Another Blatant Knockoff...

It's incredible that I didn't know about all this before.  Maybe I did know and I just turned a blind eye? I mean, considering that our sister company who shares an office building with us makes shoes for Bakers, I had to have known, right?

This is a complete knockoff of my Spring favorite... the YSL Tribute sandal. I finally broke down and bought them in navy patent btw... I must have bad shoe karma! Seriously you guys. This shoe is almost totally indistinguishable as a knockoff, other than the thick rubber outsole (gross)whick you won't find on the original. Unlike with the Louboutin knockoffs, there is no signature red sole to separate the real from the fake. 

I can't decide! Is this a good thing? At only $79.95 is this the way to bring high fashion footwear to the masses? Is this how to get them out of crocs and Payless shoes? Or is this just effing it up for those of us who appreciate a well made, overpriced, beautiful designer shoe???

I'm starting to feel dizzy with all this designer knock-offery. I think I need to sit down.