Dirty Timberlands

About two weeks ago I went picking strawberries with some friends of mine and I am so glad I wore my Timberlands. I was going to wear tennis shoes and that would have been a big mistake! The beds were raised above ground beds but in between each raised row was rich fine black dirt. The day was extremely windy from a storm that occurred the day before and the wind and that fine black dirt was swirling everywhere. The bottom 1/4 of our pants legs and our shoes were just covered in a fine powder of black dirt. It would not come off very easy. I thought I could brush my Timberlands off and they would be fine. I had to scrub and the color still does not look right.

The Euro Hiker stands up to all kinds of terrain with the longwearing comfort of a sneaker and the rugged dependability of a boot. Nothing you put on your feet is going to have superior support, suspension, durability and all-around performance than this boot. Breathable fabric side panel for a little air conditioning when you need it.

These were the pair that I wore that day. They are my favorite pair out of the two that I own. They are like wearing a pair of very comfortable athletic shoes when they are on.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~