'You look beautiful...'

I just couldn't help but comment on the wedding day! Such a fabulous show; the most exquisite, elegant laced dress, the intimate smiles during the ceremony, the incredible pageantry. Catherine and William looked utterly in love, I found it very emotional and beautiful to watch. And the people outside, the flags, the bunting, the whole thing -  a stunning wedding day. I am so proud to be British  - an absolute jolt of patriotism for me. And, along with the rest of the world, Kate is my new favourite princess...

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And my favourite things...best man Harry (wow, isn't he just lovely?), William's unselfconscious words at the alter. How Kate demurely and with respect looked downwards, averting her eyes every time William saluted from the carriage, the lily of the valley; so of-the-season, so subtle. The two kisses, the respondent roars from the crowd, the fact that they did it their way...Congratulations to the happy couple!

Marrakech, Morocco

My family and I were just in Marrakech last week, visiting family relaxing and of course, shopping. I took some pictures of the famous market that was as always, bustling with tourists. I only had my iPhone so the quality isn't great but you get the idea...

There were snake charmers all over the place!! It was so crazy to see these dudes playing musical instruments to these cobras and they just sort of danced and stood at attention

 They looked fake until you saw them up close.

 Shops just filled with stuff. Stuff stuff everywhere!

We picked up some olives to go with our dinner
 Jewelry and blankets and fabric and nicknacks

These little shoe shops were everywhere!

So many colors!

My sisters and I made some new reptile friends

Blocks of perfumed wax. I took some home to put in my closet :)

The famous spices...
So beautiful!
I want to incorporate these colors into my next shoe collection! They're so great.

You may have heard, this same marked was bombed yesterday. A suicide bomber killed at least 16 people at the popular Argana Cafe. I was shocked and saddened by the news, and also so grateful that we weren't there.
As you can see by my photo, we were right there just one week ago.


My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I hope all this terrorist shit comes to an end some day soon. It's all so senseless and tragic.


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I, Comment

I know I'm not the only one it happens to - you spend time reading and responding to each one of your comments from a post so you end up with a looooong response. And then when you click "post comment," something within Blogger freaks out and you end up with a whole bunch of nothing. No posted comment, no going back to what you've just typed, it all just disappeared into the great electronic ether. And of course, you're left with twenty minutes you'll never get back.

This is pretty much what happened to my last post, and I am frustrated becauseI haven't left you feedback when I wanted to and because I think I wrote some darn witty things that'll never get recouped.

So my mind is having thoughts to upgrade to a better commenting system, but I need one that the technologically stunted, like me, can use. I know some of you gals use IntenseDebate or Disqus or similar - was it difficult for you to load the system onto your blog? Is it hard to manage? What do you like (and don't like) about it and what do you recommend?

And for you gals who post comments via those commenting systems, what do you consider good or bad about being users of those systems, or should someone like me just stick with Blogger and not trifle with the blogee gods?


IMG_3747  IMG_3763


Sweater: J. Crew celosia (worn here before - similar here)
Top: Forever 21 effortless calm tunic (worn here before - similar here or cheaper here)
Skirt: NY&Co. abstract print (worn here before - similar here as dress, here)
Belt: Anthropologie bow & angle (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here or luxe here)
Necklace: fuzzyelephant via Etsy (worn here before)

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Who's The Big Winner?

Congratulations to....

The Humble Narcissist said...

OMG I just found about ShoeTheif last week!

Immediately purchased a pair of the Rock and Republic Nika Pump in Black!!! They fit great.

Favorite item now, that I may end up purchasing this week, is the Ce Ce Chin Collection Hope Cutout Oxford Black! Creative design.


Happy shopping Kaylee! Let us know what you get!

Things of beauty...a royal wedding!

At time of writing, the royal wedding remains an unknown of tomorrow. The nation (world) on tenterhooks ready to see our young Prince wed. All week on television, the images of William as a child, with his mother, making our hearts ache in the knowledge that she will not be there to see him marry Kate. But we are all ready to watch, to share in this lovely, romantic national spectacle. For all that is said and written about our monarchy, this event makes me feel so patriotic; I can't wait for my children to see the display, much like I did in 1981 when Charles and Diana wed.

So we will be there, bright and early with a full English breakfast of sausages and bacon! Then champagne and scones with jam for afters!

photograph by Mario Testino
Come rain or shine, you know she's going to look fabulous...

...a gorgeous Burberry trench...
Another brunette beauty...

Penelope Cruz in Spanish Vogue

via coffee and cognac
Here's hoping the happy couple can steady their nerves...

via here
Pink champagne anyone?

Or strawberry milk smoothie?

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What will THE dress be like?!

from emerson made

via hollyhocks and tulips

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union jacks via British Cream Tea

photograph by Jamie Beck from me to you
After all of the excitement I might just have to lie down...

via toast
I'm hoping for a wonderful, utterly British, long weekend...

Bare Feet


In the UK and the USA a lot of people feel a sense of disgust and abjection towards feet. Of course, in many Asian countries, the foot is considered to be unclean. However, this is in connection with the fact that the foot touches the ground. Thus, shoes are considered to be far more unclean than the naked foot. In an Asian home, barefeet are acceptable, but shoes are not. This is actually the very opposite of the western abjection of the foot.

It is very common in internet discussions about shoes-off in homes for the subject of barefeet to be raised. It is argued that barefeet are disgusting, more so than the dirt on peoples' shoes. Of course, if you do feel that feet are disgusting, you could still ask visitors to remove their shoes if you were too lend them flip flops or socks to wear. Angie mentioned this in a previous post.

It is very likely that the sense of disgust about barefeet will decline. Sandals and flip flops have become incredibly popular in the UK and the USA. People are becoming more used to exposed feet. And ladies (and maybe some men) are spending good money on keeping them looking nice.

The argument that feet are more unhygienic than shoes is quite wrong. Unless a person has been going barefoot outdoors, they will not have been picking up the awful things that the soles of shoes pick up. You may think your feet are disgusting, however, you undoubtedly have more germs on your hands than on your feet. Feet are usually remarkably cleaner than the average pair of hands.

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