The Art of Living and Learning

This will be a quick post before I'm off to work on an awesome styling project.

If you're my twitter friend then you know what it's all about. I'll be able to do an official post about it once the dust has settled.
It's officially the end of a school year for me and the beginning of the unknown. (Remember this post)

But oddly, it's the most exciting for me.
I have a feeling that this is the year of changes for me and I can't be happier about it.

In other random news: Here are a few things that as an educator, I feel obligated to share with any parents out there.

Please take the time to do the following because it's now a lost art:

1. Teach your child how to count change.
2. Teach your child how to tell time on an analog clock. (I taught middle school and very few knew the time if it wasn't on their cell phones/computers...that irks my soul!)
3. Take your child to the library. A real library and teach the art of looking for a book. (NOT GOOGLE!)
4. Teach your child how to properly address a letter! OH MY GOD! I witnessed a 10th grader not have a clue how to format an envelope! WHAT!?!?
5. Teach your child how to use a dictionary!
6. Teach your child how to FILE in alphabetical order. PLEASE! Something so basic to us, is foreign to them. I had a high school kid NOT know that you are supposed to file by last name first. WHAT?!?

(I thrifted this Polo Shirt, It was a XXL. I just cut the neck out to make it a slouchy top. It's thin and light and I LOVE IT!

I say this out of love because as a teacher, alot of this is not required to teach anymore but that doesn't mean the parents shouldn't.

PS...Happy Birthday Ashley of Mocha Mommies! I had a blast at dinner last night. And Hi to Keisha, who I found out reads my blog but was too shy to say hi! HI GIRL! Now you see, I really am a hot southern mess too!

This wasn't a quick post whatsoever, was it? Hmpph.