Maybe I Spoke Too Soon?

Ok so I'm kind of pissed off right now. As part of my new "buying cheaper shoes" experiment I was browsing Steve Madden's online store when I saw these. WTF? Direct knockoff of the Balenciaga boots... which I own thank-you-very-much Mr. Steve "I've served time in prison" Madden!!!

I'm sorry, I mean, getting a knockoff that looks almost as good as the real thing for like, a thousand dollars less is amazing- but it RUINS it for those with the real thing!! It's like, what's the point of having the real thing!? Obviously the Balenciaga boots have amazing details and hardware compared to this one, but still.  

What do you guys think? Knockoff handbags are tacky as hell- unless of course you get a REALLY good one. Is it the same for shoes? Where do we draw the line?