Time to Wrap it Up!!

It's my last day in China! Yippee!! Well, until I come back on the 15th anyway. ;)
Ana (Jill Stuart designer) and I stayed late last night finishing details and correcting samples while the other designers went and had a lovely Italian dinner. 
...oh well. 

OMG! Funny story... So Ana and I got to the hotel late last night and I had the key in my back pocket. Well, I guess I had sat on it at some point and it broke in half. So my dumb ass tries to stick in the half with the microchip in the slot anyway. Bad idea. 
So the key half is stuck inside the key slot but a piece is sticking out. So Ana goes for her tweezers to pull the piece out but NoooOOoOO... I have to go and stick the other half in to jam the thing up. Why?? I don't know.
Now we're screwed. We go to the information desk and we try to tell the girl what happened, but I don't speak Chinese and she, of course, doesn't speak English so I sort of gesture to her- KEY...BREAK... BREAK (as if I speak slow and loud she'll get it)

"prease waitamoment"

Ok... so I go sit down on the floor in front of our room with Ana. 
The lady comes back, stares at the door and then "prease waitamoment" again.
It was WAY more than a moment.

We're just sitting there waiting... la la la.... when Ana gets a brilliant idea! 
"Vat if vee had superrrrglue!" (Russian accent)
"Ohmigod! Brilliant! Do you have any??"
"... vell, no"

But then another brilliant idea...

"I do have zis wax stuff for my teef. Vee can stickit on za card and zen pull out the other half!"
"YES! Ok, gimmie!"

Ok, so that didn't work so well. Back to sitting on the floor. That's when we decided that this would be a funny moment if we were doing a reality TV show about shoe designers in China. Ana's idea. I'm telling you, she's a genius. I mean if Dion Sanders can get a show...

Anyway, so finally a handyman came and took our door apart and looked pretty annoyed with us. We ordered room service and called it a night. 

That is the most excitement I had in China. :)