair of happy shoes!

Happy Shoes! Happy Shoes! We all need happy shoes!
Organized Corporate Fun!

Our office won a corporate award for the quarter and it amounts to $50 per person. Normally the office would let us charge on our corporate cards. This time we got the official email that we are going on a harbour cruise--again --for the third time. Well.. I guess I will just have to sit on that boat again for 2 hours and listen to Vivaldi-Four Seasons. We get a $25 dollar walmart gift card as well. Most of the office voted--and we were at first given the choice--for $50 in merchandise or $50 on the corporate credit card. I guess the big boss wanted to do some team building by forcing the outing. Shoes still hang around with the same shoes they always do. The shoes do not necessarily mingle. A lot of the shoes in the office are cliquey! Alot of people are pissed because we are being forced to go on that harbour cruise for the 3rd time. The last time we went it was 2 years ago. I just hope the deck shoes will come out of hiding!

Vacation for this pair of shoeless feet right now is in 2 weeks. A whole week off and where are these shoes going to prance to?? Walt Disney World! To see Tinkerbell and visit friends at the Magic Kingdom. I cannot wait to go. I plan to spend the whole week with Tinkerbell! Vacation is very regimented. All have to be up at 5am to get dressed and eat. All shoes have to be ready to board the bus to the park at 7am. In by 8am and the race to do all and see all begins. Those shoes will not stop until the last firework is out at midnight! The madness begins again at 5am the next day.
Wow! It has been a few days. These shoes have been having all sorts of computer problems. I do not know if it is the computer which is 3 months old--new-- or the connection to AOL. It seems to be okay tonight. This past weekend was very busy. My right foot has a part time job standing working at the front desk of a resort hotel. can't have the right foot without the left so both are forced to stand for 8 hours on the weekends 2 weekends a month. They normally are Spalding walk/run o those weekends but spalding walk/runs are worn out. They have no support for 8 hours of standing. The pain! The pain! They will have to be replaced.

As we stood at the desk, tongues strung up tight we heard tap tap tapping on the computer. Will we ever be able to get away from working at a computer??? Seeds like we are forever trapped behind a computer screen. The people who were checkign in had all sorts of problems! Issues! Complaints! I was sick of them all by midday. Some were just plain old petty! Like what? Like: why do the rooms have vcr's instead of dvd players? why are there not any bins for dirty towels at the pools? Can I have a marshview room? I must have a room by the pool....I requested it a year ago.

Please people. It is a request..not a guarantee! I was stamping my foot at that one. I am a decent pair of shoes but I wanted to kick someone in the shins by midday! Kick em hard! Very hard!


As I sat under the desk all day yesterday I heard all sorts of crazy things on the other end of phone. It made me think of all the "best of the best" crazy things clients can say to you. This pair of shoes works in the customer service area of a major insurance company and this pair of shoes had heard some absolutely, outrageosuly funny things come out of customers mouths. You can't laugh while on the phone of course, but you cannot believe what you are hearing at the time. Here are some classic examples of things I am asked to do or hear from people all the time:

Can you fax me the check?

How can anyone fax a check to someone in another city? How does one think that a faxed piece of paper with a copy of a check on it will be able to be cashed at a bank???

Because of you my kids will not have Christmas.

It was 2 days before christmas, a loss happened and the party I was talking to said they had no money. Well due to the loss they had not incurred any expenses out of pocket. I was puzzled. I was wondering to myself how were they going to have christmas before the loss? This I have heard year after year. These days whenever I hear this I do ask the customer how were you going to have christmas before this loss? The reply I get back is usually the quiet sound of crickets chirping.

Because of you I cannot pay my light bill, my phone bill, my rent!--insert any bill that you like in the blank. It is all good! My thought is always how were your bills going to get paid before. I have had to tell people to call the utility company and work out a payment plan. That is your only option. Clearly they were having having financial problems before the loss.--> the nerve of some people!

My child was going to be the next Michael Jordan and because of this loss he career is over!

Can we all say together---go unplug from the matrix! NOW! Street ball on the corner and a child still in elementary school? How does one know he is the next Michael Jordan? Crystal ball? Please stop the madness!

My loved ones Down Syndrome was caused by the loss.

