Delema: WTF Do I Wear??

Ok, I have about an hour to make a decision here and I'd LOVE your help! QUICK!
Tonight I'm going to a big ol cocktail party hosted by Adrienne Maloof and I can't decide what to wear!! Here are my options:

This dress is amazing! By Phillip Lim...

 They look like matte sequins but they are LEATHER!! SO cool!

I love the sleeve detail <3

This one by Miu Miu is more simple but fits like a glove and is plain so my shoe choices are broader...

The shoes:

 YSL mohawk pumps

Ganmarco Lorenzi lace/stud/bow bump 

 Argh! too aggressive? DSquared spine shoes. Vivienne Westwood rhinestone devil horns

 Kirkwood splatter paint pumps, J.Crew necklace

Louboutin Daffodil pump

HELP HELP HELP ME!!!! Please :)