Hasselhoff and the Orlando Bloom

Manolo says, the Orlando Bloom, he, like the young Manolo, was inspired by the Hasselhoff!
Heart-throb Orlando Bloom has revealed that it was Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff that inspired him to follow an acting career.

He explained that he worshipped the actor's character Michael Knight in Knight Rider and The A-Team.

"As soon as I realised 'The A-Team' and 'Knight Rider' weren't real, I decided I wanted to act because I thought I'd love to be any number of those guys," he revealed.
Manolo says, this love of the Knight-Riding Hasselhoff, he understands perfectly.

When the Manolo he was the poor boy, he lay awake the nights in the cold and dirty apartment dreaming of the stars of the Hollywood, wishing that he could be like the Michael Knight (who was in the reality, the David Hasselhoff!)

The Manolo he would dream that the mysterious inventor would resuce the Manolo from the grinding poverty of the slums and give him his own super fantastic Tans Am K.I.T.T. to help the Manolo design the most super fantastic shoes the world she has ever known!

Together the Manolo and his Trans Am, they would use the shoes to defeat the most evil super villian the Blagerfeld, and his henchman the Dilfiger.

The dreams they were so vivid and exciting that the Manolo, now that he is the famous Shoeblogger and has the many friends in the Hollywood, he is writing the screenplay based on this.

Manolo says, the Manolo he salutes the Orlando Bloom, fellow pilgrim in the Cofradia de Miguel Caballero, fellow brother in the Fraternity of the Hasselhoff!