The Shoes For The Brides

Manolo says, one of the Manolo's many internet friends they have asked the Manolo the question.
I am getting married in 2005, and would like to find some super fantastic shoes to wear for my wedding. My ideal shoes would be two things: comfortable (while still being fashionable) for all that dancing, and shoes that I can wear again. This pretty much cancels out all the "bridal" shoes. I'm open on the color, but something light would probably look best with the white dress. Maybe silver? Or something with rhinestones? Cost is not a concern. Bring on the fabulous shoes for a bride!
Manolo says, first the Manolo would tell you that without knowing the dress it is difficult for the Manolo to recommend the shoes for the bride. The empire dress, for the example, she requires the different shoe from Russian Gangster Princess dress.

The second, the friend of the Manolo she should not rule out the white shoes of the bride. They can, of the course, be dyed black.

Yes, many of the people they have had the bad experience with the dying of the shoes, but only because they have tried to do this themselves. Manolo says, do not, under any of the circumstances, attempt the shoe dying at the home!

Seek the professionals for the dying of the shoes. If you are in the Manhattan, Manolo cannot but recommend to you the Jim's Shoe Repair for the dying of the shoes. The Jim's they are the masters of the art of the shoe repair.

The third, now, after the warnings, the Manolo he will recommend the shoes for the bride.

This shoe by the other Manolo, is it not exquisite?

If my friend she maintains the prejudice against the shoes of the white, here is the same shoe in the silver.

Manolo says, also the Vera Wang, she knows the brides, and she knows the shoes for the brides.

Vera Wang W4543  Manolo Likes! Click!

This Vera Wang shoe with the low heel, it is indeed most elegant and most comfortable.

The silver and gold sandals, they might also be considered by the super fantastic girl for the day of the wedding. Here is the pair by the Stuart Weitzman.

Stuart Weitzman - Balance (Silver Supple Kid) Manolo Likes!  Click!

They are also available in the gold.

Manolo says, finally, regarding the comfort of the shoes for the bride. Before the joyous day of the wedding the super fantastic girl she should wear the shoes for the several of the days around the house, so as to break them in before the wedding.