Tokyo to China

Tokyo was awesome, although pretty hard to take in in only 2 days. I hoped to see more of those awesome "Harajuku girls" in costumes. You know, like in that Fruits magazine? The weather was pretty bad so maybe that was to blame? Anyway, the shopping in Harajuku was pretty amazing. Suuuuuuper expensive, but cute. It was weird though, it was like cheap looking American style clothing that cost $80 a t-shirt.

Something I didn't expect though was the terrible shoes! We noticed that about 95% of all the girls had ill-fitting or just plain ugly shoes. It was so weird. They were either too big or too small. Plus, it seemed that nobody knew how to walk in heels. So funny. 

OMG! Get this- our first day we went to Starbucks and ran into two designers from Roxy that live in Huntington and totally know my hubby! Talk about small world, huh? So crazy.

Now I'm in China to really work. :( We're in a new office and it's like 5x bigger than the old one. Plus, no rats so far so thats good. Haha.