moved to north london. living in a rad warehouse with some dudes and some dogs. this is the place i recorded the last album, so i expect i shall get a lot done. been living in the eaves of this work space for a few weeks now, and it is finally starting to take the shape of my bedroom. been working hard on album #5. it's a tricky one. it's gonna get a thick ear if it's not careful. i have had a dumbass idea, about how to follow up this album. think i'm gonna do it. the book has FINALLY reached the stages of proofing. man, this thing has been drawn out. as far as i can work out, it will be out in the summer, and will be followed by the album.
love among the mannequins will be playing a show or two shortly. just waiting for some confirmations.
it looks like Venison will be going into the studio in a week or two. we have three songs, and i plan to burn up 34,085,032 CD's and leave them laying around.

HEY! been trying to meet you...