Bunnies and Kitties and Unicorns!

While online shopping for my Fifi Lapin top at Forever 21, I came upon this sweet little satin dress. I can't believe the quality of it for a mere $29.00!! It has this great vintage silhouette and adorable print. I love it.

(dress- F21, shoes- Christian Louboutin, lips- NARS)

Ahhh so cute! I love cutsie little animals!

Oh, and hello! Have you met my friends Maggie? Officially the coolest shoes on the block. Plus if someone gets out of hand I can REALLY hurt them with these toes! (including myself by the way) They are definitely NOT comfortable, which really bums me out... but they're pretty enough to save for non walking special occasions. ;)
How dumb is that? Haha.

By the way... do you guys like the new layout???