Shoe Therapy

There's nothing like a good shoe to get you out of a funk...that's what I tell myself atleast:)

I am flabbergasted at myself for owning anything with Paris Hilton's name on it but these gray suede pumps could not be denied. The fact that Paris Hilton gets paid to do nothing secretly angers my soul but I'm a sucker for pretty details on heels. I also have become mildly obsessed with finding all kinds of cheap textured tights this fall.

How hot are these! Once again, I can't believe I am wearing a shoe by another rich airhead... Jessica Simpson. I fought the urge to like her shoes for the simple fact that she tried to bring back wearing MOM jeans last year. But I finally gave in and I am kinda in love with all of her shoes. I can't tell you how close I am to putting these on my kitchen table as a centerpiece!

So, I had a horrible weekend yet I was forced to go to my good friend's bachelorette party. I couldn't dare miss it but it meant that I had to put on the performance of a lifetime. My shoes were there but my head wasn't. Of course, bachelorette party means club...which means my slow death. The fact that I was taking photos of my shoes INSIDE the club should let you know how enthused I was about being there.

(...don't get me wrong, I shook my BOM BOM to keep up appearances. That's what good friends do:)

Random Thoughts While in the Club

1. I am way too old for this.
2. This is so not my element.
3. Why did the DJ mix a Michael Jackson song over a Tejano Beat?
4. I wish I had some Double Stuffed Oreos in my Purse!
5. MyLeopard Shoes ARE HOT!

6. My Leopard Shoes Hurt!
7. I clearly have no "going out" clothes.
8. Does everyone in here shop in the same mall?
9. Is anyone noticing that I am taking pictures of my shoes on the zebra sofa?
10. I could have been atleast 15 minutes into the R.E.M. stage of sleeping by now.
11. How many people are going to church tomorrow?
12. Am I going to church tomorrow?
13. People who stay in the club until it closes are lame.
14. What would happen if the DJ stopped playing music and started praying over the microphone? LOL!

15. My Shoes are HOT!
16. I need a zebra sofa in my house.
17. I am so glad that it's illegal to smoke in clubs now.
18. I should start a Club Coat Check business for extra cash. (don't steal my idea!)
19. I hope I don't run into one of my students.
20. Why is that lady across from me atleast 8 months pregnant and grinding the wall?


** by the way, those are leggings not jeans that I am wearing:)
*Sorry Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton if you are reading this...I know you are not can't be to make millions from saying "That's Hot" or "Is this chicken or fish". I think you are actually brilliant to have suckered America into buying things with your names on it. I respect a good hustle. Play on Playettes!*