Sorry! Not! As far as I know you are born with down's syndrome.

My loved one's constipation was caused by the loss.

Double sorry! Try eating more fiber and fruits and vegetables! Constipation can be caused by bad diet, lack of fiber or just too much cheese!

My head hit the headrest and now I need a root canal on my back molar.

Of course teeth can be damaged in a loss if your mouth hits something. They may be broken. Root canal on back molars? Hellooooo! Root canals are deep decay that has been there for quite some time. Sorry! No money for root canals on back molars!

I'm having a baby because of you! This pregnancy is all your fault!

I got this angry call from a woman who blamed me for her new pregnancy. She was absolutely livid! Her husband had been involved in a loss and was home for about a week. He was a trucker and was normally gone for long periods of time. I asked her how it was my fault and was it not a joyous occasion? Her answer it was no joyous as she was 44 and did not need to be having any more babies at her age and it was my fault because if her husband was not involved in loss he would be working and not at home having relations with her. I did not know what to say after that. She heard the sounds of crickets coming from my phone.

There are so many more..almost too many to write. But I will put a few down later. Now it is time to celebrate Rupert's winning of the extra million dollars. Rupert is the man!!!
Well yesterday I was a pair of white Fanfare shoes. I was purchased last year and after the uncomfortable pain I inflicted on the top part of the foot yesterday, I am sure that I may be thrown away. I uhave a 2 inch wedge heel. I look comfortable but am not so comfortable. I an a sandal with 2 straps across the front. One across the toe area and once across the top of the foot. I wold be the perfect summer white sandal if I were comfortable. After about an hour on yesterday I know the memories of last year came up as to why I was still around. In fact, if I recall properly I was to be thrown out last year. Thank got for a little short term seasonal memory. No white after labor day so I got slipped back into the closet for another year.

Today I stomped around with the strength of steel toed work boots. I was fierce. I rode the pressure and the pressure did not ride me. I was cool as a cucumber. Today I was like agent Smith after he was destoyed by Neo. Once Agent Smith came back some part of Neo rubbed off on him and he was a little like Neo. He did not know how he was just free. Unplugged. From the matrix that is corporate america.

The highlight of the day was lunch believe it or not. Greek salad, tea and gyros with my spirit-pod mate. We had been real podmates for the last year. We all got shifted around and now we are not in the same pod. We are still podmates in spirit. He is a bow tie wearing pair of wingtips. Our office is business casual but he wears a bow tie everyday. Bowtie wingtips is really a genuine person and there are not that many real people in the world anymore. He really cares about people and right and wrong. Not only that, he is a very attractive pair of Bowtie Wingtips. Not available of course, but at least he is my friend. Why are the good pair of shoes always being worn? I need a good pair of wingtips myself.

It is late as I sit here shoeless at my computer. It is just after midnight so it is a new day! My shoes today were calm. Today I was Predictions, a pair of beige mary janes with triangle shaped cutouts and a thin strap attached with velcro across the front. I go with everything because I am such a neutral color. Versitality is my middle name as I can be dress or casual. I was kept under the desk most of the day but I was very productive. I could hear the shuffling of a pile of mail being sorted and filed, i was lulled to sleep by the tap, tap, tapping of the computer keys as briefs were written and files documented. I even worked late today after making a mad 2 footed dash to send an overnight letter. The other shoes in the office was all abuzz about Survivor. Lex's speech and Big Tom's "not" handshake.

And that twist. Rupert had better win the extra million. He really deserves it. I voted for him 20 times today and will do even more tomorrow. I love Rupert. VOTE FOR RUPERT HERE! :) I wore my Predictons today and I predict Rupert will win!

Did you know you can make predictions with shoes? I did it with Rupert so I know he will win.

Common Shoe Predictions:

If you accidentally put your foot in the wrong shoe (right foot in left shoe or left foot in right shoe), make a wish as you put your shoes on the right way.

If you wish to dream of your sweetheart: Before you go to bed, place your shoes in a "T," with one shoe sideways at the tip of the other. With your hands on the shoes, say,"'T' wish; Be wish."

(A cross formed in the shape of a "T" is called both a Tau Cross and a Saint Anthony's Cross.)

