Sole Survivors - Savour Magazine Fall 2009

Sole Survivors

Jim Belshaw took over Roy’s Shoes three years ago and one of his greatest contributions to this well-established and trusted shoe, boot and repair store was to bring in a selection of safety shoes. A statistic on the Workers Compensation Board’s (WCB) website states that last year in the Kelowna area, “over 3800 slips and falls resulted in WCB claim”.

For companies in the restaurant, catering, warehouse, or hotel industry this can mean a lot of money spent on claims and high insurance premiums. Belshaw, who was in the restaurant industry and who has been in the British Columbian Restaurant and Food Services Association (BCRFA) for the past 30 years, offers a Corporate Shoes Program for companies.

The Keg and Kelsey’s in Kelowna both order shoes from Roy’s Shoes for their employees. With brand names like Birkenstock, Keens, and Shoes For Crews it’s easy to find shoes with slip resistant soles, supportive arches and even steel toes that are comfortable and stylish too.

Roy’s Shoes will repair all the shoes they sell and donate a dollar of every repair to charities.

SAVOUR magazine – Fall 2009

Jim Belshaw
Roy’s Shoes Boots and Repair
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