Quick! Help Me Decide!

Update: I wore the black dress to the wedding. I know, I know...Everyone chose the blueish/greenish one but I felt better in the black dress. A little more zexy and the temperature dropped at night:)
The bride even called me the next morning to tell me I looked beautiful...(hey, I'm supposed to call her to say that!)...so all is well! Thanks for the votes. I promise to listen to you next time. (I did wear the blue dress to work with black tights though, so all is not lost:) Thanks again!

Quick! Help me choose a dress! I am going to a wedding tomorrow and I can't decide which one I want to wear! The stats of the wedding are that it's at 5pm and there will be alot of Salsa and Merengue going on at the reception:) Which one should I wear?

Dress: H&M Philly (seen here) I got this long time ago. Basically it was a free dress.
Belts: Thrifted (I'm totally obsessed w/ gold belts these days)

Dress: Goodwill (but altered...seen here)
Jewelry: My Late Aunt's Vintage Chanel Earring (on necklace) and Purse!
Belt: Thrifted
"Boyfriend" Blazer: Donna Karen Jacket (thrifted $3)
(by the way I am totally into "boyfriend jackets"...may do a post later about them)
Chanel Sunglasses: FOUND IN THE GROCERY STORE THE OTHER DAY...( found as in they were just laying there at the meat counter. I asked the deli guy if they were anyone's and he said "Take em' child"...THey're totally real!)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson vis Marshall's

WHICH ONE DO I WEAR? The Green Dress or Black? Hurry...Leave a comment and help me! I have 23 hours from this very second to decide!

My camera work is not that great...sorry