The Talk

You would think after a little unintentional break from blogging that I would come back with a banger outfit or something really hardcore to share...not really.

My outfit isn't even worthy of pictures which is why I decided to Jedi mind trick you with my favorite mural backdrops.

Did it work?

Did you overlook the fact that I just have on a black maxi dress and a hat (to conceal my wet hair)?
I do heart the back of the dress. Kinda ZEXY in an "oh, this is just a quick dress to throw on to go pick out wedding bands and drink adult beverages" kinda way.


In other news, I'm getting married next month and out of the blue my mom arranges a dinner to chat with the fiance'.
I have no idea what she is going to talk about.
She's always full of tricks...that lady.
He thinks she is going to ask if he knows Jesus Christ (he does).
I eased his mind. I know my mom.
She's going to ask him to teach her how to Dougie.
He won't.
Because he can't.
Then she's gonna say, "Oh. you like Nicki Minaj? That girl is smart. You know she's going on tour with Britney Spears."
He's going to look confused.
And then she's going to then tell him about Nicki Minaj's life know...because she saw a special on MTV about it.
He will look confused.
And she'll laugh.

Then say, "Ok, well my show is about to come on at 8, so let's wrap this up."
That's all.
That's how my mom rolls.

 Maxi dress: Marshall's
Jessica Simpson Leopard flats (love)
Urban Outfitters Fedora
Straw bag: Charming Charlies (old)

*Umm...I really did have that conversation about Nicki Minaj with mother a few weeks ago. (rolls eyes)