Living with a Chinese Guy

In my second year at university I shared an apartment with my best friend, Jason, and a Chinese student.

He went by the English name of John. All of the Chinese students had English names. He was a nice chap. Most of the time I got on with him alright. He used to leave the kitchen in a mess some times (so did Jason, occasionally) and I used to get really irritated when he spoke on his mobile phone at 2.00 a.m. or when he had his Chinese friends visit late at night. I came to the conclusion that at 2.00 a.m., Chinese is a repulsive language. Somebody melted the kettle lead on the hobb one time. I ma not sure if that was John or Jason.

Back then, I had not yet come to my conviction about shoes-off in homes. I thought removing shoes was a good idea, but I was quite happy to wear them in the flat and at home. I had not yet broken the habit. I did notice that John always wore slippers (or they might have been described as flip flops) in the flat. I also noticed that when his Chinese friend visited, he changed into similar slippers or flip flops. I did occasionally go in his room with my shoes on. He expressed no objection to my doing this. I hope he did not mind. These days, I would be far less tolerant than he was.

I did share my faith with him once or twice. I am not sure how much he understood. He even watched part of the 'Left Behind' movie that Jason and I had borrowed (I do not endorse the film or the book). Apparently one of the actors was famous in China.

John was very supportive of the Chinese government and seemed to believe all their propoganda, for instance, he claimed that most people in Taiwan wanted to live in China.

I did not keep in touch with him. I have no idea what he is doing now.