Have You Met My Husband??

I just want to take a minute to talk about my husband, Mr. Benjamin Soto.

I'm almost 2 years into this blog and I still think of it as just a conversation between my friends and I. I often forget that there are countless strangers passing by, and though I truly consider my readers my friends- I realize that many of you don't know me in "real life".
That being said, you don't know much about my husband and I often just assume that you do.

Those of you who DO know me, feel free to skip this post because I'm sure you're tired of my gushing about Ben by now. ;)

Ben is a ridiculously talented ______. I don't want to say graphic designer or artist or t-shirt designer or inventor or painter... he's all of those things and more. He's currently working at Disney as the art director of a new cartoon show.

My Benjamin does things like this, just for fun:

He is so silly! I was in NY when he sent this little doodle over and it just made me so happy!

Then- he does things like this:

Yep. He takes pictures of his outfits every day. (hopefully he forgives me for showing this!)
He doesn't do it for blogging purposes, he just does it. I had no idea he was doing it until I heard the timer beeping on the camera one morning (he leaves the house super early while I'm sleeping) and went to investigate. BUSTED! He has tons of them too. Amazing.

Check out his website! www.benjaminsoto.com You'll probably be surprised at how much he's done that you'll recognize.

Just wanted to give a little shout out to my baby. Here are some of my favorite pictures of us...