Put salt and pepper on an old shoe and burn the shoe as you make a wish.

Before going out in new shoes, spit on them and make a wish.


Man I am tired. Taking these dogs to bed very soon as i finish my bottle of Guiness. That widget is wierd. First time I drank one, I did not know about that widget and thought something was wrong! Later I read the bottle. Still weird!

Amber was just on David Letterman...kind of a flat interview. Cute dress she had on. He also had the Black Eye Pea singers on. Not very familiar with them...they were okay. Some sort of rap-folk music combo.

Off to be I go. My lids are getting very heavy! Andy naybe not all from sleep! That Guiness seems very strong.
Happy Mother's Day!

Wow. What a shoeless morning it has been. dirty Fila treated me like queen. She made a wonderful breakfast for me. Pink grapefruit juice, date and walnut oatmeal, eggs, turkey and blueberry muffins. It was a feast fit for a queen. It was her first time everdoing this. It was a success. I am glad that I have a pair of shoes like dity Fila. She is a blessed sole.

We are in the middle of the Matrix marathon. dirty Fila also loves the Matrix. Later today we will go see nana shoes to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Tonight of course is the all important night...the Survivor finale. Unfortunately it seems Amber or Rob may win. They seem to be unbeatable and those other survivors realized tooo late that Shii Ann was right. Idiots. Why did they not listen to Shii Ann?

Tomorrow is a new day at work. I will just put my best foot forward. What else is a pair of shoes to do? Keep on walking till you can't walk no more. Mentally don the steel toed work boots daily and be impervious to everything except what you have to do.

My cat has spent most of the morning cowering by the patio door mesmorized by the birds on the patio. I put out bird seed and they all flock there. My no name shoe neighbors have not littered the back yard with anymore bread slices lately. i have not had to clean my birdbath ina while. If you want birds to flock to your doorway, put up a feeder. And keep it up all year long. Don't playerhate because I have birds! That is just crazy!
Finally the end of the day. dirty Fila redeemed herself. After spending most of the day in her room and having to eat her lunch there as well I finally got an apology about the pen. What was the reason for taking it apart? Ink levels? She wanted to see if there was a way she could tell how much ink was left. We went to the mall and she bought her mother's day gift for me. I had to cover my eyes. It is something from Bath and Body Works. These shoes discovered yet another wonderful thing at Bath and Body Works. It is good enough to eat. Go there and smell the new Cocoa products. They are heavenly. You will spend the day smelling like a hershey's kiss.
God! What a shoeless morning it has been. Up at 5am to go to work to get an interveiw from someome who was only home at 6am. Called at 6am and of course that party could not be woken up. The person on the phone tried and tried. Finally they asked me to call back in 20 minutes. I waited until 6:35am. called again.. still not up but this time finally they are able to wake him. I got the interview but in the course of it I suddenly heard water tinkling in the background and soon after the toilet flushes. Nobody has any home training anymore. Didn't his mother ever teach him that it was rude to take a leak and talk on the phone at the same time????

I came home and these shoeless toes then made breakfast and sat down to have a Matrix marathon for the next 6 hours. Dirty fila and I only got thru 2 hours before a crisis occurred. Curiousity killed dirty fila this morning and satisfaction did not bring her back. It got her grounded to her room for the rest of the day!

She broke a pen. Not just any pen but a special pen I was awarded at work. I happened to see her with a silver ring on her pinky and asked what that was. Can we say deer caught in headlights? I asked if that was a ring off a pen and she said yes. My heart sunk! I asked her where the pen was and there it was next to the computer dismantled into several pieces. I wanted to spit nails--and cry all at the same time. There must be a piece missing because it will not go together and work again.

I wanted to have a great day today, relax and unplug from the matrix. I must be unplugged because dirty fila must be plugged into a world where you can break other peoples things or take them apart for no reason and not even mention it. The joys of motherhood are neverending.

I was in a shoeless frame of mind all day today. I did have on shoes but today they were just a repeat of last week's casual friday. I had so many requests to do things at work it was ridiculous! My boss has lost her mind! Crazy! I worked hard all day long. I will not be beaten at this game! Some will try but I will put up the good fight--right to the end. Still waters do run deep.

