Sketching All Day...

I've been sketching all dang day and will continue to do so tomorrow and I'm pretty burned out.

Sometimes I like to sketch things that I know won't get made, like this spiky boot with metal toe. It's nice to kind of doodle mindlessly to keep from wanting to shoot myself.
Anway- I rarely post sketches so I thought I would.

When I'm designing shoes I pull inspiration from shoes I like. For this boot, I thought of these types of shoes and pulled elements from them.

... Just an example of how it works for me in case you wondered. I think it's always interesting to see people's process.
I love when I'm out shopping vintage stores and then months later I see a shoe "inspired" by a shoe I liked in the store, only on a runway with another designer's name on them. You may be surprised at how often it happens. ;)

Now back to the drawing board...