Things of beauty...

As this is published, we will shortly after be making our way to Wimbledon. I have never been before, let alone enjoyed the benefit of corporate tickets. Strawberries and cream anyone?

And so I leave you with a mood board of English loveliness. Incidentally, did you see Alexa Chung's comments on blog 'mood boards' in British Vogue? She incurred the wrath of the blog population by stating that blogs are 'ridiculous' and that blog mood boards are passé...well, even my hackles rose! She later reneged her view on Twitter. But a selection of images here nevertheless...

via lets drift away
via cannelle et vanille

English hedgerow....lovely cow parsley by me

...anyone for tennis?

from Vanessa Arbuthnott

photograph by Jamie Beck

via brown dress with white dots
via toast

...a Sussex meadow by me

via dustjacket attic

via lets drift away via vogue

a show of mother-love...painting by Jessie Wilcox Smith

Here's to a lovely weekend...