"No,what happened happened and could not have happened any other way!" ~~~Morpheus: The Matrix Reloaded.

Today I just need to be unplugged from the matrix.


Jangled Nerves!

That is what I have had all day.. Me--a black pair of high heeled, pointy toes mules with a silver buckle..I am rather stylish today and believe it or not I came from Targæt . Meetings all afternoon and people calling all morning. It did not help that I was tired from staying up late last night. But I made it. I click clacked around all day. My make is George. I am pretty well worn and got lots of compliments in my hayday. I look like the ones made by Anne Klein I spied in Marshalls last year.

I have the feeling when I finally get home, I will be kicked off in favor of bare toes on carpet. Tonight will be a busy one for the and the best of all....Survivor. One more show before the season finale on Sunday. I only hope that Rob or Amber go. I really dislike Boston Rob.

Boston is a wonderful place. Rob is the pimple that needs to be busted right off of Boston's Butt--roast that is! :)
Ignorant Stupid Shoes!

Today I, Disney tennis shoes wanted to have a beef and cheddar after a long day at work. I was unable to make my toes work the stove tonight. Boy-- my tongue was flapping for that beef and cheddar. My soles were working the car pedals as best they could to get me to the drivein window. Ordered my sandwich and got home. Was my sandwich right!?! Hell NO!!!! Normally I would just eat what I got but not tonight! I was not having it. I tapped my mickey's on the floor and decided to go back.

I was served by Ignorant Stupid Shoes!. I got out of the car and marched my Mickey's inside. A different girl assisted me and apologized 3 times for the error. The Ignorant Stupid Shoes! who assisted me just looked at me and made no attempt to apologize or say anything. Can we say no work ethic? Can we say no people skills?

I know that these may be young people with first jobs but some just do not care. Can we say wake up and smell the coffee? How you tiptoe or plod along in your first job will be the same way you plod and tip toe in your last. Keep on stomping around in Ignorant Stupid Shoes. You just might tip those shoes into a big pile of doodoo!

Gaza Bowen is an internationally known sculptor who has exhibited extensively since 1978. In the broadest sense her work is an inquiry into the non-verbal communication between people and objects. For nearly twenty years she focused her attention on shoes: their construction, history, cultural meaning, and social significance. She has been teaching shoemaking since 1983 and presently offers private classes in her Santa Cruz studio.

In 1995, supported by fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council, Gaza stepped away from the shoe idiom and began exploring the relationship between the personal and the political, building mixed media sculptures based on childhood memories.

From1997 to1999 she continued her investigation into how the history of use becomes indelibly etched into the fiber of matter and how those traces of memory evoke meaning in the viewer. This work culminated in Bibliotheca Memoria, a library/reading room installation of books and furniture built from salvaged materials.

Her use of detritus as art material led her to an artist-in-residency at the San Francisco dump in 2000. Her final project from this four month residency is the Waste Not/What Not Catalog. She has produced many artist’s books including Red Shoe Reader and The Secret Game.

Gaza Bowen’s work is included in many private and public collections including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Oakland Museum, and The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; The Getty Center for Art and the Humanities and The Norton Family Foundation, Santa Monica, California; Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia and Duetsches Schuhmuseum, Offenbach am Main, Germany. Her works can also be seen at the Couturier Gallery.

Gaza Bowen Gallery
Shoe Myths!

Lore has always been around feeding the myth that shoe size and a "man's member" go hand in hand. According to this NBC5 news article there is no connection. I tend to agree. To walk back the other way: There has even been a Shoe-Penis Chart developed that will give the shoe size and corresponding member size based on American and European sizes.

Your shoes will have to make up its own soles about size. :!)
The Meaning of the Toes

Toe:Big Toe

Meaning: Right: joy; Left sorrow



Toe: 2nd toe

Meaning: Right: Wishes; Left: Emotions

Element: Air

Chakra: Heart

Toe: Middle toe

Meaning: Right: Aggressive; Left: Creativity


Chakra:Solar Plexus

Toe: 4thToe

Meaning: Right: Attachment ; Left: Love

Element: Water

Chakra:Lower Abdomen

Toe: Little Toe

Meaning: Right: fear; Left: Trust and Sex

Element: Earth


What lies beneath our shoes?

