I ♥ NY

It's so beautiful in New York today!
Slightly overcast- moving into Fall but not cold... perfect sweatshirt/leather jacket weather! God, I love this city. If I could have a do-over I'd have come here instead of San Francisco for design school.


I am totally loving this Giles and Bros chain necklace! I got it at Intermix and I try to wear it whenever possible even though I always feel a little but like Mr. T ;)

NY = lots of walking. These are some of my favorite boots for walking and being comfortable. They're Miu Miu from a few years ago.

(sweatshirt- Urban Outfitters, jeans- JBrand, shoes- Miu Miu, necklace- Giles & Bro, leather jacket- Sylvia Rielle)

I can't wait for tonight! My stupid camera died so hopefully Wendy B brings hers! I'll be sure to get some pictures somehow...