Have You Been Searching For a Way to Make Your Baby Look Like a Whore??

Well the folks over at Heelarious have your solution! High heels for babies!
No, I'm not joking. I think I might puke. 

In this Bratz day and age I'm truly not surprised to see this, but still- I am disappointed. I think we need to leave high heels, makeup, hair extentions and all that crap to us older girls. The sexualizing of children is getting way out of hand. Plus, that aside, they are just plain ugly! Little babies are chubby with plumpy little feeties that do NOT look good in "sexy shoes". Look at that picture! The baby looks like an obese woman cramming her feet in a pair of heels.

Now sure, I know this is supposed to be funny, as the name suggests, but I just don't think it is. What's next, baby thongs? I'm not a mom, but I plan to be someday, and I know I would never put my baby in these. What about you moms? What do you think??