Our feet of course! But what can our feet tell us? They can actually predict the future. Podomancy is a form of divination similar to palmistry that can predict the future or give insite into our personalities. Take your shoes off and take a look at your feet. What do you feet say about you? Your future? Your weakness or strengths?

Toe Shapes and Meanings

Short toes: Energies in those toes are difficult to express

Rounded toes: Sensitive and tactful

Large toes: Energies in those toes are exaggerated

Rectangular toes: Energy expressed in practical terms

Crooked toes: Modifies thinking to please others, but still has some devious thoughts

Twisted toes: Does not acknowledge the truth and often looks to others for reassurance

Bent toes: Fears responsibility and failure

Spatula toes: Powerful, expressive with lots of energy

Toes bent toward the little toe: Rushed to reach the future

Toes bent toward the big toe: Hangs onto the past

Vertical nail ridges: Energies of that toe have a metabolic disorder: protective of certain perceptions

Horizontal nail ridges: Energies of that toe have emotional instabilities: insecure

Little toes tightly squeezed under neighboring toes: Hard to trust and let issues go

Long 2nd toe: Self opinionated with great vison

Big toe stands apart from others: You need time to connect with the world to express feelings

Painful big toe: Life is being affected negatively by past sorrows

Mother's Day will soon be here and some great books to surprise mom with are the ones below. I would be happy to have any one of them. And every one a link!

Feng Shui for the day:

Do keep a coin in the mouth of a statue of a toad.


Waiting for the other Shoe to Drop: Origins

Its source would seem to be the following story. A man comes in late at night to a lodging house, rather the worse for wear. He sits on his bed, drags one shoe off and drops it on the floor. Guiltily remembering everyone around him trying to sleep, he takes the other one off much more carefully and quietly puts in on the floor. He then finishes undressing and gets into bed. Just as he is drifting off to sleep, a shout comes from the man in the room below: “Well, drop the other one then! I can’t sleep, waiting for you to drop the other shoe!”. This may come from music hall or vaudeville, though it would seem that nobody has been able to tie it down more precisely.


One other bit of gossip--well this is the truth- as I suspected it myself for quite several years--I discovered that it was true that one of the pair of secretary shoes was spreading her laces for all the wingtips in the office. The wingtips were not trying both shoes, instead she was giving the wingtips who were interested spit and shine jobs. She was shining them up --reeeeal good. She was discovered by another pair of secretary shoes. She came back from lunch reeking of toesex jam and the other pair of secretary shoes told her she smelled of toesex jam and needed to go to the store and buy some mouthwash and got a wash for her shoe "bottoms" as well. We deal with the public and her condition after lunch was not acceptable. Well trampshoes got mad because she was told that she smelled like toejam sex! Those two pair of secretary shoes have been feuding ever since, stomping and stepping all over each others toes. Doesn't trampshoes realize that most of the shoes in the office have eyes and have long know or suspected her of giving spit and shine jobs?

Wake up and smell your own toesex jam!!!!

What do you think? Was it wrong to tell trampshoes she smelled of toesex jam? Was it right of trampshoes to get mad instead of running in shame to the bathroom to attend to herself? Let me know what you think.
Spalding walk/run hereand what an enlightening weekend it has been. I spent the weekend standing all day for both days working the check in register at an island resort. Even Spalding walk/run has to work 2 jobs from time to time. I was surrounded by a sea of white sneakers of all sorts. We all have to be white to work the weekends. I felt like a clone. You could not tell my uniqueness from any other white sneaker I was near.

I did find out a bit of gossip. I do not know quite what to think. Just found out that a work aquaintance- a pair of ladies pumps is friend's with a pair of wingtips. She allows wingtips to use her home to see other ladies pumps, sandals, slingbacks and boots. Wingtips just has to leave the closet as he found it. Wingtips is forever bound to another set of wedding pumps. What is she thinking??? Why would she let wingtips use her closet for random shoe bootycalls? What kind of friend is she really? She dirties the name of a good shoe. I think she is the lowest kind of sole there is. I do not think I have ever heard of a ladies pair of pumps actually helping a pair of wingtips to cheat on his weding pumps.

Just scandalous!