we should thank our mothers for pushing us out of their whatever

im at shoulders' place. what a fine family he has. on sunday i turned 28. on monday i watched 'invasion' play. on tuesday i travelled to london. on wednesday i met at the place of ellis, spoon and lettuce with james of palehorse, al of nitkowski and shoulders of blakfish. there we arranged and rehearsed 3 songs, and recorded 4. this took two days. then i took the recordings to birmingham with shoulders, and we finished them off, along with the rest of the album, in a studio that shoulders pretty much lives in. it took 3 days. i sung with snot on my face and a throat like a dry flannel. i sung songs about the lady {it was her birthday, dont you know}. i sung rugged songs, and shoulders wrapped them in plastic, kinda like making a burnt-out car safe for children to play on. we finished mixing yesterday, and we mastered it today. 'to where the skyline is fortified with windows and doors' is done, and will be out in december.
the next album is as yet untitled, but it is half written.
gonna be on a uk tour from the 30th november to the 9th december.
i have a show at 'spatchcock', manor house, london, on 31st october, its fancy dress.