Well not exactly...okay... not even close but I'm one step closer to being a success story on Oprah. I have been featured on Mustard Seed Collective's blog! I am so excited. It's not a big deal to you, but it's a big deal to me. It means that someone other than my family reads my blog!

Here I thought my sister and friends were the only ones who read my blog...and by "read"...I mean look at the pictures only! (cough, cough)

Click here and read my little interview! This could be the first step to me getting out of debt.
Here is my Plan!
1. Be featured on Mustard Seed Collective website.
2. Gayle (Oprah's BFF) is surfing the net and stumbles upon my feature.
3. Gayle tells Oprah that she has got to read God's Favorite Shoes blog!
4. Oprah sends for me to talk clothes.
5. When I get there Oprah will surprise me with a book publishing deal or a job on her O' Magazine writing staff.
(Remember, this is all in my head, none of this is real...yet)
5. I will be so funny, cute and witty that she will invite me for different segments on the show.
6. Oprah will ask me to be in her "inner circle" with Gayle, Andre the hairdresser, Nate the design guru and Stedman!
And BAM! I made it!!!! It could happen!

So thank you Adrienne at MUSTARD SEED COLLECTIVE...you are my first step in that direction!!

Just Kidding...unless you are OPRAH...then I am serious as a heart attack!
But really, go check out the feature! This is my First Feature! I. AM. SOMEBODY! (Thank you Jesse Jackson!!)

Thrifted Jacket/Belt
Anthropologie Summer Dress
Jessica Simpson Shoes
Marshall's Textured Tights

What a difference tights make! These babies are going to help transition my summer clothes into the fall!

Textured Tights from Marshall's. And I promise to stop wearing these shoes!

Click here and Go Check out my Feature! Then come back and tell me what you think!

Are you are a follower of mine yet? You should be! I'm going places! (going a little far with this feature thing huh?!?)