The Powers of Garlic

My grandmother belived that garlic cured all things. She would put garlic in just about every dish she made. She would even sprinkle granulated garlic in her coffee every morning. I grew up with the taste of garlic on everything. My mom would push 6-8 whole garlic cloves into a roast beef before cooking. Now I am not as fanatical as they are when it comes to garlic. I usually have some all the time in at least 2 forms. Chopped in oil, whole cloves or granulated.

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Well I came down with a cold last winter and I was talking to a client at work, hacking and with a stopped up nose and she told me that I needed garlic and lemon water. Garlic? She said I needed to eat fresh whole cloves of garlic..about 3 at time and drink lemon water ( a glass of water with the juice of 1 fresh lemon) and I would feel better. She said to do this several times a day.

Well, someone else on the phone told me I needed to drink pine needle tea. He told me to go gather young pine needles and boil them for about 30 minutes. Sweeten the liquid and drink like tea. I thought he was crazy. I looked for that on line...I googled it up and sure enough there are lots of sites that recommend pine needle tea for a cough. I did not try that.

I did try the garlic and lemon water. It made me feel better. The nasal congestion lessened within hours. Maybe it was because the garlic was so hot! I do not know if you have ever tried just chomping down on fresh garlic cloves but they are hot! Kind of like hot peppers. My tongue was on fire.

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Well, a cold has just jumped on me on Friday and I have been miserable. It has turned into bronchitis now and I will have to go to the doctor on tomorrow. It has been a misearable weekend. I have taken all the typical things: tylenol, robitussin, delsym. I still have been miserable. I decided to try the garlic and lemon water about 2am last night since I was up and could only breathe through my mouth. Within 2 hours I felt better.

In addition to everything else I have eaten today, I have eaten about 6 cloves of whole garlic with lemon water. Tonight will be a slightly better night. It has been a better day today. I can breathe. So, I am recommending when you have a cold, go start chewing fresh garlic and follow it up with lemon water chasers.

Now this is a lot of garlic!!
The Australian
$30,000 in garlic stolen

March 26, 2005 A THIEF has stolen nearly $30,000 worth of garlic from a northern New South Wales property.

About 110 bags of garlic were stolen from a shed at the property on Rigney Street, Brierfield, between Wednesday evening and Friday morning, police said today.

The 20kg bags were coloured orange, similar to onion bags, and were estimated to be worth $28,600.

Anyone with information should contact Coffs Harbour police.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~