Secretly Slutty!

I call this Marc by Marc Jacobs top my secretly slutty top. From the front you see me and you say to your self... "Wow, what a nice wholesome girl. I'll bet she has strong moral character and great values!"

Then, you pass me and turn to look at my seemingly modest derriere when WHAM!


The girl you thought was just a sweet fully clothed member of society is a harlot. A back skin showing degenerate. (you may need to click the image to get the full effect)

Ok not really. Isn't it cute!? I love little surprises like that! And best of all- I got it on sale at the Marc store in Hong Kong! YAY!
Here's a little dance for you....

1 2 3... kick!
(top- Marc by Marc, skirt and belt- Urban Outfitters, shoes- LAMB)

And yes- I'm wearing flats which technically I do not condone, but I secretly love these a lot.
Hey... at least they're not crocs?