The Closeting for the Shoes

Manolo says, one of the Manolo's many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.
My new wife, in preparing to join households, has discovered that she possesses 12 cubic feet (tightly packed) of shoes. At least one of these pairs is of the Manolo's. She tells me now that it is her due, as a superfantastic girl, to have the entire closet in our new home for the proper care of the shoes. I am to use a closet at the other end of the house. Or perhaps a shed in the back yard.

So tell me, oh Manolo, is this a proper and reasonable requirement to be made by a superfantastic girl? And should I accede, out of gratitude for her superfantasticness? And how much closet space is required for the proper storage of shoes, anyway?
Manolo says, to the Manolo this does not sound so much like the problem of the shoes as the problem of the real estate, and the problem of the cheapness. The house of my friend it is simply not large enough.

The super fantastic girl she requires many square meters of the storage spaces for the most basic of the shoe collection. Trust the Manolo, this it will not get better with the passage of the times, as more shoes for the wearing they will be acquired.

If you have truly married the super fantastic girl you must come to realize the amount of effort and time that goes into the maintenence of that super fantasticness, what with the grooming, and the waxing, and the coiffuring and the shoe storage.

Count yourself lucky if the shed she is available.